The hawk is called messenger, protector and visionary. Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things that others miss.

The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

As you rise to a higher level, your psychic energies are awakening and the hawk can help you to keep those senses in balance. Its message to you is to be open to hope and new ideas, to extend the vision of your life.

~Suzanne, Divine Sparks blog

Let me catch you up, dear readers.

Evan got the job. He starts tomorrow morning. It’s both a relief and very good timing that he will be employed again. It’s a good organization, where he will work with friendly and appreciative people in a job that provides very important support to adults with special needs. We are grateful for this transition to a better situation for Evan and our family.

As for me, though…no one showed up to my classes or the networking group that I had busily promoted and worried over in my last post. At first I was really upset. “What a failure,” my triumphant, snarky, chiding inner voice exclaimed, then adding, “I told you so.” After enduring that for a while, Evan and I took the kids to the playground and, at his coaxing, we walked around brainstorming ways to expand my Reiki practice beyond the classroom. What other opportunities could I explore that could help reach more people? Who would be interested in having me teach or provide Reiki? We started a list. I started feeling better.

In fact, I started really seeing the process of doing this brainstorming as an opportunity that I would not have thought to do without the motivation of the lack of registration for those particular classes. “Maybe,” my more optimistic inner voice countered, “this is the way that big things will start to happen. Wait and see!” And for once, my snarky chiding voice was quiet.

I also would like to publicly thank my wonderful, caring, intuitive friend
Amy Oscar for her emails that consoled and helped gently encourage me to evolve my thinking on this situation.

This past week, I went to my teacher and mentor,
Connie‘s house, and stayed overnight. When I was driving there, it was a gorgeous day and I noticed a big hawk flying above.

As I arrived, Connie and her business partner, Diana, were emailing with the head of a health, beauty and fitness expo in Strongsville, Ohio, about renting a booth. Turns out, the expo is next weekend (http://womensexpo.organd please ignore the unfortunate way the words divide when put together that way) and there was a booth available for me too. We got a good deal when they offered to rent two booths instead of one. How perfect! It happens that this expo is the weekend before my next local Kundalini Reiki class starts. Great opportunity to reach and enroll more students.

Connie and Diana helped me brainstorm and plan out more ways to expand my reach, and they also gave me some intuitive advice. That night, Connie and I stayed up doing Soul and Angel card readings, and she also gave me some spiritual guidance. She told me that there is a thin, transparent ceiling above me between my guides and angels and me. She said I should ask them to remove it so that I can feel them with me and hear their guidance all the time. She also told me to ask them how to attract more students. She suggested that I ask them to show me signs, and if I have doubts, to ask for concrete, unmistakeable signs.

On my way home, I was ready to follow Connie’s advice. I started by asking my guides and angels to be present with me. I felt energy. I asked them to remove any and all barriers between me and them so that I could receive their guidance all the time. I asked them to show me a sign if this had worked. Immediately, my attention was caught by a hawk flying above me.

“Yeah, right,” my snarky voice chimed in. “Coincidence.”

I asked for a more concrete, unmistakeable sign. Immediately, two hawks appeared flying above, and one of them was red. My snarky voice shut up.

I still had work to do here with my little meditation, so I got back to it. I had recently met a chiropractor who had invited me to be involved in his practice once he does the renovation in his new space, a couple of months out. So I asked my guides and angels next if I should call him. Another two hawks appeared without a second’s pause. “Cool!” squealed my optimistic voice. I had to agree.

Now came the big part. I told my guides and angels that I wanted to “vibrate for people,” to attract people that are meant to learn Reiki from me to my classes and to find me. I asked if I could visualize myself standing in front of a large classroom filling with happy, excited people, getting ready to teach. I pictured this in my mind and felt happy at the wonderful group, grateful for all of them. I felt a vibration of energy all around me, as if to agree that this would be a good way. Before I could ask for a sign, I counted exactly five hawks rushing out of the nearby trees into the sky, all at the same time, flying in circles. I was astounded and thrilled.

So it all began with a shifting. The shift was from anxiety and disappointment to optimism, hope and excitement. And with the shift came new energy toward my growth, opportunities, and goals. I also have a new resolve to meditate and include my guides and angels in more of my intentions and thoughts.

Since I got home, I feel different and I sense things happening. Registration has started coming in for my new classes. And I met a very amazing person who took an interest in me and we have some unique ways we could help each other. I’ll tell more when things start to materialize, but at this point, it feels like new energy is bringing new possibilities.

Just what I needed.

Today, Evan and I were standing outside on the driveway. “Hey, look!” He pointed above our house. Two hawks were flying overhead. We never see hawks in our small, suburban neighborhood. That is, until now.

Thanks, angels.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Lull

I have lots of new things in the works. A network of energy workers that meets once a month, called The Energy Network, starts this coming Sunday. A new Reiki for Parents class starts locally this Saturday. A new section of the online virtual classroom Reiki Awakening Energy Healing Certification Program starts Oct. 12. And I’m starting to plan a Reiki Retreat for May 13-15, 2011. I have the location and a contract, and lots of ideas. So the ideas are flowing, plans are in place and in progress, promotion for the classes is out there. Now I am waiting for registration to come in.

My husband, Evan, had a second interview for a position that could potentially be a good fit for him. He is waiting for the call about whether they will offer it to him or the other candidate they were considering. That call is supposed to come today, but so many times the people say they will call on such-and-such a date, and they call days or even weeks later. Plus if they offer the position to the other candidate, it’s unclear whether he will receive a call or be left to assume it wasn’t for him. More waiting.

This is the hard part for me, and has always been my challenge – waiting. How do people do that? How do people wait for things to happen and stay calm? I have an influx of “what ifs” going through my mind as I try to plan for every possible scenario.

I know, I know. Be in the moment. Isn’t that what I advise everyone else? Just be. Surrender. Let it go. You’ve done all you can do. Now the Universe will bring you the students. The Universe will arrange Evan’s perfect job at the perfect time. All will fall into place.

But I’m standing on the precipice, waiting. And the phone is quiet. The email is bringing in ads and email newsletters that I wonder why I subscribed to (or if I did). I should be busying myself with other things so I can keep from thinking about it too much maybe. (Hey, maybe blogging about my feelings will help to soothe them. I think that’s why I started this one. I’ll let you know if it starts to work.) Part of me feels like screaming, actually. Not too cathartic yet.

I can do some self-Reiki. That helps for a little while. I know, I know. Be, surrender, let it go. Good words. Hard for me to hear right now, even from myself.

So I ask myself what will happen if…

  • No one registers for my class. I will have to cancel it. Then I will question why I keep doing this. Was it the timing? Was it the audience? Was it the marketing? Was it the content? Was it the fee? Was it me? If the Universe has given me this path (and it still feels like it is my path), and I’m marching on it full speed ahead, why aren’t the students flocking (or at least enough of them to make a class happen) to fill them (and why do they always seem to come at the last minute, putting me through this horrible repeated wondering and creating a run-on-sentence problem?)
  • No one comes to The Energy Network meeting. I will sit there wishing people had come. Then I will wonder why people didn’t show for this opportunity to share an hour and a half talking about energy healing, their practice, and giving and receiving energy. Was it the timing? Was it the audience? Was it the marketing? Was it the cost (I think it’s very reasonable but what do I know)? I feel somehow guided to make connections and offer a supportive and open place for those who work with energy to mingle and share. Why hasn’t anyone preregistered?
  • No one registers for the new Certification Program. I’ll cancel it and wonder all the same things as above.

This waiting time is hard enough to have me wondering if a steady job with a steady income is a better choice than this life. My heart is deeply entrenched in Reiki work. I literally left a full time career to do this and resolved to dedicate this year to building my Reiki practice. I suppose this is no time to wimp out. The ideas are still coming, and I am running with each one as my head tries to keep up with my feet. My heart screams in protest when I consider changing direction again, even for a few minutes. Even my freelance writing work is unsteady, as I wait for new projects, or wait for payment for those I’ve completed. I blame the waiting for creating all this doubt. And also some tension about waiting for Evan to land that perfect position that he needs to help ease our money issues and make the waiting and planning easier on my end. It’s a money flow issue, which I know I’m not alone in facing, given the state of our country’s economy right now.

But it’s all about waiting. And how to do it gracefully. I’m rather awkward at it, even still. Two weeks ago, acupuncture helped me with this. I know that Reiki can do the same thing. I admit that it’s hard to get myself calm and quiet by myself to apply Reiki, except at night when I’m falling into bed. During the day I feel like running around and doing something and it’s hard to slow down my body or my mind for long. Excuses, excuses, my inner self chides. Yeah. I hear ya, inner self. Ok.

Breathing. A good start. I am now going to take three deep long breaths. Here. Take them with me. 1…..2……3. Actually that helped. After I post this blog, I’m going to go take a shower and Reiki the shower head so I’m receiving a shower of warm Reiki with the water. Okay. It’s a plan. I’m even going to continue with this mindful breathing at least once per hour, three times. I think I always need to know something I can DO while I’m waiting that will make the waiting easier, if I’ve done all I can otherwise. I have a new notebook for jotting down my ideas and I think I’ll get started on making a list.

I close with a song. “The waiting is the hardest part.”

Have a good one. Breathe with me today. Thanks.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Big Steps Forward and Readings

Things are in full force now! I’ve started creating and launched the Reiki Awakening Energy Healing Certification Program. Since I’ve started, it seems that the Universe is bringing me the people and ideas I need to make things work. For instance, a very high-priced local marketing expert has offered me his services free of charge. A friend has offered me knowledge and the shared use of the videoconferencing software for teaching the sessions. The idea has been warmly received, and students are signing up. A dear friend is helping me with making videos (posting soon!) and distributing flyers for the local program. I feel very supported!

And also, since I’ve been back from Lily Dale, I’ve had some readings. A student of mine, Louise Hobson, has started giving Oracle and Soul Card readings, and she offered me one of each. Also, my teacher Connie has done a reading for me. All of the readings were powerful, positive, supportive, and also practical. I recommend Louise and also Connie to anyone who is looking for some solid guidance. Click on either of their names for links. Louise’s link is her email, and Connie’s goes to her website. Their rates are reasonable and their accuracy is excellent. I felt like the messages were really directly for me, and I feel like all is really happening as it seems to be – for the best, for success, and with the feeling of swimming with the current.

Here’s a quote from Louise’s reading so you see what I mean:

Workshops and Seminars (the card that was drawn)
Attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose. Be open to teaching and learning.
The angels have sent you this card so you will know that your really are hearing your angels message on this topic. the angels will guide you in your practice- ” this was very very strong”. Give any thoughts or worries or concerns to them.. then listen to their replies. This will come to you as ideas and feelings. they will help you choose the right venue and the right audience for your teachings. Also, you are guided to attend workshops to further your spiritual path and education. Ask Archangel Raphael to support everything in this endeavor- including tuition fees, transportation and lodging. The way is clear for you to give and receive.
Visualize all the positive benefits you receive when you teach- is what they asked me to tell you. when your visualization is complete say “Thank you universe for my wonderful experiences giving workshops for people who receive blessings from the teachings that come through me”

I mean, wow, right? Now here’s some from my reading from Connie:

You, girl are flying high & you are supported by the heavenly host and all Spirit has to offer. You are trusting Universe to provide – doors are being flung wide open & you are to go boldly thru them knowing you are protected by angels.

Your new project could be bigger than you think. There are ideas that you have not been given yet as you are simply spread too thin as it is. Really assess EVERY little thing you do with RA & if anyone else can do it (or be trained in under 15 mins) have someone else do it.

Gabriel is with you in your writing…if you feel a block call on him..as well he is sent to give you fresh vision, new business ideas as you write.

Some of the opportunities flying your way have a short window of opportunity time wise –you won’t have opportunity to research as you would like but you do have an inner knowledge – trust it and act on it without delay.

DELEGATE where ever & when ever possible. Build in Alice time & relax & rejuvenate . You will need lots of energy in the fall/winter.

All great advice, and all very supportive, seeming to completely validate what is happening around me and motivate me to continue boldly, removing any fears associated with taking such a huge step forward.

It’s good to be able to grab on and push for making my dream happen, while feeling supported by the Universe! I am keeping up the expectation for success and gratitude for the gifts that are coming to me daily. Having positive expectations and trusting that the Universe is helping me seems to be working. I’m glad to report it, and will keep it up!

I figure that anything I can learn, I can teach. That’s why I teach Reiki and intuitive development subjects. I am aware of how I learned these skills, and I bring the process to others. I want everyone to have the benefit of being able to learn these skills. If I can learn from scratch and get this far, anyone else who’s interested can too. There’s great joy in showing people how much power they have that they didn’t know was there before. I consider this ability a blessing, and love to share it.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Learning from Lily Dale

Last Saturday, I went with my friend Ernie to visit Lily Dale, NY, a community of mediums and energy healers in New York, about 2 hours’ drive from home. I found lots to learn from the experience, and I am glad to share it with you here.

Before we went, we decided to book a couple of appointments for a reading with one of the mediums there. Not knowing who to choose, we looked through the list on the website and clicked on various websites that some of the mediums have. It was a hard choice and Ernie emailed me his top choices, then I made some choices, and we decided on one and called her. She had two appointments available late in the day, so I booked the earlier one. Then Ernie called her and booked the one after mine.

I didn’t want to get home too late, and so after thinking it over, I called Ernie and asked him if he thought we might cancel the later appointment and take our chances finding a different medium who has an appointment earlier in the day so we could get back at a reasonable hour. Plus I thought it would be cool if we could experience readings from two different people. Ernie agreed and canceled the later appointment. I tried calling another medium on the list of our choices but she didn’t return my call. We decided to take our chances and that the Universe would sort it out once we got there. We went.

To our surprise, the Sci Fi Channel was there with the Ghost Hunters and so the city was packed with people. As we walked up and down the streets looking at quaint houses next to rundown houses with for rent signs, we looked for anyone with an open appointment. There was nothing available. I started getting anxious. I started beating myself up, saying that I never should have canceled that appointment, that we went all that way there and I wouldn’t get a reading (since canceling the appointment was my idea I wanted Ernie to have the reading that was scheduled), and Ernie tried to keep up with my stream of words with reassurance and telling me to stop worrying.

I started worrying that I couldn’t follow my intuition, that how was I supposed to know what to do, that I didn’t know what guidance to follow – should I have selected this medium? Should I have made the appointment? Should I have canceled it? Should I be looking for some other signs? It was pretty frustrating. Ernie told me to relax. I was on a tangent of doubt. I went to the bathroom.

While Ernie waited for me to get out of the bathroom, a random person walked up to him and said that right outside the gates, a little way down the road, there was a Fellowship Hall where student mediums and some of the mediums from Lily Dale were giving 10 minute readings for $10 as a fundraiser for their medium training program. Ernie told me this when I got out of the bathroom. He said “Here’s the sign you wanted.” I was encouraged.

Ernie and I ate the lunches we had packed together at a picnic table. We talked about our lives and talked about our dreams.

Before we decided to walk up to the Fellowship Hall, we went to Inspiration Stump, where people gather and mediums come before the crowd and select people there to give messages to. It was packed, and we stood in the back. The weather was gorgeous and the sunlight was perfectly streaming through the trees. A medium was introduced and got up in front of the crowd. She gave some names of departed people and asked if anyone recognized the names and some characteristics she named. Someone did. She gave a message of encouragement to that person and thanked everyone. Ernie and I stayed for a few more mediums doing their thing. One guy was pretty specific and told one person that she would be moving to New York and meet a friend there who she should not marry, but should remain friends with him. Another medium came up and had a strong presence, getting the crowd to say “Good Afternoon” to her very assertively. She was fun to watch. Her name was Jessie. Jessie did a similar thing to the other medium, and passed a message to someone in the crowd that her mother was watching and cautioning her not to take on too much, not to say yes to every request that comes her way. Ernie and I decided to go walk to the Fellowship Hall, so we left at that point.

When we got to Fellowship Hall, we each bought a ticket for a 10 minute reading. Then we were instructed to wait until the hostess seated us with one who was available. Medium students and certified mediums were seated in rows of chairs facing people they were talking with in the big room. We sat at a table and chatted, and Ernie reminded me to just be in the moment and stop regretting having canceled that other reading. I was called to sit with a medium, and to my surprise it was Jessie from the Inspiration Stump. She is one of the certified mediums of Lily Dale. Jessie said a brief nondenominational prayer and then told me that a gentleman in very old fashioned clothing was standing with her, an ancestor of mine, looking as he had in a picture. I couldn’t think of who it might be, but was ok with that. She said that lots of forward movement was happening for me, and it was important for me to stay organized and delegate when I needed help. I thanked her for this advice. She also said that my husband would find a job in two weeks to two months’ time, and he would feel much lighter and happier about that. I thanked her for this also. She also said that I need to remember to laugh often and keep my creativity and sense of humor going daily, and meditate daily to hear my guidance. I know that all of these are important. I liked the reading. I thought it was great that I got a reading, and that it was less money than I had been prepared to spend (always a good thing!).

Ernie had his reading, and he liked it also. When we walked outside, there was a little craft and gem fair outside so we walked through it and each purchased a healing stone and chatted with the vendors. Then we walked back to Lily Dale for Ernie to have his reading with the medium we had scheduled with.

You probably noticed that I have not mentioned her name. There is a reason for this. You’ll understand why in a minute.

So we found the little house of our person, and we went in. I saw that she had not filled the appointment in the space we had canceled, right after Ernie’s appointment. So when she came out, I asked her if she could read for both of us as originally planned. She said she could, and I was glad. I had a moment when I was again feeling unsure if this was the right thing or not, since we had made, canceled, and then I had had another reading. Should I ask or let it be? I knew that I had spent the whole day so far doubting myself and wondering what I should be doing – an uncomfortable feeling, and then I also knew that despite my spinning thoughts, I had so far received exactly what I had wanted. Funny. In any case, the medium said I should go first and she took me into her room.

She put on a tape recorder to record the session and said a brief prayer like Jessie had done. Then she asked me about if my grandparents were living and I told her that one is. She said my grandparents on my dad’s side were with us. I never met them because they died when my dad was an adolescent. She said that my grandmother was referring to a bracelet of some kind, and did I find that familiar? I did not. She said that it was silver and had a charm dangling from it. I still had no idea – I don’t have anything like that. She said no matter, it might be something I would find and buy in the future. She then said that my grandparents I had never met wanted to tell me they love me and that they would like to be remembered. Ok. Then she asked me about my mom’s parents. I told her that my grandfather had passed over. She asked if he died when I was young and I said no, it was 6 years ago. She said he was mentioning two children, did I have two children? I said I have four. She said he only knew my two oldest? I said he was particularly attached to my son (#3), who was a baby when he died. She said hm he isn’t referring to that one. Then she talked about my kids and their personalities, but the qualities seemed to be matched to the wrong kids. I gently interrupted and asked her about my career and if she could get any guidance for me on my career path or my home life in the near future. She asked me what I do. I told her I teach Reiki. She said this isn’t going to be my job, that there are LOTS of Reiki teachers out there and it isn’t a lucrative career. She looked at my necklace and asked me if I make jewelry. I said I was going to be soon offering energy-charged stones on a necklace, and she said I should do that – make jewelry – because that would be a better business for me than teaching Reiki. I said that it is my life and my heart to teach Reiki, and I dearly want to be doing this. She said it’s always my choice to do this but she sees of all the possibilities for me out there, this one has a very remote chance of success. But if I’m bound and determined to succeed, I might be able to do that. Maybe. I was upset. My time was up. I paid her and held back tears as I went into the waiting room. She called Ernie in for his reading.

I spent the next half hour alone in her waiting room, beating myself up again and fuming about this reading, which I hated. I wanted to throw the tape she gave me in the nearest trash can. I knew I shouldn’t have had this reading, that I should have been happy with the gift the Universe had given to me of a good reading for less money than I had anticipated, and we would have been able to leave earlier, which I had wanted. I questioned my intuition, and asked why I could only see things in hindsight, as what I SHOULD have done, instead of feeling confident about what decisions I’m making in the moment. I wondered if I should ask for my money back from the reading, which had only upset me. I know I need to be teaching Reiki, that this is what makes me truly happy, and that this gift of being able to help people learn and offer healing energy is something that I need to share. I decided to only tell the medium how I felt and give her back the tape, which I really did not want to keep.

When she came out with Ernie, she started to say goodbye to us and I said that I wanted to return the tape, that I felt the reading really didn’t resonate with me and I was sorry. She grew immediately angry and said that she knew she had a strong connection, and she nearly threw my money back into my hands, took the tape, and slammed the door. I stood there holding my money, and Ernie looked at me rather stunned at what had just happened. We left.

So here’s what I learned from the Lily Dale experience:

  • Not all mediums resonate with every person. (Later, watching the HBO documentary “No One Dies in Lily Dale” I saw this was true for some of the people in the film.)
  • I ended up getting everything I had wanted. I had (one) good reading. I didn’t end up spending a lot of money (smh), I experienced what Lily Dale is like on a gorgeous day with my friend Ernie who is a really good guy. I had a chance to take a road trip and spend the day doing something really different from my regular routine. (Mucho thanks to my wonderful husband, Evan, who managed all four kids by himself for the day so I could go.)
  • Intuition may not always be there to tell you what to do at any given moment of the day. Maybe the point is to just make a decision and go with it, being open to what happens next and trusting that it is all as it should be. Worrying about what to do next takes a lot of fun out of the experience, which is happening anyway. That in itself is a powerful lesson. It’s likely the most important lesson of the day and one I will try to remember and apply daily.
  • I am going to follow my heart and good things will happen. I don’t need to be told that I am doing the right or wrong thing. My experiences tell me when I am making choices that make sense. Since the trip, I have started moving forward with planning a slew of local classes and a new Energy Healing Certification Program, and new students and interest are coming in quickly, following the energy of my efforts. (I will be offering this by distance also – stay tuned for official info in the next couple weeks!) I have lots to do (and need to stay organized – thanks, Jessie,) and I have trust that this will be only the beginning of great things. I also made some necklaces from the healing stones and put them on my website. (I was going to do this anyway but I got it done.)

So in retrospect, I learned lots from my trip to Lily Dale. Maybe I’ll visit again sometime. If so, I will go with an appointment with a medium already set (and choose from a more informed perspective). A note: I did not mention the medium’s name because I know that her readings might be great for other people, so my experience should not taint her future business in any way. Even though I think she was not at her best in the way she responded to me at the end, I know that we are not all at our best, and don’t want to cause her to lose business by giving her a bad review and sharing her name.

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and I invite you all to my next Reiki Talk broadcast on blogtalk radio on Sunday, August 1, from 10-11 pm EST, where I am excited to be featuring my friends and colleagues Ming and Candy of reikifurbabies.com to talk about Reiki for pets. If you can’t make the show live, a replay will be available for download or online playback immediately after the show.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Healer, Be Healed

This weekend, I had the blessing of going to spend the day with Connie Dohan, one of my mentors and wonderful, caring teachers. She gave me several energy healing sessions, read my cards, drew my angels and those of my children and husband, took a picture of my aura with her aura camera, taught me about crystals, and gave me advice on promoting my Reiki teaching practice. Her husband nurtured us with home cooked food. We took walks together in the spring sunshine. It was a very healing and rejuvenating day and one I needed very much. I’m so grateful for her place in my life.

I learned a lot too. I get very caught up in helping others, taking care of my family, teaching, sending Reiki, and working on various writing projects. I’m spread pretty thin. It’s okay because I like to be busy, but I, like many others, forget to take time to receive the energy that can revive me and restore my balance. Things that bother me just sit in my energy, waiting to be taken care of. Sometimes they wait a long time. In spending a day receiving healing, insight, guidance, fresh air and good food, I realized how much I had been needing this replenishing.

As I became aware of my baseline, and the shift that took place after each healing session, I was made aware of just how important receiving healing is. Not just for me, but if the people I share Reiki healing with are receiving this kind of powerful clearing, then what I do is not only important, but really needed. Since I became a Reiki practitioner, I believed in the benefits of Reiki. But experiencing it for myself in such a direct way was a very strong reminder of why I do this for others.

Energy practitioners are not exempt from the need to receive healing. In fact, all who offer energy healing to others should also receive healing from others on a regular basis. I’m not only a Reiki teacher, but also a working mom of four. Everyone falls into the category of being able to benefit and really needing the power of energy healing to help release the energetic sludge that accumulates as we wear so many hats. I didn’t even realize that I was in such ragged shape until I felt the difference afterward.

I want to mention that I do daily self-Reiki healing at least once per day. But it’s been a while since I received Reiki from someone else in several powerful sessions, and wow, did I ever need it. I feel renewed and much more aware of my emotional, spiritual and physical state.

The readings helped me see my path more clearly, and confirmed what I’m doing well, and what I need to strengthen. They helped me see my children and husband as being cared for and loved by the angels around them. They helped me connect more where I had felt doubts.

Let me mention that I believe that we are all capable of learning to help each other in this life. Connecting to Life Force Energy through learning Reiki or another energy healing modality enables us to care for ourselves and to care for others. We are also able to receive healing from others who know this too. I teach Reiki because the more people who can do this, the better our world can be. I’m always in awe of how easy Reiki is to learn, and how life-changing it can be.

Connie is seriously wonderful, and that is due in part to the fact that she decided to listen, strengthen her intuitive gifts, and nurture her own connection to Spirit. She fully embraced this path and now teaches and nurtures others who wish to do the same. I’m blessed to know her. I’m also inspired to continue moving ahead, offering healing and teaching to others, and nurturing them. Receiving energy refreshed my gift of being able to give.

So this lesson was one on receiving, but also on the power of giving. I’m grateful to share this lesson with you here.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

This Time it’s Personal

Recently, on Twitter, I received this tweet in my mentions column:

@ReikiAwakening Reiki is just faith healing without the faith. Witchcraft in other words. We foremost promote REAL alternative medicine.

I don’t follow (on Twitter) the person who challenged me in this way, nor have I had any previous interaction with him. When I receive tweets like this, my first instinct is to try to explain that Reiki is real. I did send two tweets back in response, and then my dear rational friend Sophie Lhoste told me to block him. I did. Sophie reminded me that what we put our attention on increases, and what we ignore decreases. It was wise advice.

This came on the heels of two days of being challenged by another Twitter member who is a scientist and kept tweeting at me to explain what I do in scientific terms. I tried, unsuccessfully, to put a logical, rational explanation out there of what Reiki is, how it works, what I experience, and so forth. Eventually, after this person kept asking me repeatedly more probing questions, I found it impossible to explain. I’m not a scientist. I’m not a faith healer. I’m not a witch. I am a Reiki practitioner and a teacher. (I feel like I’m in a Star Trek episode, “Dammit, Jim, I’m a Reiki teacher, not a scientist!” Bones said that once, didn’t he? ha).

It brought me to a realization and a little source of frustration that Reiki is not something that always has predictable or measurable results. I can intend for the energy to do a certain thing (relieve a headache, remove emotional blockages), and it may do that. The only way of knowing that it did is by getting the feedback from the recipient that he feels better. I can often get energetic “dings” when I scan a person’s energy, alerting me to imbalances in a certain area when I’m giving a Reiki healing. I respond to those “dings” by directing the energy there as I am giving the healing. But the only way I know for sure if it worked is when I hear back that the person feels better. I don’t always know what the outcome will be, although I nearly always get a response that there is relief of some kind after a healing session. That consistent validation keeps me confident that Reiki helps. But it’s not an exact science, like pinpointing an issue with a laser beam and watching the changes occur through a microscope. It’s not visible. It’s subjective. And different results happen for different people, because needs are very individual. So it’s hard to explain that to someone who wants a concrete explanation.

My mother-in-law was recently discovered to have a 5-cm tumor on her left lung. It was discovered accidentally. She underwent a battery of tests, both external and invasive. Yes, it’s what you’re thinking it is. And it may have spread. I’m not saying the word here. That’s because I don’t want to put more energy into the word or make it a self-fulfilling prophesy. As Sophie said, what we put attention on increases. That isn’t to say I’m ignoring this, not at all. But I’m also doing all I can not to feed it.

Which brings me to the next point, regarding the vagueness of Reiki. I mobilized all of my Reiki friends and put in a request with the Distance Healing Network to send my mother-in-law healing energy. Another Reiki friend and I did a combined healing session for her, visualizing wrapping that tumor in healing energy and shrinking it. We sent light to her immune system. We worked together, feeling the energy flowing strongly.

Scans showed there was no change in the size of the mass. It did not grow, it did not shrink. Still there. Weirdly, biopsies came back inconclusive but the doctors feel the need to do more invasive biopsies because the scans showed the cells are active and spreading. I have no idea if or how all of this Reiki is helping. That’s my frustration. She is still anxious and having trouble sleeping. The mass is still there. More tests and forthcoming treatments are planned. It’s as if nothing made a difference.

Am I expecting miracles? Well I’d like to think that I could do SOMETHING to help. Yes, of course I’m there, taking her to appointments, offering support, love, presence, reassurance. But I’m blessed with the ability to do Reiki for a reason, and I want to use this gift to help someone I love so dearly! She wants to fight this, to live to watch her grandchildren grow and enjoy them. The doctor’s words “stage 4….no cure….radiation….” echo off the walls and deflate hope with each bounce. I don’t want those words to have energy that feed this diagnosis. I want positive thinking to prove a miracle can happen.

Abraham-Hicks is bold enough to say that positive thinking is all one needs to turn one towards complete health from any condition, nearly immediately. That sounds so bold, and I want to believe it, and yet it seems to fly in the face of reality. And yet….and yet….friends tell me of surprising results when doctors suddenly couldn’t find a tumor when they were ready to operate. All that changed is the person remained positive and didn’t get discouraged by the doctor’s diagnosis. Miracles happen and I’m really hoping this can be one of those miracle stories. I also know it’s not all up to me, even though I’d like to be able to do something that will help make a difference.

There are those who say Reiki goes towards a person’s highest good, whatever that may be. It’s so vague. And then there’s the aspect of setting intention to drive the energy toward a specific goal. That’s the opposite. Which is true? I’m not sure. Probably both. And I also don’t have knowledge of what a person’s highest good is. Sometimes this is challenging. I often ask for “the healing that is needed” and add that “any lessons attached to this healing be gently received.” I trust in the higher powers to translate this intention into reality for the recipient. This leaves the challenge of explaining or reconciling what the outcome is to the goal of the healing. Is it really in one’s highest good to remain sick or get worse? I don’t know. I hope not. There are those who say that one has lessons to learn in this lifetime, or karmic debts to pay that are lived out through one’s experiences. I don’t know lots about this personally, so I listen to those ideas and take them in, weighing them against my own gut feelings. Suffering can be so hard to understand.

I’ve felt that it’s my path to continue to offer and teach Reiki healing. It is a niche that I’ve fallen into and it’s fit me so well that I’m merged with it. I receive emails from students and clients about how much the Reiki has helped them feel better. This is my validation. This is my signal to keep doing what it is I do. I can’t give the scientists and skeptics who challenge me more of a concrete answer than that. There are literally hundreds of people who I’ve shared energy with that are grateful and received relief from receiving or learning Reiki. This keeps me going. This renews my faith every single day.

So despite not knowing what the energy will do, where or how it may specifically help a person, or knowing if it will or won’t trigger a miracle, I keep on sharing it. I keep on believing in the power of Reiki.

The combination of trust and intention are keys to the process.

Thanks for reading.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Winter Introspection

We’re nearly in the middle of January already. Here where I live in University Heights, Ohio, the world is blanketed in a heavy layer of snow. It’s gray and cold outside. People I speak with talk of already being tired of winter. I can relate. It’s not my season. But it takes up a good quarter of the year here every year, so it’s not different. The anticipation of spring has set in already. It’ll be a while before it gets here though.

Two of my local Reiki classes have been postponed due to low enrollment. I understand that this is common at the start of January. People don’t want to venture out, holiday bills are piled up, and the long holiday season has taken some a while to get reorganized after it ended, so registration details were missed. The Reiki for Parents and Distance Healing classes at CHEMAM have been subsequently moved to February, new dates TBA. I was sort of bummed over the need to postpone, but I am going to take this time to focus on continuing my online work and I am teaching a local Kundalini Reiki class to some wonderful people at Insight Wellness.

The second weekly issue of Reiki Talk will go out today. And I will also be working on my personal growth – via meditation and taking time for Reiki self healing to be the most effective teacher and Reiki channel that I can. Winter quiet is a good time for tuning in, and maybe this is the message I need to receive – focus inward now for a while.

I did raise some fees at the start of the year, and a couple of people have commented about that. I want to put out there that money will never be an issue if someone needs Reiki or really wants to learn but needs financial arrangements. I am willing to scholarship, make payment plans, whatever someone needs in order to learn or receive Reiki healing or training. So if you want to receive or learn Reiki, but are stopped by money issues, email me. I’ll work with you. I want to share Reiki with everyone who’s ready to tap into their inner energetic power. It’s there for you, and so am I.

I had an insightful conversation yesterday with Amy Oscar, a truly amazing woman who has a wonderful blog and writes about angels. She encouraged me to ask the angels for signs that are obvious, and then watch to see what happens. I think lots of people are afraid to ask for signs, worried that it won’t work, or that they won’t get anywhere. Or maybe some are afraid that they will, and it will change their lives more than they are ready for. All I know is that when we were tweeting with each other, my head had that “being gripped” sensation that happens when I feel my guides are trying to get my attention. So I’m passing the message along here, as much as I’m taking it to heart for my own practice. I’m going to ask more often for signs and guidance from the angels who are there, waiting for the opportunity to help. Join me! Let me know how things go for you too. I’ll be posting.

Wishing everyone an introspective, aware and enriching January.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


Happy New Year everyone!

This year is slated to be a year of growth for me, I’ve decided. Involved in this growth is an expansion of my website, where I now offer Usui Reiki attunements for those interested in learning the “original” form of Reiki healing. I also changed the Energy Healing Mentoring Program into the more streamlined Intuitive Development Coaching, which is greatly simplified into individual sessions.

I’ve also started a BlogTalkRadio show called Reiki Talk, which had its first broadcast last night. Here is the player so you can listen to the recording at your convenience.
I started the show to help people get introduced to Reiki, answer questions, and address specific topics pertaining to Reiki healing, such as Distance Healing, Reiki and Permission, Reiki and Angels, Reiki and Kids, Reiki and Teens, and more. There are call-in opportunities and a live chat going on during the show, so please tune in, participate, and enjoy. The show will air the first Sunday night of each month, at 11 pm EST. All will be available for listening afterward as well.

Those who subscribe to the Reiki Awakening Newsletter will also be receiving new weekly Reiki Tips emails with ideas for using Reiki, and special discounted courses or products featured on my website. To subscribe, enter your email at the bottom of my website. I welcome your feedback on the Newsletter, Reiki Tips, and Reiki Talk.

I am teaching locally, with more classes scheduled through March, at CHEMAM, and Insight Wellness for those in the Cleveland area. Local classes scheduled include: Reiki for Parents, Distance Healing, Kundalini Reiki, Reiki for Teens, Reiki for Nurses, and Usui Reiki. I’m also offering Reiki healing sessions and Intuitive Development Coaching at CHEMAM.

I really felt that it was time to move forward. Teaching Reiki is an important part of my life and my passion. I really believe it is my role to share this amazing energy with all who are open to learning about it. Although some of my family members and friends look at me with some skepticism, wondering if this career makes sense for me, or if it can be successful, I know in my heart it’s what I’m meant to do. I’m moving ahead, finding ways to reach more people, and quietly and confidently continuing to walk this path. The emails I receive from people who have learned or received Reiki from me, and the students who thank me for the way Reiki has changed their life are the validation that this is right. I don’t have an explanation for the strength of my conviction, other than the way that I feel a sense of joy when I’ve helped someone access this powerful energy. I’m a teacher, a gateway, to connect people with their powerful energy for balance and healing. Reiki is here for everyone, and all are capable of helping themselves and each other heal and be well. I wasn’t aware, even 3 years ago, that this was who I am, but now I know. Funny that it took this long to develop, but life works in mysterious ways. Maybe I wasn’t ready before, or maybe I was honing my teaching skills to lead up to this. Whatever the reason, I feel like I need to embrace this role, like I’ve finally discovered myself in it.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary

Today is my 40th birthday! It’s also the second anniversary of the day I began this blog. It is a good day for some reflection on how things have changed in the past year or two, and I’m filled with gratitude for so many things in my life.

Here is where I was one year ago today.

Here is my first post, two years ago today.

Since last year, I’ve begun teaching Reiki locally in two different wellness centers here in the Cleveland area, in addition to launching my website, and connecting with many new friends and students on Twitter and Facebook. I was interviewed about Reiki on four different radio shows. I’ve started writing about Reiki for OwningPink.com and PaganPages.org. I’ve had the blessing of teaching at least 150 more students in the past year as well. Reiki teaching is becoming a more central focus in my life, and it feels really right. It’s wonderful to feel that things are moving in this direction and I look forward to what will be developing in the year to come.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have been opening for me, for those who have connected with me to learn and receive Reiki, and for the awesome support of my husband and family, which is continuous. I am filled with love and gratitude within and feel it surrounding me. It’s a great way to begin this milestone year of my life.

Thank you for reading my blog, and for commenting. All of you are appreciated and I send love and light to you all.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Teaching in Person

I’ve been teaching local Reiki classes for the first time this month, and tonight my Kundalini Reiki class of eight wonderful students will receive their final attunement. I’m also teaching Reiki for Parents, and it’s going very well.

I was nervous at the start, because all of my Reiki teaching, with the exception of one-on-one classes, has been remotely via my website. There have been over 200 students in the past year and a half, and that’s a lot! I am confident and absolutely adore teaching Reiki. But facing a class full of people in a room was somehow a little daunting to me. It’s funny too, because I’m a teacher, and have been teaching kids and teens various subjects for over 13 years. But a room full of adults? That felt different!

I took a leap. I trusted that all would be well, and that my teaching ability and passion for Reiki would support me in helping everyone understand and feel the energy. I had to decide how I would attune everyone, since I knew I could do it all at once by simple intention. Instead, I decided I would pass along the attunements individually to everyone in class (I touched each person on the shoulders, intending for him or her to be attuned as he or she intended to accept the attunement). Then I moved to the next person, and at the end, I sat at the table and felt the energy flowing between my hands as it continued working. After about 20 minutes, everyone opened up their eyes, having felt the attunement energy reach completion. Kundalini Reiki attunements don’t have the ritualized aspects of Usui Reiki attunements, so no more is needed than simple intention for passing the attunements along. Once everyone had opened their eyes, each person spoke of his or her experience, and each person’s was unique and yet powerful. I can’t express how grateful I am for the ability to help open people to Reiki energy and that it works every time.

Everyone returned the next week with stories about helping other people with Reiki, or their pets, and one person even saw his plant improve after he gave it Reiki! Some of them had sent distance healing, and it was felt and the recipient felt better. It was really exciting to see how they had all started realizing the benefits of Reiki, and experienced the results for themselves.

Some of my students have been in touch with me via email in between classes, with questions, or to share their excitement about the power of Reiki. I love hearing from them.

So this has been a wonderful experience for me as well, and a learning experience too. I learned that I am capable of facing a class full of students, and giving the information about Reiki clearly, as well as passing on attunements in person. I learned that I can share my passion for teaching Reiki in person as well as via email, and it’s equally well received. I shed my anxiety over teaching adults, and feel much more confident now.

I look forward to more opportunities to teach local Reiki classes and more distance students as well. I truly believe that everyone should learn Reiki because there are so many benefits and we all have this power inside us to tap into for our own healing and wellness. I am blessed and so very grateful for the opportunity to work with each person that gives me the chance.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt