Mind-Blowing Attunements

I’ve been a professional Reiki practitioner and teacher for about five years. I’ve attuned over 900 people to Reiki. I have run a school for three years. 

And still, I feel like there’s so much more to learn about working with energy, its effects on people, and how to understand the complexities of energy, guides, karma, past lives, ancestors, angels, and life path. 

Every time I work with energy or intuition, I learn something new. Every class I teach teaches me more. I’m constantly reading, seeking out classes to help me grow and deepen my knowledge.

And I feel out of my league sometimes. 

I don’t have all the answers, and sometimes I don’t know where to get them. 

Here’s an example. I taught a Practical Reiki 1 class recently. Everything seemed normal. I spent the morning teaching how to recognize your intuition, and experience the energy. I gave a little Reiki to each student. Every student could feel the energy and identify how it felt to her. (Every student was female in this particular class). 

In the afternoon, I taught Level 1 and gave the students their attunements. During the attunement, everyone sat calmly, eyes closed, experiencing their attunement. Except, suddenly, one of the students fell to the floor and seemed to be having what looked like a seizure. She flopped around on the floor, out of control of her body. (I’ve never seen someone have a seizure, so I am going by what I have seen/ read about them). Shocked, we all jumped up and I asked if I should call 911. I was told to wait, because one of the other students knew her well and rushed over to help her. She held the student tightly (I held my phone tightly, finger ready to push those numbers for the paramedics!) and then the student having the episode started crying and recovered. 

She explained that she had started having an out of body experience during the attunement, which scared her and caused a kind of struggle to happen. She had never had an experience like this before. She is, however, very psychic and just discovering these gifts. 

The whole thing left me feeling shaken and uncertain. I suggested she follow up with a doctor, just to be sure. I’ve been processing, trying to align my experience with anything I’ve ever learned. I haven’t been able to do this conclusively. I’ve heard from her since, and she’s feeling fine, better, lighter. She reported that she feels like a big bunch of “stuff” was released. 

I’ve never seen anything quite as dramatic happen in one of my classes. Tears, yes. Laughter, yes. Students reporting amazing visions or physical cleansing symptoms (one student had dry heaves on the way home after her first attunement), yes, lots of times. 

I am left with the humbling reminder that this is powerful stuff I’m working with. Energetic transfer, or attunements, is serious business, and needs to be respected. I’m not in control of how a person will react to receiving an attunement. Once I intend the attunement to begin, and the recipient intends to receive, it’s out of my hands, so to speak. 

But there’s certainly no doubt that it works. 
And for that, as well as the opportunities to learn more every day, I am profoundly grateful.

What’s been your most surprising energy experience? Please share here in a comment. 

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Forging a Path

It’s my kids’ first week back at school, and I’m absolutely loving the blissful quiet in the house. I’ve taken on new projects, and it’s so much easier to concentrate without a lot of interruptions. Wow. The contrast is amazing. I’m also proud of the way they’ve just jumped right in with sports and activities, and getting back into the pattern of after school snacks and homework as if they never left. 

I’ve been working on my website marketing for my school, Reiki Awakening Academy. And I’m happy to have the help of a great consultant, Linda Stephens. One of the parts of creating an effective way to share the message of the great things we’re doing at RAA is to look at what other schools are doing. 

It’s kind of sad, really. There aren’t many online schools out there that are doing what RAA is doing. Some websites look really fancy. They offer special certifications that sound very impressive. But dig deeper and there’s no way to see how they conduct their classes, in what ways they provide support, or what the students will be required to do to “earn” their certificate. Either they aren’t doing these things, or they aren’t making it clear that they do. 

In looking at their sites, and then at mine, I know I need to be sure to emphasize what we’re doing right. 

  • We teach in an actual virtual classroom. This provides face to face interaction, live, with the ability to see and hear each other, answer questions, present materials, show and demonstrate, give materials for download right in the class, and allow the students to view a recording of the class afterward for review. Basically, we want to provide as close to an in-person learning experience as an online classroom can be.

  • We offer unlimited, unending support afterward. All of our teachers are available to the students any time there are questions or comments. We request evaluations after every class to reflect on how we’re doing, and we take everything into consideration to help us improve.
  • Our programs are deep and comprehensive. They offer a wide variety of classes, with new ways of thinking that are at the forefront of the holistic and metaphysical fields. All of our teachers take the work seriously and continually learn and reflect on their growth as practitioners and teachers.
  • Our Advanced Healing Pioneers Membership Program allows those who want to be leaders in this incredible field get together to explore the newest developments in understanding the work, as well as deeply discuss how to offer credible answers to our clients, colleagues, and ourselves.
This stuff isn’t easy. I mean, sometimes I ask myself why the heck I chose this field when I already had a career, a Master’s degree, and lots of job opportunities I could have accepted. I mean, just look at what I and people doing this work face:
  • Reiki and energy healing work is invisible. We can’t “show” very much that demonstrates what we do. The evidence is in the experience, which is totally individual and subjective.
  • Intuitive development is the result of work, but again, the work is individual. Techniques are there, but the practitioner has to find which works best for him, and get out of his own way as he learns to receive information that subtly trickles in via the right brain from the Universe. Yeah. I know.
  • Teaching energy work by distance requires the learner to accept the fact that energy transmissions can be given and received over any distance. That in itself is a pretty big thing to swallow. (It does work, by the way). Explaining it is even more of a challenge, because many people have some massive mind blocks due to this being outside the scope of their reality for most of their lives.
  • Having an online school that offers more than what others do, and showing how we stand out, on a website among millions of websites out there in that vast world wide web of a thing, is hard enough. Then try streamlining all of the great classes, products, programs, and events so that someone who comes by for the first time can see clearly what’s so great and different about us. 
See what I mean? Challenging, to say the least. 
Linda, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 
Every day, I’m walking the balance beam between these innate challenges one one side and, on the other side, radical amazement at the power of the work to help people’s lives improve in huge ways. That’s the part that keeps me going – that keeps me passionate and most of all – that tells me over and over again that I wouldn’t go back for a second. 
I tell my students that it’s like I was handed a super power. How can I go back to being a mere mortal, especially when I can give the super power to others and watch them light up with the same radical amazement I feel? That. It’s the reason I accept the challenges and keep doing the work. 
Leading the way and setting a standard is challenging, and a little lonely sometimes. People need this kind of education. They need it done well because how it’s presented sets a tone for the perception of the work itself. It all needs to be professional, credible, and clear. If you agree, if you are, or want to be able to offer healing, metaphysical, or holistic services in a way that represents a professional in any field, I invite you to join Advanced Healing Pioneers. We need you.
And, onward we go.
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Stigma and Cred

I first learned Reiki in person from a teacher, and took the Master/Teacher level in a class, in person. It was traditional Usui Reiki training. I found that my training left some things to be desired. There was no instruction on intuition, for example, or chakras. I was not taught how to feel and experience energy, just taught traditional hand positions, symbols and ritual that “had to be” done in order to give a Reiki session. 

Three months later, I learned Kundalini Reiki, by distance, online from the founder of the system. I felt my attunements more strongly than I had felt any other, ever. I also learned that symbols, hand positions, and ritual are not needed in order to practice Reiki. Although this conflicted with my Usui Reiki training, it made more sense to me. I spent lots of time pondering and practicing after this. And the pondering and practicing really helped me the most in developing my understanding about Reiki, and how it can be effectively taught so that people can learn to feel the energy and understand what they are doing. 

Since that time, I’ve taught over 500 people Kundalini Reiki or Practical Reiki. I’ve written two books about Practical Reiki, to help those who want to learn get a more thorough education in energy healing. I have received only powerful, positive feedback from all of my students and clients. 

I’m proud of my work and am committed to being a dedicated and approachable teacher for all who learn from me. My students share the love of Reiki, whether they were previously Usui Reiki trained or not. 

At times, I’ve been informed (and even involved) in online discussions about what’s “better,” in person or online training. As I’ve said there and will say again, it depends on the teacher. It also depends on the student’s comfort level, but I do my best, even with online teaching, to provide the most personal experience possible for my students. Not all online training is equal, just as not all in-person training is equal in quality. It depends on the teacher being of high integrity, knowledge, approachability, and dedication.

Now there’s another issue that my students are facing, as well as others who receive training online. Some hospitals and other organizations who accept volunteers to provide Reiki will only accept individuals who have received training in person. Others will only accept individuals who have received Usui Reiki training. Practical Reiki (and other methods) are not treated with the same respect. So what are my wonderful students to do when they want to go out and dedicate their precious time to sharing Reiki in these places?

I guess we need to start a grass roots movement to establish cred and overcome the stigmas held by those who think that Usui Reiki is better than Practical Reiki, or that in person teaching trumps online learning. Yeah, we’ve got our work cut out for us. 

So here’s what I suggest.

If you’re faced with a challenge such as this, don’t give up. Politely request a meeting to discuss your training and demonstrate your expertise. Show the person in charge my book, and encourage them to read it. Offer to give the person a Reiki session. Talk clearly and confidently about your understanding and love for Reiki. 

If that doesn’t work, don’t worry. Send in your students, your friends who have learned, and others to do the same. Eventually, we’ll get a second look. 

If you want, have the person you meet with contact me. I’ll be happy to talk about my year at The Cleveland Clinic, and my two years at The Gathering Place (a support place for families touched by cancer). I’ll also be happy to talk about my Practical Reiki for Nurses course, which is approved to offer 8 CEs by the Ohio Board of Nursing. 

We are the change we want to see in the world. Reiki is healing energy, and the practitioner is the one who has the ethics, experience, and attunement to share it.

Let’s move the world with our light.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Practical Reiki Companion is HERE!

In response to student request, I’ve created a workbook for Practical Reiki students and teachers. It’s called The Practical Reiki Companion, and it’s now available! 

I started out writing this workbook to offer students a way to log and keep track of their practices and healing experiences. But, as things often do, it became so much more. For each chapter, there are reminders and reflective prompts for journaling about your experiences. I added light lines and vibrant images so the workbook is a beautiful keepsake journal, not just an academic tool. (Have a look inside here!)

Also, I realized that the process of writing down reflections creates an important change for the student. If you know that after you complete this healing session, you will be writing down what you experience, think and feel, you will be in the mindset of paying attention during the session. The “assignment” cues your left brain to stay focused and present, which in turn increases your ability to tune into the right brain’s feed of intuitive sensations. It’s amazingly powerful as a tool for mindfulness and strengthening your intuition. This process will accelerate your ability to feel the strength of the Reiki energy. My goal is to empower every student with confidence in his or her ability to work with Reiki. This workbook is designed to do exactly that!

It’s also an excellent tool for the student who completes Practical Reiki training and wants to teach others. Having the logs of your attunement experiences and healing practices will enable you as a teacher to reflect and share some of the unique and powerful experiences you had while learning, thus enriching the learning for your students. And I’ve also included several attunement logs for the teacher, so it’s easy to keep track of how passing on attunements went on the teacher and student end. This workbook is designed to take you from beginning the journey to helping others to do the same. 

I’m proud and excited about the Practical Reiki Companion! Those who have had an advance peek, and the first student who is currently using it and giving me feedback all share this excitement. 

If you’ve already learned Practical Reiki, I encourage you to get one to transfer your notes from your learning into this keepsake.

If you’re beginning to learn Practical Reiki, you need this. It will help you, empower you, deepen your learning and accelerate your growth.

If you’re teaching Practical Reiki, this is for you and for your students. You will be a stronger teacher and your students will be successful because this tool will be part of their journey.

Thank you to the students who encouraged me to create The Practical Reiki Companion and waited with excitement. It’s here! 

You can order autographed copies and get a package discount for the book and the Companion here.

You can order direct shipping from the publisher here (Use discount code F6TTENE5 for 15% off) and find it on Amazon here.

When you get yours, please leave a review on Amazon if you would! 

Thank you all. It helped me learn so much about learning to write this, and I know it’ll be a great service to Practical Reiki students and teachers around the world!

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

42 – The Meaning of Life

In the first novel and radio series, a group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose. It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42. The Ultimate Question itself is unknown. ~http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phrases_from_The_Hitchhiker’s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy

Today is my birthday. I’m 42. According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, 42 is the answer to the question of the meaning of life. In the series, the reader finds out that once the answer was discovered, a supercomputer was then developed to find out what the question is. That supercomputer is called Earth, and humans are part of the program. I think that’s a pretty spiritual concept, for all its sci-fi-ness. What’s the meaning of life? We’re here to discover it. Not alone, but collectively, through our interactions – a complex series of bopping in and out of each other’s fields, lives, events and stuff.

Well, I guess this is my year.

It’s also the fourth anniversary of the start of this blog. I’m so proud to have kept a record of my journey for this long, and pretty glad to be able to go back and remember what was going through my head at various times over the past four years. My Reiki journey began four years ago, and it continues today. Thank you all for being a part of it through reading, commenting, and sharing my posts.

When my birthday’s coming, I tend to assess my life from as objective a viewpoint as I can. I think a lot of people do this around birthday time. It’s a pretty weird experience. Objectively speaking, over the last four years, I’ve centered my career more and more around sharing and teaching Reiki.

So from an outside perspective, I:

  • claim and truly believe that an invisible energy flows through me upon request
  • feel warm, soothing tingles, relief from discomfort, and emotional calm when I direct this energy towards myself
  • claim and truly believe that I can offer this invisible energy to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • demonstrate, discuss, and teach others how to work with this invisible energy
  • volunteer and get paid for offering this energy to others, who report that it helps them
am completely and utterly a passionate weirdo. At least, I would have thought so if the person I was 5 years ago met the person I am today. 

It gives me pause.

But then I consider that I also:
  • have a great husband and four fascinating and adorable kids with lots of quality family time
  • work, shop, clean, do laundry, pick up from school, make dinner
  • run an academy, which I started, and manage the business side of things along with teaching
  • wrote a book and promote it
have a semblance of a grounded, regular life. And then I breathe again, returned to feeling like I’m still a “normal” human in some respects, still the me I’ve always been, with a few super powers thrown in here and there.

Are there things I’d like to improve? Of course, doesn’t everyone have those? On my list this year, I would like:
  • to drop a few or ten pounds
  • to take more time for myself for meditation, exercise (see above), and relaxing
  • to dance more, sing more, play the piano more
  • to attract 1,000+ more students to my school
  • to have all the money my family needs to not worry about having the money we need (see above)
And of course, my blessings, for which I am very grateful:
  • Good health
  • Family nearby (my parents, my grandma, aunt and uncle who we have dinner with weekly)
  • My wonderful supportive husband and our kids who amaze us daily
  • My students who express gratitude, enthusiasm and love for their learning
  • My staff, colleagues and friends who make the Academy possible (Connie, Yancey, Amber especially)
  • My friends who help me keep things in perspective
  • The opportunity to follow this path, which as crazy as it feels sometimes when I try to see it from the outside, is exactly what I feel aligned with doing in every way possible.
And I’m also fascinated with the things I’m continuing to learn, which I’m sure will bring about more and more weird and wonderful moments this year and moving ahead:
  • noticing angels at work in my life
  • sensing and responding to guidance
  • learning new tools and techniques to strengthen my intuition
  • ways to build and grow a business that’s successful and thriving
  • making the most of these gifts – the grounded and the superhero stuff – in gratitude and humility
So…I guess that’s the 42 report – my 4th anniversary of writing this blog. 

Universe, my door is open. Welcome.

May this year move us all ever closer to finding the elusive question and enjoying the process of discovery.

A side note: in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series, the question gets discovered and it turns out to be What is six times nine? Of course mathematically, that is incorrect. The explanation given for that is: “There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


On the phone today, during a coaching call with one of my students, I heard that there is someone on the big conference circuit who is teaching a workshop in “everyday shamanism.” Sounds nice. She’s up there with Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, and other bigwigs. Except that my student reported that this person is telling Reiki practitioners that Reiki energy is “lower level” and the symbols are “blocking higher forms of energy from getting through.” Then she brings Reiki practitioners up to the stage so she can “remove their symbols” through a “deattunement” process and thus free them from their energetic limitations.

Oh dear, I think I feel my blood boiling. Must be the reason smoke is coming out of my ears.

Grounding…yes…a good thing for moments like these.

And now to set the record straight.

Reiki is not a “lower level” of healing. Reiki is a specific frequency of healing. And Practical Reiki, furthermore, is an expanded frequency because it includes Earth (Kundalini) energy in the mix. All energy healing techniques work with specific frequencies of energy. Qi Gong, Quantum-Touch, Polarity, and more, all have methods, techniques, and subtle energetic frequencies that activate to create energetic change. Think of an orchestra, and each method is a specific instrument in a family of instruments. One who learns to play a range of instruments has more tools for his use, in combination or singly. It’s not that one is “better” than another, but the more one uses, the more energetic ranges are affected for healing and balance.

Symbols are a way of setting the intention for the energy to work. I teach a method of Reiki that does not use symbols. I do not “remove” symbols for people who use them (as if that were possible!!), but instead I teach that the use of symbols is optional. I teach people to access intention through words instead of symbols so they have a choice. I also give everyone an understanding of what symbols really are – shortcuts for directing intention. Speed-dial. When people learn Practical Reiki, they learn, experience, and then practice directing Reiki energy by thoughts and words only. There are no hand positions or symbols. This isn’t a higher level of healing, it’s a higher level of understanding about what’s really going on behind the scenes when one is practicing Reiki.

What this person is doing, actually, is the same as what I’m doing, but her way is misleading. She doesn’t have the power to remove symbols. There is no “symbol removal” necessary or even possible, even if symbols were used in one’s attunements (as many are). In essence, that’s not what she is doing. But by making people think that after she does her little ritual, they will magically be “free” of the “limitation” of using symbols, these people are now ready to believe that they are practicing a higher form of healing – without “needing” to use symbols. Ta-daa! I no longer need those symbols!! It’s mind manipulation.

By being a person at the forefront, accepted as a authority, and speaking alongside others who are at the top of this energy healing and metaphysical field, she is responsible for the accuracy of what she teaches. And I have to say that I totally resent her giving the impression that Reiki is sub-par or that a Reiki practitioner needs an energetic “deattunement” of any kind in order to move forward. That’s just wrong.

Increasing the strength of the intuition and the power of one’s energy healing ability is done through mindful practice and dedicated learning. It is good to become attuned to various systems, as long as one takes the time to fully learn and incorporate these new energetic frequencies into his or her own. I’m trained and familiar with several methods of energy healing and going to a workshop to learn another method in November.

But you will never hear me telling someone that one method is “lower level” than another. Because just as methods are different, people are too. Different methods will naturally resonate with different people. I’m very resonant with Reiki. My good friend and colleague Ernie Betz is very in tune with Quantum-Touch. We’ve each learned Reiki and Quantum-Touch both, and we both experience profound results in our practices. But we both understand that it’s about the practice and the person’s comfort level that makes the difference. As long as one is mindfully practicing, one’s intuition gets stronger, and the results continue to show themselves as valid and powerful.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this does not belong in the spotlight teaching others.

(Alice steps off the soapbox…for now.)

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

I’ve Been Promoted

This has been a very eventful summer!

I wrote a book about Reiki. Over 100 copies have been sold in the first month.

Now I’ve launched the next step in my practice – a school of intuitive development, The Reiki Awakening Academy. It felt right – to make more classes available to more people, in an organized way. The pieces lined up – my teachers, colleagues, and students showed up ready to help others learn. I know it will grow – I look forward to selecting more teachers and offering more classes to those who are looking for learning and support.

I’ve been told that this is a time of great change – an awakening, not only for me (Reiki Awakening!), but around the planet, people are becoming aware of their intuition and powers for healing. They are seeking answers, methods, and information about how to harness, nurture, and use these abilities to help others and themselves. A consciousness is rising – I think I feel it too.

This journey I’ve been on since I started this blog seems to reflect this change. I hope that my school can become a resource for those seeking guidance, learning, and support. I’m offering what I have learned, and as I learn more, I will offer more. I’m also bringing on board those who have passion to do the same.

And now I’ve inherited a new title. I’m the founder, the leader, the head teacher, the big cheese of this school. I tried on all of those (well not the cheese – that’s a joke), to see if they felt right. I guess, in order to express in business terms my role in the process, that I have become an Executive Director. Funny how businesslike and a little stuffy it sounds. Funny how I picture an Executive Director sitting in a suit behind a big desk in a large office with a door. And funny how that image doesn’t really fit me here in my t-shirt and jeans shorts, typing on my laptop in its docking station in my basement.

But it’s what I am I guess!

I am organizing and posting all classes, setting up the virtual classroom for my teachers, training the teachers on how to conduct their classes, taking registration, keeping track of students, rosters, enrollment, payroll, answering emails, teaching a large number of classes and programs myself (it’s my passion and my true calling!), and recruiting students. So I guess that title fits.

But I still feel like the person who started this blog, amazed at the tingles in my hands, dying to find others to share this amazement with.

Well, the universe has promoted me. Thank you, Universe! I am so glad to be here. I look forward to the next steps.

Come on over and have a look. Try a class. Choose a program that will help you become who you are too. We’re here to help.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Peeking Behind Oz’s Curtain

Some interesting things are happening lately, and I’m treating the experiences like little peeks at the workings going on behind the scenes. This series of events seem like they could lead me where I’m hoping to go, and yet they leave me wondering. Ah, the mysteries of life – LOL!

Here they are:

Two days ago, I was in the shower, and as I sometimes do when I have some rare time to myself, I was asking my angels, rather directly, for some help. I said I am all set to begin my Energy Healing Certification Program (the January track – I already have two tracks in progress), and I need more students. I asked them to help bring these students to me, now please.

I got out of the shower, dressed, and my cell phone rang. It was a person who had met me at the Victory of Light expo in Cincinnati, and who was calling to say she’s interested in enrolling in the Certification Program. Wow.

Yesterday, I had to run an errand to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I started driving there and realized I wasn’t sure where the store was. I called my husband, who told me it was in the opposite direction from where I was going. Feeling a little dumb, I turned around and went the other way. I was berating myself a little for driving out of the way and wasting time to find the store. I finally arrived. In the store, I found myself in the same aisle as a young woman I had taught with a few years ago, with her mother. We exchanged greetings, and she asked me what I’m doing these days. I told her I teach Reiki and her eyes lit up. She knows about Reiki and receives Reiki to help with her chronic sinusitis. I told her that I have a class coming up in a week and gave her and her mom my card. They said they’d be interested in taking it.
I realized that I wouldn’t have run into them if the timing hadn’t been perfect.

Then later yesterday, I was at a holiday party with my kids at The Gathering Place, a cancer support center where I’m a volunteer Reiki practitioner. My cell phone rang. I answered and someone asked for “Sheila.” Instead of saying it was the wrong number, I said, “This is Alice.” The person on the other end said, “Oh, Alice! Funny, I didn’t mean to call you.” It was one of my newest students, who told me that she was trying to call her friend to invite her to take the upcoming Kundalini Reiki class with her.
I realized that I wouldn’t have known she was recruiting people to be in the class unless she had dialed the wrong number and reached me.
When I got home from dinner at my parents’ house last night, there was an email from a gentleman who is interested in being in the Certification Program. We’ve exchanged several emails since last night and things look good for him to be in the program, but he plans on learning Kundalini Reiki by distance individually with me first.

And one more thing, too. On Tuesday, when I was at The Cleveland Clinic, where I volunteer as part of the Healing Services Department giving Reiki, I happened to have a meeting with my volunteer coordinator. She said that she is trying to create a position for a part-time instructor, part-time Reiki staff person, and she thinks that all of the staff should be instructed in Kundalini Reiki. Since I told her about Kundalini Reiki, she has been impressed with the ease of use of this modality. The description of this position is exactly (and I mean to the letter) what I’ve been asking the angels for in terms of a steady job. Things happen either excruciatingly slow or unnervingly quickly at the Clinic, so I am now stepping back and trying not to hold my breath. But it’s another glimpse into the motion behind the scenes that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t stepped into my volunteer coordinator’s office that day.

So what’s the point here? Here’s the point:

While none of these people have actually enrolled in anything yet, and there’s no steady position being offered to me yet, I feel like I’m getting the message that things are in motion to answer my requests. It’s like I’m being given a peek behind the curtain to see things being put into place, rather than waiting in the dark for something to happen. I am being told that all of these seeds are being planted, I’m in the right place at the right time to talk with people, and it’s only a matter of time before things germinate.

Then there’s my little snarky voice in the background. It’s saying “Yeah, and if none of these people actually enrolls, if the Clinic says no, won’t you look dumb for believing that these are all signs?” It doesn’t like me to have faith, but prefers hard evidence. I hear that. And yes, I do worry about it all being for naught. But again, that’s a lot of events in the last few days all pointing in a positive direction. So the snarky voice can stfu, excuse my vernacular.

I’m sticking with the idea that these are all ways that the angels are saying, “We’re working on it for you, Alice. Hang in there.” And I am.

It feels like a good argument for asking the angels and letting them work.
Anything like this ever happen to you?
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to focus on what blesses our lives. I would like to share some conventional and also some possibly “out there” things that I feel grateful for this Thanksgiving.

  • My wonderful husband, Evan. First, foremost, and always. He is the one who supports, encourages me, and keeps me grounded. He lets me work to grow my Reiki practice and work from home, even when a more “traditional” job would ease some pressure financially. He also helps me make sound business decisions with my unconventional chosen career. Evan is a fantastic and patient father, great cook and regularly pitches in with chores. Every day I love him more. Thank you, Evan. Thank you for being #1 on my list.

  • Our children, Rayna, Sari, Eli and Arin. They are wonderful, unique, energetic, and joyful people who show me new ways to see life. I love watching them grow and all of the dynamics that they bring to our family life. They fill our world with love and enrich it with challenge and blessings.

  • Having a roof over our heads, cars to drive, and food on the table. Regardless of our financial challenges, these essentials are a constant and we’re ok.

  • My parents, grandma, and sisters who love us and are there for me and my family. We have weekly Friday night dinners with my mom, dad and grandma, and we’re so grateful for the bonding that is strengthened by our regular coming together.

  • Good friends, most notably Ernie, Connie, and Valerie, who I love spending time with, admire, and who make life easier, more fun, and help me see myself.

  • Online friends I know from Twitter and Facebook, who remind me that I’m not alone but connected and cared for beyond the confines of my local reality, including (but not limited to): Amy Oscar, Krystal, Quelsen, Manish, Marcel, Don, and Tom.

  • My students, local and online, who have embraced what I offer them with amazement and gratitude, and who push me to think deeply about my own practice and growth every day.

  • All of youwho are caring enough to read my blog, whether you comment or not. It’s nice to know that you are interested. I’m glad you’re here.

Now the other items on my list this year, a little unconventional but still worthy of gratitude:

  • My “just do it” attitude. I am grateful for the trait I have that lets me just jump into new experiences and try them without taking the time to doubt or worry about whether they will be successful in the end. I find that even if something I try is not the best thing for me, I always learn more about myself in making the effort to find out. I’ve surprised myself more than a few times when I’ve taken a chance. I’ve discovered that I spoke well, connected with people, got invited to teach, and learned more about what I’m capable of. Wherever this courage or stupidity comes from, I’m grateful it’s there. An example is that I submitted an audition video for a contest called ReadyfortheStage.com which selects ten people to attend a conference in Washington, DC that helps you get connected with opportunities to speak your message and reach lots of people from the stage at large events. They want to support new businesses that help people. I know that what I do is a little different from their usual participant, but I also know that I have made great effort to grow my practice in many ways, I speak from the heart, and the chance to reach more people would help me spread the message that anyone can learn Reiki and tap into their power for healing. Whether I am selected or not, I feel good about being able to express how passionate I am about teaching Reiki. I think that the experience of creating an audition video will lead somewhere, and I look forward to discovering where. Incidentally, you can support me by tweeting on Twitter to @BlueM, @SuzanneEvans, @davidneagle, and/or @baribmb to select me as a finalist! The results will be announced on Monday, and the event (7event.com) is Dec. 7-11 in Washington, DC. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Times that things did not work out. These have been the events that motivated me to look further, be creative, and try new ideas that ultimately led to bigger and better things. An air of anticipation replaced feelings of failure, and it’s much more positive of a place to be. When registration did not come in for my local Reiki class, I started looking outside the wellness center for opportunities, and came up with new ways to expand my practice. New connections have been initiated, new classes are in the works, and I know progress is being made. I’ll keep you posted about those things as they develop.

  • An ongoing flow of support from my guides and angels, who are lining things up just right for my path. The more I notice things falling into place, the more there are to notice. Even typing this item opens the way for more good energy to flow into my life. I’m ready. I’m grateful.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you can also take the time to see all there is to be grateful for in your life. I welcome your comments.
Love. Light. Peace. Blessings. Joy.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt