The hawk is called messenger, protector and visionary. Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things that others miss.

The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

As you rise to a higher level, your psychic energies are awakening and the hawk can help you to keep those senses in balance. Its message to you is to be open to hope and new ideas, to extend the vision of your life.

~Suzanne, Divine Sparks blog

Let me catch you up, dear readers.

Evan got the job. He starts tomorrow morning. It’s both a relief and very good timing that he will be employed again. It’s a good organization, where he will work with friendly and appreciative people in a job that provides very important support to adults with special needs. We are grateful for this transition to a better situation for Evan and our family.

As for me, though…no one showed up to my classes or the networking group that I had busily promoted and worried over in my last post. At first I was really upset. “What a failure,” my triumphant, snarky, chiding inner voice exclaimed, then adding, “I told you so.” After enduring that for a while, Evan and I took the kids to the playground and, at his coaxing, we walked around brainstorming ways to expand my Reiki practice beyond the classroom. What other opportunities could I explore that could help reach more people? Who would be interested in having me teach or provide Reiki? We started a list. I started feeling better.

In fact, I started really seeing the process of doing this brainstorming as an opportunity that I would not have thought to do without the motivation of the lack of registration for those particular classes. “Maybe,” my more optimistic inner voice countered, “this is the way that big things will start to happen. Wait and see!” And for once, my snarky chiding voice was quiet.

I also would like to publicly thank my wonderful, caring, intuitive friend
Amy Oscar for her emails that consoled and helped gently encourage me to evolve my thinking on this situation.

This past week, I went to my teacher and mentor,
Connie‘s house, and stayed overnight. When I was driving there, it was a gorgeous day and I noticed a big hawk flying above.

As I arrived, Connie and her business partner, Diana, were emailing with the head of a health, beauty and fitness expo in Strongsville, Ohio, about renting a booth. Turns out, the expo is next weekend (http://womensexpo.organd please ignore the unfortunate way the words divide when put together that way) and there was a booth available for me too. We got a good deal when they offered to rent two booths instead of one. How perfect! It happens that this expo is the weekend before my next local Kundalini Reiki class starts. Great opportunity to reach and enroll more students.

Connie and Diana helped me brainstorm and plan out more ways to expand my reach, and they also gave me some intuitive advice. That night, Connie and I stayed up doing Soul and Angel card readings, and she also gave me some spiritual guidance. She told me that there is a thin, transparent ceiling above me between my guides and angels and me. She said I should ask them to remove it so that I can feel them with me and hear their guidance all the time. She also told me to ask them how to attract more students. She suggested that I ask them to show me signs, and if I have doubts, to ask for concrete, unmistakeable signs.

On my way home, I was ready to follow Connie’s advice. I started by asking my guides and angels to be present with me. I felt energy. I asked them to remove any and all barriers between me and them so that I could receive their guidance all the time. I asked them to show me a sign if this had worked. Immediately, my attention was caught by a hawk flying above me.

“Yeah, right,” my snarky voice chimed in. “Coincidence.”

I asked for a more concrete, unmistakeable sign. Immediately, two hawks appeared flying above, and one of them was red. My snarky voice shut up.

I still had work to do here with my little meditation, so I got back to it. I had recently met a chiropractor who had invited me to be involved in his practice once he does the renovation in his new space, a couple of months out. So I asked my guides and angels next if I should call him. Another two hawks appeared without a second’s pause. “Cool!” squealed my optimistic voice. I had to agree.

Now came the big part. I told my guides and angels that I wanted to “vibrate for people,” to attract people that are meant to learn Reiki from me to my classes and to find me. I asked if I could visualize myself standing in front of a large classroom filling with happy, excited people, getting ready to teach. I pictured this in my mind and felt happy at the wonderful group, grateful for all of them. I felt a vibration of energy all around me, as if to agree that this would be a good way. Before I could ask for a sign, I counted exactly five hawks rushing out of the nearby trees into the sky, all at the same time, flying in circles. I was astounded and thrilled.

So it all began with a shifting. The shift was from anxiety and disappointment to optimism, hope and excitement. And with the shift came new energy toward my growth, opportunities, and goals. I also have a new resolve to meditate and include my guides and angels in more of my intentions and thoughts.

Since I got home, I feel different and I sense things happening. Registration has started coming in for my new classes. And I met a very amazing person who took an interest in me and we have some unique ways we could help each other. I’ll tell more when things start to materialize, but at this point, it feels like new energy is bringing new possibilities.

Just what I needed.

Today, Evan and I were standing outside on the driveway. “Hey, look!” He pointed above our house. Two hawks were flying overhead. We never see hawks in our small, suburban neighborhood. That is, until now.

Thanks, angels.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Making Connections and Reaching Upward

I’m thinking lately about how it’s clearer that things are working out for the best when they are viewed in retrospect. In the moment it can be harder to see the big picture – to attempt to discern the reasons that things happen as they do. I’m learning to ask clearly for what I want/need to happen, and to express gratitude for the results, and for the process itself. Lately, I have many opportunities to practice.

As my readers know, a few weeks ago now my husband, Evan’s job was eliminated. It was a stressful job working for an unstable person, and truly, in many ways this is a relief. His mom also needs us more now than she had previously, and we are both available to assist her as she is recovering from a series of radiation treatments and the side effects it brought on. Evan now has the time to focus on finding that “right” placement. If he were still working, he would not have been able to devote the same focus to finding a better position. He has found a number of suitable positions to apply for, and has made some good contacts already. So it only takes a small step back to look at this situation as a blessing, or at least a good opportunity to tend to the present and put out energy for the future.

Also, it is important for us to know that we will be ok. I am making a point to ask for what we need, and I’m finding that we are being provided for in many ways. One example is that we had hoped to have sent two of our daughters to overnight camp this summer, for a short time. We applied for scholarship assistance and waited. We received a call that it was still going to be more money than we could commit to. Evan was upset and I told him that we should believe that we will have what we need, that it will be provided for us when we need it. He said I should be realistic. I refused to budge and went out to run an errand for his mom. As I was driving, I talked to the angels and Spirit. (This is, admittedly, a rather new and slightly awkward-feeling activity for me.) I told them that I am counting on them to provide for our family in whatever way will work, that I will joyfully accept more students and more writing assignments to make ends meet, and that we need their support to help us manage during this transition. When I arrived at my mother-in-law’s house, Evan called and said I needed to return a call to our rabbi. I called and the rabbi told me that the girls would be going to camp on a full scholarship, and because there was a requirement for JCC membership in order to receive funding, that it would also be taken care of for us. (One year’s membership to the JCC for our family is a huge perk.) It was a big told-ya-so opportunity! It reminded me of my California vacation, and the last minute plane ticket change that got me on a first class flight with cheesecake!

I am making it a point to ask the angels and Spirit to provide means for financial support for us while the right job is being lined up for Evan’s highest good. Evan is putting forth the effort of searching and applying, making contacts and following through as he should be. Shortly after I made my request, Evan’s severance check arrived and was double the amount we had expected (they paid out in one instead of two installments) and the next one will have his accumulated vacation pay (more than what we had anticipated). It came at the time we needed it and I’m making the connection between asking and receiving once again.

You might say these things would have happened anyway, regardless of me going to the effort of asking, and that the two events (my asking, and things working out shortly afterward) are only connected because I’m connecting them in my mind. Perhaps. There is no proof that it would not have happened without my asking. But this is where a measure of faith is needed. I’m reaching upward by asking directly for what I need, and I’m making connections between the request and the results. So let’s see what happens if I continue to do this, as an experiment with the Law of Attraction, or manifesting, or whatever you want to call it.

I’m going to “Act As If” it is my asking that is making the results appear and see if more things seem to line up that way. I’m going to “Act As If” the big picture of our situation is that things are working out exactly for our highest good and that of our family, and that we are being supported by the higher powers. At the very least, this confidence will keep fear and anxiety at bay, provide us with some sense of purpose, and make living in the present a lot easier than otherwise.

We could, on the other hand, worry about when he will get a job, what we will do for money, how we will manage, and what will happen next. But, I think I’ll try this new approach this time around. I have a sneaking suspicion that this process will be the realizing of an important lesson on life, attitude, manifesting and faith.

And that’s something I can pass on to our kids, and share with you.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I welcome your thoughts.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


This week has been eventful. I came to a new realization about an energy healing technique called scanning and it also ties into a way of looking at life. Events in my life lately have tied into the concepts related to this idea too, so it’s become another of those “my, how things all work together” moments.

I had been thinking first about scanning. Scanning is a technique of checking a person’s energy field for imbalances during or before an energy healing session. The practitioner runs her hand down and through the energy field, either in person or by distance, and “tunes in” to the sensations received. For me, this is a variation in the tingles I feel in response to the person’s energy. When my hand tingles “harder” or “more actively,” I know there is a need for healing in that area of the person’s energy or physical being. During a healing session, I pause there, until the feel of the energy changes again.

The Reiki method I use most often is Kundalini Reiki. It involves a simple intend-and-send process, and one need not employ scanning unless one wants to. The energy goes where it’s needed, whether scanning is a part of the method being used or not. I frequently use scanning during a healing session, to get a sense of the person’s energetic needs and report back some feedback to the person on what I notice.

I learned, in Usui Reiki, that one progresses down a series of hand positions, or to different areas on the person, to give healing to that particular place. I have another idea though, that seems to answer the question of how the energy goes where it’s needed if, (as in Kundalini Reiki), it is not being sent to each specific location step by step.

My idea is that instead of sending the energy to each place via a series of hand positions or while scanning, instead I am simply witnessing the recipient getting energy where it’s needed. For example, if I am scanning during a healing and I notice tingles at the throat chakra, this means that the person’s throat chakra is receiving more energy there, and I’m noticing it. I am being made aware of their need in that location, and feeling the energy being received there. I am not doing the healing, I am instead witnessing the healing taking place as it happens.

This jibes with a session I had once with Sarah Weiss, a medical intuitive. She intuitively watches the angels do the healing, and tells me what they are showing her. She doesn’t “do” the healing; she tells me what is happening. And I feel it very strongly. She’s the translator, or the narrator, of the experience. It’s quite powerful.

I think that I am doing a version of this when I am giving a Reiki healing session. I am intending for the connection, for the energy to flow where it is needed. Then I can, if I choose to, notice the areas which are receiving the most energy, and report this back to the recipient. It makes sense to me and becomes consistent with the way Reiki seems to work. If I know the recipient has a headache, I can intend for the energy to work to relieve his headache. As the energy is flowing, I can scan his head and notice more energy flowing there. I can notice when it evens out. I am part of the process, the facilitator of the connection. I am not the healer. The recipient is receiving the healing he is ready for.

So how does this apply to other areas of my life?

Wednesday and Thursday of last week, I kept noticing repeated messages with one theme – Acceptance. I saw blogs about it, read tweets about it on Twitter, and email newsletters from various sources that appear in my inbox were focused on this theme. It kept popping up. It worried me a little because I got the feeling something was coming that I’d need to be prepared to handle with presence instead of panic. Acceptance is a concept of taking what is coming and dealing with it, staying strong and positive, and not fighting it, even when you don’t like it. The idea is that resisting would make it worse and harder to get over. Even when something is painful, instead of fighting against the pain or railing against the injustice, simply facing it, being in it, accepting it, can help it resolve. It’s about stepping a bit outside our natural tendency to fight it, and witness the event happening in a less emotionally attached way.

On Friday, my husband, who had been in a new job for four months following a stretch of unemployment lasting eight months, got laid off from his new job. His position was eliminated after his boss was fired. He was hired to support his boss, and so when his boss was fired (yes it was with due cause, but had nothing to do with Evan), there was no longer a need for Evan to be in his position. This is why I was receiving the message. Here’s my opportunity to practice acceptance.

That isn’t to say, “Yay! I am so happy this happened!” Please. Although his job was difficult, and not the right long-term position for Evan, a sudden change such as this carries a lot of weight and pressure. Acceptance means taking the present circumstance and working with it, doing what is needed and steering clear of worry about what could happen. It’s an exercise in living in the present, separating from the emotional attachment, and being in the moment. I’m not going to panic or get depressed, and neither is he. He has already made some contacts, applied for four positions for which he is qualified, and believes that something better is coming soon. We are going to enjoy the extra time together, the opportunity to do some home repairs, and actively look and be open to that right opportunity for him, wherever it may be.

So the tie here is in the idea of witnessing – practicing a detached observation that allows me to take in the details as they happen, during a Reiki session, and during this time of transition for our family. Acceptance. I’m gonna try it for a while.

On a side note, to anyone with connections in health care, Evan is a visionary and innovative administrator with MBA, MSSA and LISW-S degrees and certifications. His linkedIn profile is here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/elangholt . We are open to relocation for the right position.

Thanks for reading. Your comments are always welcome.

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Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Signs That Smack Ya Over the Head

Inspired by my Twitter and Facebook friend Amy Oscar, I started asking the angels for signs. Signs that would knock me over with bluntness, signs I could easily recognize. You see, life has been a little crazy as of late. My article writing job that I’ve had steady assignments from for two years has abruptly ended after the transfer of the articles to another company. The new company isn’t adding content. So the writers and editors have all been dismissed. Time to find new supplemental sources of regular income…fast. I feel more in need of guidance than ever. As most of you know, my husband recently started a new job after nearly 8 months of being unemployed. We have lots of recovery to do, bit by bit. The income I bring in is essential. So although it comes from many different sources, when one drops, another needs to fill in where that came from. And I need to find it.

So interestingly enough, nearly two weeks ago I had an idea for a business and I approached three companies about it. They signed on immediately. It’s a side thing, but could get bigger. I know I need a website, one that looks more professional than one I could do myself. And last night I was chatting with my sister online and I told her about it. She immediately volunteered her boyfriend’s services. I had no idea about this, but apparently he is a graphic designer who designs websites and logos, and he will do this for me free of charge. Good timing, seems like. Okay, perfect timing.

Last night I was driving to do a Reiki demonstration at the local wellness center where I teach Reiki courses, CHEMAM and as I drove I was again asking for guidance. When I got home, I went on Twitter and my friend Krystal who does Oracle readings, said out of the blue that the angels were telling her to do a reading for me and she’ll email me this weekend. I was surprised (read – knocked over the head), and told her I had just been asking for guidance. She said that’s why they contacted her to email me. I’m eagerly awaiting the message, but felt like I had been responded to already.

Although I can’t hear whispered guidance (yet), and really need to schedule in daily meditation time, I do think that Amy is right. Ask, keep asking, and things will happen. I seem to be landing in the right place at the right time lately, so I’m taking these events as signs that I’m getting where I need to be. It’s a journey for sure.

If you have experiences to share, please do. I’ll keep posting as events unfold for me.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt