Props and Plugs


Today I would like to help promote a few worthy resources for energy healers.

The first is my Chios teacher, Connie Dohan’s website, She is now, (besides teaching, offering readings, doing energy healing, and attunements), selling beautiful chakra jewelry. To the left of this text, please check out my necklace from Connie! I love the way the colors spread on my otherwise plain brown shirt! Radiant! I’ve received plenty of compliments and questions from those who have seen me wearing it, and I’ve had the opportunity to talk about chakras and Reiki. Love it! I also want to plug her website because next week, Connie is having a special on the chakra jewelry she is offering and an open house too, for those lucky enough to be in the Columbus, OH area on Sat., Nov. 1st. Connie is channeling readings for those who can make it that day. The jewelry alone is well worth a visit to the site and her place if you can make it.

Secondly, I simply love this website: . I could spend hours exploring it if I had hours to do that, I mean. But each time I go there, there’s something nice to see or click on. It’s really quite beautifully put together and worth a look.

Third, I’d like to introduce all interested to Sarah Weiss. She’s a medical intuitive, and all around amazing spiritual person. She has done two readings for me, over the phone, and every single thing she found has been spot-on exactly right and extremely specific. The energy rushes I’ve felt during the sessions have been far more profound and powerful than any Reiki session (and you all know how passionate I am about Reiki!) and she is simply the real thing. Her website offers free meditation mp3s and plenty of advice and guidance besides. She teaches classes and offers many types of supportive help. Sarah’s website is There is much to learn from Sarah.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

My Reiki Top Ten List

Because I was awarded the “E” award (see the sidebar folks!), I was also charged with the responsibility to post my top ten list for the award. So, Elizabeth Grace, here it is. These websites are all in my blogroll, but I chose my ten favorites, and described them more, and here they are. All are excellent, and I recommend spending time at each one.

1. Deacon’s Reiki web resource. This is the most informative website I’ve ever come across. It has information about every type of Reiki, the history of Reiki, how to do many types of meditation, Reiki symbols, and many, many articles about Reiki. It is completely text-based, but I can’t recommend anything more than this website.

2. The Halls of Reiki is a very friendly site about Reiki. It is set up like a mansion, with wings and rooms according to one’s interests. There are also recommended links and contacts for Reiki practitioners. There is plenty here to explore, and it is fun to visit.

3. Reiki 4 All features a very active message board with all levels of Reiki and energy healing practitioners who are happy to share their insight and wisdom with each other. It is a true Reiki community, and also features a place for posts for healing requests, which are honored with free Reiki from the members.

4. The Nexus Reiki Cafe is another message board site devoted to Reiki. It is my other favorite place to ask questions, share insights, and learn a lot from other Reiki practitioners.

5. The International House of Reiki is a very informative site featuring Reiki classes, podcast interviews with fascinating people, excellent articles, and other resources on Reiki.

6. The International Center for Reiki Training is a website run by William Rand, one of the most recognized Reiki authorities out there. He has developed Karuna Reiki, a powerful variation on Reiki, and features strong support for Reiki practitioners and teachers, as well as scientific articles on the reality of Reiki, a magazine, Reiki training manuals, and much more. A person could spend months there and not read it all. My Reiki training came from this lineage.

7. Reiki Support is a website run by my powerful Reiki friend, Bridget. She healed her own cancer using Reiki – no chemo. She is a wonderful inspiration, and brilliant besides. Visit her site and get inspired about what Reiki can do.

8. Reiki Artist is Beth, a Reiki Master on her journey, who not only graciously shares aspects of her journey in her blog, but also creates beautiful art.

9. One Reiki Tree is another nice Reiki community, and a place where free attunements and healing are offered, in exchange for “paying it forward” – doing good deeds for others. It is a good resource for Reiki practitioners, and an informative place.

10. Reiki Digest is a well-written collection of articles about Reiki from all over the world. You’ll find extremely intelligent discussions here and more great information.

Happy reading.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt