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Can I learn Reiki quickly?

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My Reiki Master & Me

My Reiki Master is the first person who introduced me to Reiki. Actually, it wasn’t even that long ago – less than two years. And, I didn’t feel this inspired by Reiki’s power until I took Reiki 2 with her, which was November, 2007. That was six months ago. And now I’m a Reiki Master. Funny how fast things develop.

My Reiki Master is moving out of the country. She was only here temporarily, and now she gets to move back home. I spent the evening tonight talking with her nonstop about Reiki, energy healing, growth, experiences, teaching Reiki, learning from Reiki, people who try to invalidate Reiki, and all of that. It was great to be able to talk about everything Reiki with her.

We differ on some views concerning Reiki. For instance, I believe that distant attunements are valid, and she thinks one should always learn from a teacher in person. I also think that distant Reiki treatments are at least as strong as in person ones, but for her, hands-on healing is much stronger of a treatment than distance.

Although we may see some things differently, I know that we are both growing and our opinions about Reiki are subject to change based on our individual journeys and experiences. I will always be grateful to her for introducing me to this facet of life that I never knew existed, and probably wouldn’t even have sought out without her.

I’m going to be teaching my first Reiki class – a one-on-one session for Reiki 2 – in a few weeks. My student is someone I introduced to Reiki. In fact, she is one of my former teachers. And from then on, I will be her Reiki Master.

Wow. Now there’s a thought.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Mastery Mystery

I’ve completed my Reiki Master training! It was very enlightening, empowering, and at first, even a bit anxiety-provoking! On Friday, I woke up at 4 a.m. worrying about the class. I think I felt the lack of balance between my hands-on Reiki experiences verses my distance Reiki experiences (which are many times greater in number) and worryied about not doing well. I think the worry caused me to be blocked on Friday, because no matter how I tried, when I gave Reiki, my hands seemed to stay cold. And when I received Reiki, I didn’t feel anything in particular. I was distraught at the end of Friday!

I mentioned it to Sister Ann, the teacher, and a lovely, welcoming and confidence-inspiring person. She said to send Reiki to my fear/anxiety, and to relax. I also talked afterward with my other RMT who had attuned me to levels 1 and 2, and she said to go in without any expectations on Saturday. So, I did take their advice, sent myself Reiki, including to myself for class time on Saturday, and I took a nice hot bath on Saturday morning, so I went in mellow and okay. It helped. Saturday and Sunday (today) went much better, and I felt better about it all.

I really loved the energy of the other 7 people in my class, and it was fun learning about how we all came to Reiki, and our different experiences so far. I think I made some nice connections with these people, and would be very surprised if our paths don’t cross again very soon.

I’m going to volunteer at the Reiki Center and give hands-on Reiki on the Saturdays when my husband is not at school. It’ll be good hands-on experience for me, and also be great to have the opportunity to help people right away.

I’m very open to whatever is coming next in terms of my Reiki opportunities. I have some ideas of doing a workshop for hospice nurses, both for them to use on their patients, and to use on themselves to destress from the emotional overload of their jobs. My mom is a hospice nurse. She told me who to call when I’m ready to explore it. I like the idea. I am also thinking of having a workshop for teachers, to help themselves after a tiring day.

I have Reiki Master level attunement and completed the course, but by no means am I a “Reiki Master!” I haven’t mastered Reiki! I’m still learning, and growing, and have a LOT to do to continue on this path and gain experience. But I feel that I have the tools now to really explore Reiki to the fullest extent that I can. And for that, I am so grateful.

Peace and Blessings.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt