Crazy Days

The last few days have been kind of crazy. For two days, I had weird computer issues. First, Twitter suspended my account. Mine was one of a large number of accounts mistakenly suspended for no reason. Twitter corrected it and apologized but it brought to life how much I really rely on my involvement with Twitter. I have a lot of contacts there, students, friends, and colleagues. Suddenly not being able to access or post from my account was rather freaky. The good news is that my husband has a Twitter account, and we were able to get the word out to my friends that there had been a mistake. Their support was impressive, as they passed the word along via “Retweets.”

Next, my gmail chat was hacked by a “middle man attack”. The perpetrator actually butted into a chat I was having and started typing insulting things, making it look like it was coming from me! It was almost funny but it really wasn’t because it was so confusing, and then I felt really out of control of the situation and even a little violated. I went through the process of logging out, changing my password from another computer, adding protection to my computer, purging all possible culprits from my computer, and emailing Google. It took several hours. There seems to be no lasting damage, except to my sense of well-being and security. I also changed passwords to most everything else I log into.

Then my car started acting funny. The seatbelt light on the dash started coming on even though I was wearing my seatbelt. It even beeped continuously, which was very annoying, all the way to and from my destination! I took it in for service. A wire was severed and it will be fixed next week sometime when the part comes in.

I went to use my cell phone and the number buttons wouldn’t respond to my presses. Removing and resetting the battery solved it, but it was enough to make me wonder what was next.

Next was that when I got home, our Internet connection was down. I found out there was an outage in the area. It took a couple hours to come back.

None of these were big, horrible problems. But it really made me wonder just what is going on. Emotionally, I feel a little off too – like it’s hard to say the right thing, and I’m sensitive to criticism from anyone. Is the world tilted at a strange angle?

I found out that there was a lunar eclipse early yesterday morning. Could that be the catalyst for this rash of incidents? I don’t claim to have the answer. But I have some thoughts.

I know that I’ve become more sensitive to changes in energy around me. For instance, I can tell if someone is sending me energy, or even “feeling” or “scanning” my energy. Maybe as a result of an increase in sensitivity, the things around me also respond to changes in …whatever energy shifts during times of astrological change (such as a lunar eclipse).

Or maybe it’s just a series of events that has nothing to do with me or the cosmos. I don’t really know.

All I know is that I’m trying to make sense of things, and putting them into a context helps somehow. Some people say “there are no coincidences” meaning that everything has a reason for happening, even if we don’t get the reason yet.

I suppose that searching for the meaning behind my technological issues could lead one to say it’s a message for me to get off the computer for a while. I did bike to the library with two of my kids today (during the Internet outage) and found a good book to read. (Awakening Intuition by Mona Lisa Schultz, M.D., Ph.D.) If I hadn’t had the Internet issue, I might not have gone there and found this book. Perhaps there is a message in the book for me.

I have been feeling a little stuck lately, in terms of my own intuitive growth. This book could be where I find the means to move forward again. I’m taking a weekend vacation this weekend, to visit friends and my sister, get some R&R, do some energy work, and have a break. I think there are possibilities here too for adding some wind to my energetic sails. I’m going on my own – a rarety for me. (Big thanks to my awesome husband, who encouraged me to take this opportunity and will hold down the fort with the kids.)

What’s the bottom line? I guess it’s that I don’t really know the reasons behind the craziness that attacked my technology and emotions lately. But I’m embracing the opportunities to grow that may have arisen from them.

It’s the best I can do with what I’ve got!

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


When I was 12 years old, I won a 10 speed bike from McDonald’s. Really, I did! I had only entered a drawing, as did many others, by putting a little card into a box in the restaurant. That bike was way oversized for me (I’m not a tall person to say the least, and it took me months to be able to ride that boy’s 10 speed with the bar straight across from the seat to the handlebars. I did it though!) The day after I got the call that I had won the bike, I got a letter from Burger King saying I was the 2nd runner up in their “win a bicycle contest” and there were too free Whopper cards in the envelope. Now if you’re thinking I spent too much time in fast food restaurants back then I understand, but actually I really didn’t. So what happened that week? I had never won anything before so I was completely surprised. I remember the two events had one thing in common at the time I had entered the drawings. After writing my name and contact info on the entry cards, I had written in cursive “please” on the other side of the card.

I’m not saying that’s a prescription for the magic that helps you win contests. Though it wouldn’t hurt to try. I have been thinking about the surprise of winning that bike lately though. Here’s why:

Over the last few years, I have done some work writing content for board games for various companies. It’s fun and creative work. I do this on a freelance basis, and have been involved in creating content and rules for a number of games which now can be found in many book and toy stores across the country. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any big game content projects. I haven’t been seeking them out as I’ve been busy with other things. Suddenly at the end of last week I received an email asking if I’d be available to write content for a new game. This was great, and excellent timing besides. I accepted of course, and am working on it now. Why am I blogging about this? Because the day after I was offered the chance to start this project, a different game company I have worked for also emailed me about an opportunity coming up to do some work with them. Two new unsolicited freelance game content jobs within 24 hours! The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as you know.

This week has also blessed me with new Reiki students and people interested in attunements and healing. Every person I am fortunate enough to share energy with makes me feel incredibly grateful and in awe of the way Reiki helps improve people’s lives in so many ways.

I’ve decided to call the opportunities that seem to drop in unexpectedly “Plop!” (As in, Plop! Oh my! The Universe has dropped this gift onto my lap!) It’s a way of recognizing and appreciating these surprise prospects as they come forth. I think that acknowledging them when they happen, and expressing a little thanks and wonder helps send some positive vibes for the next one. It’s not a new idea – it’s one of those LOA concepts – express gratitude and the Universe will bring you more. Sure happened with the bike, the new opportunities I mentioned, and more and more lately I’m seeing and appreciating the small things too.

By small things, I don’t mean inconsequential. I mean the unexpected compliments that come from people whether family, friends or those who have appreciated something I’ve written or said. Sometimes it comes as a comment on my blog, Facebook page, a Twitter reply, or an email. Or the unexpected opportunity to talk about Reiki with someone I hadn’t spoken with before. Each time, I feel really appreciative and glowing. And there are many more little moments like this, the more I reflect and take notice. I realize that everything makes a difference.

I heard it said once that you can live your life as if nothing matters, or as if everything matters. With the idea that every interaction could be part of the chain of events leading to great opportunities, whether for making someone feel happy or finding that next perfect career position (for my husband!), I am choosing to live as if everything matters. Every spark of positive energy, every “thank you,” compliment, or offer of assistance – everything makes a difference. It’s not in the results, it’s in the process. My dear friend Fred helped me connect this lately in his recent blog post.

“Plop!” moments have helped reinforce this concept for me and help me take it to heart.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

In the Flow

This week, I’ve been continuing to work through this ascension and all its related sensations – the regular wooshes of anxiety especially, and a bit of insomnia. But some good things are happening too, probably as a part of the whole experience.

  • My Reiki and energy healing is stronger and more responsive. I can think of energy and it starts immediately. Feedback from others has validated this for me, as recipients of energy healing and attunements have been very positive about the strength of the healing they felt they received.
  • I’ve realized the need to connect with energy every couple of hours at least to keep the anxiety at bay. I’ve done this by offering free Reiki healings on Twitter (always resulting in at least a dozen happy recipients) and keeping up with meditating and self healings. I also have some gracious friends who offer to send me energy healing, and I have been accepting whenever possible.
  • I have a new attunementEtheric Cord Flush. Receiving this attunement and doing the self healing really helped me clear away negative energy influences in my field and made me feel energized, clearer, and more relaxed and balanced overall. The feeling lasted well into the night (also making it hard to sleep so that was a learning experience as well). (Now I do the self healing during the day instead!) I sent out 15 Etheric Cord Flush healings to folks on Twitter yesterday and got some excellent feedback from grateful people. I am happy to offer this attunement here starting now. A bit of the description from the manual:

    The Etheric Cord Flush will work in the following manner. First, it will clear away negative cords that should not be attached and are ready to be let go. Second, it will heal the energy of any cords that remain attached. This will heal you as well as offer some healing energy to the person on the other end of the cord. Most negative cords will fall away with the Etheric Cord Flush; those that do not may need multiple healings. Usually, negative cords stay attached because the individual is not willing to let go. When they are willing to let go, the cords will fall away much more easily.

The attunement will be $25 and includes manual, and the ability to channel this energy healing for self, others, and pass on the attunement. It’s a wonderful ongoing benefit and I think everyone should have this in their energy toolbox. If you would like to try the healing first before ordering the attunement, please let me know. The healing is a freebie. Consider it a “try before you buy” offer. I’m adding a button on the right so just look over there until you find the order link. To try the healing first, please email me.

  • Because I have been posting about my experiences here, Sarah Weiss, the medical intuitive who I’ve been working with a bit, has received some inquiries from potential clients. She has graciously offered me a complimentary session, and it couldn’t come at a better time. I’m looking forward to making a time with her and believe that this is going to help me move through this phase into a higher and more comfortable energy level. I’ll let you know how that goes in my next post, I’m sure!

I am continuously grateful to all who read and comment on my blog and join me as I grow and learn. My blog hits jumped to well over 6,000 this week. That’s abundance, friends, and you’re a part of it. Thank you.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Darkness and the Light

I had a sad sort of experience the other day – the first time something like this has happened to me. A person, I’ll call him D, contacted me first for a Reiki healing, and then for attunements. He saved up the fee, and was very excited about it. I had sent him the first two attunements, both of which were met with great enthusiasm and success. Then, right before his third attunement, he abruptly told me he would not be continuing. I was surprised, and asked him what happened. His explanation surprised me, and left me feeling sad.

He had gotten into a conversation with a member of his religion’s clergy. This person told him that Reiki is evil, the devil’s work. That Reiki makes people think they have powers, like a diety, and is meant to undermine God’s plan by causing them to deny the existence of God, thinking they are gods themselves. He went on to say that the man who told him this had been into energy work before – astral projection – and had met evil entities on the astral plane. He advised me to quit practicing and teaching Reiki based on this.

I find it very disturbing that the practice of Reiki could be so misunderstood and vilified. I also find it disturbing that someone who had experienced it for himself could be so easily convinced of these extreme views. I tried to express how I disagreed, and how Reiki has helped me strengthen my connection to Source rather than make me need it less. I stressed that as God’s creations, we are capable of helping each other and all of God’s creations, which is what we are told to do in the Bible. I told him Reiki is a blessing to me.

Then I wished him well. That was all I could do.

I made today a day devoted to Energy and Light. I rested, and then did a Colors of Angels self healing, which was marked by powerful rushes of energy healing going through me. I loved it. I channeled three attunements, two healings and two channelings. I chatted about healing with some amazing people on Twitter both online and on the phone.

I met an interesting person who is running a program called 9 Weeks to a New You with Amythyst Wyldfyre, which sounds like some guru thing I know, but it is about transforming yourself, connecting with your Higher self, and realizing your potential. I wouldn’t normally go for something like this, but I spoke with her on the phone today and she talked to me at length about how to develop the Rites of the Munay Ki. I received these Rites when I spent the weekend with Connie back in June. But I’ve never really known what to do to develop the Rites. I haven’t even been able to explain them very well. Today Amythyst really spent time with me talking about how to work with the energies and connect to the potential in each of the 9 Rites. It was very helpful. Then she suggested the workshop and explained what she was doing, which includes mentored coaching on this kind of spiritual development. Tomorrow there’s a free call-in which gives a taste of the course link here which I may do if I can so I can sense whether this is something that would be right for me at this point. I have lots of opportunities for self growth right now, so I’m not sure about doing them all at once or not. Plus, money is also a factor. But I’m learning to trust that things will align themselves. Amythyst’s home page is here if you want to check her out. I do have doubts about whether this program is right for me at this time, but respect her and am grateful for her guidance today.

I met a wonderful person, Amy Bush Bradley. She has a remarkable parenting coaching program called Transformational Parenting and Evan & I are very psyched to gain some insights and a little help from her program. She graciously agreed to trade a few months of the program for Kundalini Reiki attunements. We’ve exchanged Reiki healings already, and enjoyed each other’s feedback. Wonderful opportunities!

I have made some contacts with very connected people lately who are giving me insights into developing my spiritual awareness further. They suggested exercises for getting in touch with my guides and hearing messages more clearly. One of these people is a Twitter friend, Frank Butterfield who graciously allowed me to channel a question for him, and gave me wonderful feedback and some excellent suggestions.

Another impressive person I met on Twitter recently is Ken (although I don’t know his last name…) and I really like his approach and sincerity. Click on his name to view his website.

And, last for my blog entry for tonight is that I have signed up for Lightarian AngelLinks attunements, which are certified by the Lightarian Institute (yes it’s real). I’m waiting for the manual to arrive by snail mail. This is supposed to deeply connect one with the Archangels, which lately I’ve been feeling more from Colors of Angels healings and would like to further develop this connection. So I’m excited the most about this.

So just a little darkness, and my day of light today helped it go away.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

We’re still surrounded by mounds of snow here, but seem to have dug enough pathways to get to and from where we need to go, so that’s progress for you.

Meanwhile, I want to report that I had a great meeting last night with a really wonderful Reiki person. We are exploring the possibilities of working together to promote Reiki. He has access to studio space in a pilates/yoga studio near my home, and we spent a good hour and a half sharing our Reiki experiences and ideas. My hands were tingling often while we talked, and I think we both felt very positive about the possibilities.

My first book on my reading list was ready at the library and I picked up Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. She is a Medical Intuitive, and I started reading her book last night. She posits that physical ailments in the body are a result of our negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences that build up and cause the conditions. She can intuit health problems developing often before a person knows they are there. She can also channel the underlying cause of the problem. She can do all of this by just hearing the person’s name and age. Remarkable. But, not impossible or shocking to my way of thinking at this point in my experiences, because I can connect with an individual’s energy to send him or her Reiki simply by having that person’s name and age or location. I can also sometimes tell where a person needs extra energy through a similar (but significantly less develped!) intuition.

I find this reading fascinating, and will eagerly continue to explore her ideas. I have some kind of strange sciatica-type thing happening lately that may be a pinched nerve of some kind. I’m hoping to find the cause and help it heal through Reiki and energy work. It’s not painful, just a kind of “buzzing” feeling that feels as if my cell phone is on vibrate and is ringing throughout the day, especially after I go up or down stairs. Maybe working with Reiki, and attempting to incorporate what I’ll learn from Caroline Myss’ book will help me resove this. For me it’s not an issue of will that work, but just will I be able to get in touch with that level of intuition that will guide me in dealing with this.

I feel that the strength of the Reiki I’m able to channel has increased significantly since taking the Master level class a week and a half ago. Hard to believe that much time has passed already. I’m encouraged by this development, and intend to continue to work with the energy and see where it will lead. My meeting last night felt like it could lead to good opportunities with Reiki, and I’m excited to see what will develop.

And, I’ve been thinking lately about people who don’t believe in Reiki. Here’s my take on it:
I think people who doubt Reiki’s validity are ignorant about Reiki, because it seems on the surface to be impossible, magical even, that a person could just hold out their hands, think of a person’s name anywhere in the world, even if they’ve never met them, and send healing energy to that person that is tangibly felt by that person. It sounds close to just saying prayers for a person’s healing, or on the other side, like saying magic words and sending a magic spell to a person. Saying prayers or “magic words” don’t seem like they’d be enough to do anything. I mean, how many of us can affect our physical world by willing it? Can you close the door by saying “door, close”? Well I can’t. So how can someone say, in his or her mind, “I want to send healing to Joe Shmegeggi in Boston” and Joe receives healing? I get it – the idea of Reiki being real messes with people’s take on reality.

And hands-on Reiki has the same kind of innuendos. So we Reiki people expect the people we are telling about Reiki to put aside this ingrained idea of what is real and what is magic first, in order to be open to trying Reiki without skoffing, snickering, or feeling like a bozo. Not to mention that it’s scary to let go of one’s version of reality enough to be open to accept the possibilities of being touched by a kind of spiritual energy.

If a person is able to put aside all the ingrained cultural mumbo jumbo and get beyond it, he or she would have a better chance of really being helped by Reiki, or even being open to learning to channel it for him or herself. For some people, that’s asking a lot.

But it worked for me. I was just like everybody else who grew up without much of a spiritual connection. I’m not clairvoyant or especially intuitive by nature. I’m pretty down to earth and realistic usually. All of this growth the past few months has been a result of deciding that I would be open to trying and seeing what would happen.

And now my husband has joined me here. (Actually, I think he is even more sensitive to energy that I was at the Reiki I level, because his hands tingle when he thinks about Reiki. My hands didn’t tingle until I was attuned to Reiki II). All it took was him deciding to let his mind be open just enough to give it a try.

If I can do it, others can too.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Opening Doors

I waste no time. When I get an idea, I go for it.

Today, I asked my son’s preschool director if she would be interested in me doing a Reiki demo for her teachers, and then seeing if there would be interest in learning Reiki I, with the idea that, as a teacher myself, I could give them some good ideas for times in which it would help soothe one of their students to channel a little Reiki, and also how they can use Reiki to help themselves unwind after a long day of running after 3 and 4 year olds. She was VERY receptive to the idea, especially when I told her that they could get continuing education units (my Reiki teacher has the forms). She said that next month she’d like me to come to a staff meeting and present the idea as I described. She ALSO asked me if she could pass my name and contact info to her friend who runs a school for nannies. I said yes, absolutely. So, I’m knocking at doors to see what will open. I think I have a special understanding of teaching, and could incorporate this with helping teachers learn to use Reiki to help them in the classroom, and for themselves.

We’ll see what develops. I’m open to opportunities to incorporate Reiki into my life and help people to get introduced to the ways in which Reiki can help them.

I also sent Reiki to someone in Singapore, across the globe from me, at his request, and his feedback was amazing. He felt everything and was very grateful. He wanted to experience distance Reiki, having doubts as to how someone could feel Reiki energy that was sent from half a world away. And, now he knows.

Love & Light.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt