Pressing “Pause”

I wrote last week about waiting. My life lately has been a process of waiting. This is especially true, you know, because my husband has been looking for work. Lately, things are happening for him – he has 3 interviews coming up this week – but it’s still a process of waiting. We know that despite the interviews, we won’t know if he has a job for a while yet. Two of the interviews are first interviews, and one is a third interview out of town. That last one is an amazing opportunity, but would involve us moving 300 miles away, selling our house, and starting anew. I’m not opposed to the change, in fact I find the idea exciting, but the reality of getting the house repairs done, stuff cleared out, putting the house on the market, and all of the details involved are rather overwhelming. All of the constant stream of “what will we do if” and “when will we know?” circling around my thoughts gets tiring and, I realize, isn’t productive.

I’m a planner by nature. I like to be as prepared as possible, thinking that if I can figure out what I’ll do in any given situation that could arise that I’ll feel more confident and ready. It’s intellectually satisfying in the moment, but I also know that no one can really predict the details and be prepared for each one. So the constant churning of thoughts, scenarios, arrangements, and ideas is actually just burning energy.

I need to pause. I need to breathe. I need to visualize the outcome I would like and just sit quietly with that in mind, sending energy to it. I admit that I have not been able to stop myself long enough to do this. But I will. I really will, because I know that is the way to help all of this. It’s the way to help myself stop cycling through the constant barrage of “what if’s” and help manifest the best possible outcome.

A good friend and inspiring person, Lissa Rankin, leader and founder of one of my favorite websites,, said in one of her posts just to ask the Universe to send you inner peace, then surrender to the outcome, knowing that all will be arranged with the best outcome for you, whatever it may be. Sometimes it may be surprising, unexpected, or feel like it’s taking your life in a new direction. But trusting that all is working out as it should is a sure way of quieting that nagging constant stream of thoughts trying to prepare for every outcome. That kind of surrender to a blank slate outcome involves an extra step of inner quiet, and requires having presence in the moment – something else I’m trying to become more consciously connected to. Thank you, Lissa!

So today’s post is a reminder to myself, and a reminder to any of you lovely readers who might need it along with me – let’s pause. Breathe. Ask for the outcome that will bring inner peace. Things will all line up and work out for the best.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


When I was 12 years old, I won a 10 speed bike from McDonald’s. Really, I did! I had only entered a drawing, as did many others, by putting a little card into a box in the restaurant. That bike was way oversized for me (I’m not a tall person to say the least, and it took me months to be able to ride that boy’s 10 speed with the bar straight across from the seat to the handlebars. I did it though!) The day after I got the call that I had won the bike, I got a letter from Burger King saying I was the 2nd runner up in their “win a bicycle contest” and there were too free Whopper cards in the envelope. Now if you’re thinking I spent too much time in fast food restaurants back then I understand, but actually I really didn’t. So what happened that week? I had never won anything before so I was completely surprised. I remember the two events had one thing in common at the time I had entered the drawings. After writing my name and contact info on the entry cards, I had written in cursive “please” on the other side of the card.

I’m not saying that’s a prescription for the magic that helps you win contests. Though it wouldn’t hurt to try. I have been thinking about the surprise of winning that bike lately though. Here’s why:

Over the last few years, I have done some work writing content for board games for various companies. It’s fun and creative work. I do this on a freelance basis, and have been involved in creating content and rules for a number of games which now can be found in many book and toy stores across the country. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any big game content projects. I haven’t been seeking them out as I’ve been busy with other things. Suddenly at the end of last week I received an email asking if I’d be available to write content for a new game. This was great, and excellent timing besides. I accepted of course, and am working on it now. Why am I blogging about this? Because the day after I was offered the chance to start this project, a different game company I have worked for also emailed me about an opportunity coming up to do some work with them. Two new unsolicited freelance game content jobs within 24 hours! The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as you know.

This week has also blessed me with new Reiki students and people interested in attunements and healing. Every person I am fortunate enough to share energy with makes me feel incredibly grateful and in awe of the way Reiki helps improve people’s lives in so many ways.

I’ve decided to call the opportunities that seem to drop in unexpectedly “Plop!” (As in, Plop! Oh my! The Universe has dropped this gift onto my lap!) It’s a way of recognizing and appreciating these surprise prospects as they come forth. I think that acknowledging them when they happen, and expressing a little thanks and wonder helps send some positive vibes for the next one. It’s not a new idea – it’s one of those LOA concepts – express gratitude and the Universe will bring you more. Sure happened with the bike, the new opportunities I mentioned, and more and more lately I’m seeing and appreciating the small things too.

By small things, I don’t mean inconsequential. I mean the unexpected compliments that come from people whether family, friends or those who have appreciated something I’ve written or said. Sometimes it comes as a comment on my blog, Facebook page, a Twitter reply, or an email. Or the unexpected opportunity to talk about Reiki with someone I hadn’t spoken with before. Each time, I feel really appreciative and glowing. And there are many more little moments like this, the more I reflect and take notice. I realize that everything makes a difference.

I heard it said once that you can live your life as if nothing matters, or as if everything matters. With the idea that every interaction could be part of the chain of events leading to great opportunities, whether for making someone feel happy or finding that next perfect career position (for my husband!), I am choosing to live as if everything matters. Every spark of positive energy, every “thank you,” compliment, or offer of assistance – everything makes a difference. It’s not in the results, it’s in the process. My dear friend Fred helped me connect this lately in his recent blog post.

“Plop!” moments have helped reinforce this concept for me and help me take it to heart.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt