Practical Reiki is READY!

Hello everyone! It’s funny, but a year ago I was told that I’d write a book about Reiki and I laughed and said that was silly, that there wasn’t anything to say about Reiki that wasn’t already in a book. I stand corrected.

Recently, I was at The Cleveland Clinic, where I volunteer with the Healing Services Department giving Reiki to patients, family and staff. I was talking with the head of the department, telling her that I’d love to teach Kundalini Reiki to staff there. She told me that people feel that the word “Kundalini” is too mysterious and has negative or strange connotations. So I said I could change the name and take out the word “Kundalini” and the method would still work and have the same effectiveness.

I checked it out with Ole Gabrielsen, the founder of Kundalini Reiki, because I wanted to be sure it was okay with him that I’d make adaptations to the method he channeled. He told me that it would be just fine. Green light!

So instead of revising the Kundalini Reiki manual, I decided to put everything I say when I’m teaching into a book. There’s a lot that I have been adding when teaching in person – information on clairs, chakras, intention -all important stuff!

My family went on vacation to Virgina Beach – a 10 hour drive each way – and so I took my laptop in the car and typed the first five chapters on the drive. It was a good start! Now the book has 10 chapters, includes FAQs, recommended books, and two Appendixes (a quick guide for teachers at the end, and articles on using a pendulum and Master Kuthumi). The cover is absolutely gorgeous, thanks to a talented graphic designer who was able to beautifully recreate my attempt to express a design!

So here it is!

Practical Reiki TM
for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method.
by Alice Langholt

If you’ve never heard of Reiki, this book will explain it in plain, clear language.

Reading the book will help you understand what Reiki is, how it works, how it helps, and how it can be learned. This book presents a down-to-earth, “woo-woo-free” approach that’s easy to understand whether you’ve had any experience with intuition or none at all. Anyone who wants to learn to connect with the innate, natural power for healing is capable of doing so.

If you already practice Reiki, this book will show you the true essence of working with energy, beneath the ritual, symbols, and mystery surrounding the practice.
It will widen your knowledge and strengthen your connection.

Practical Reiki TM is a new, revolutionary Reiki modality for everyone who wishes to quickly and easily learn to practice Reiki energy healing for themselves and others. It is simple, strong, and will change your life. The entire method through Master level can be learned in just three weeks.

Order Practical Reiki here.

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For an autographed copy of Practical Reiki, use this link to order directly from me! Just let me know how to inscribe it!

Who knew, when I started this blog as a Reiki level 2 practitioner, that I’d be writing this post today?! Not me for sure!! Thank you all for being here for this journey with me, and for the path ahead!

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Peeking Behind Oz’s Curtain

Some interesting things are happening lately, and I’m treating the experiences like little peeks at the workings going on behind the scenes. This series of events seem like they could lead me where I’m hoping to go, and yet they leave me wondering. Ah, the mysteries of life – LOL!

Here they are:

Two days ago, I was in the shower, and as I sometimes do when I have some rare time to myself, I was asking my angels, rather directly, for some help. I said I am all set to begin my Energy Healing Certification Program (the January track – I already have two tracks in progress), and I need more students. I asked them to help bring these students to me, now please.

I got out of the shower, dressed, and my cell phone rang. It was a person who had met me at the Victory of Light expo in Cincinnati, and who was calling to say she’s interested in enrolling in the Certification Program. Wow.

Yesterday, I had to run an errand to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I started driving there and realized I wasn’t sure where the store was. I called my husband, who told me it was in the opposite direction from where I was going. Feeling a little dumb, I turned around and went the other way. I was berating myself a little for driving out of the way and wasting time to find the store. I finally arrived. In the store, I found myself in the same aisle as a young woman I had taught with a few years ago, with her mother. We exchanged greetings, and she asked me what I’m doing these days. I told her I teach Reiki and her eyes lit up. She knows about Reiki and receives Reiki to help with her chronic sinusitis. I told her that I have a class coming up in a week and gave her and her mom my card. They said they’d be interested in taking it.
I realized that I wouldn’t have run into them if the timing hadn’t been perfect.

Then later yesterday, I was at a holiday party with my kids at The Gathering Place, a cancer support center where I’m a volunteer Reiki practitioner. My cell phone rang. I answered and someone asked for “Sheila.” Instead of saying it was the wrong number, I said, “This is Alice.” The person on the other end said, “Oh, Alice! Funny, I didn’t mean to call you.” It was one of my newest students, who told me that she was trying to call her friend to invite her to take the upcoming Kundalini Reiki class with her.
I realized that I wouldn’t have known she was recruiting people to be in the class unless she had dialed the wrong number and reached me.
When I got home from dinner at my parents’ house last night, there was an email from a gentleman who is interested in being in the Certification Program. We’ve exchanged several emails since last night and things look good for him to be in the program, but he plans on learning Kundalini Reiki by distance individually with me first.

And one more thing, too. On Tuesday, when I was at The Cleveland Clinic, where I volunteer as part of the Healing Services Department giving Reiki, I happened to have a meeting with my volunteer coordinator. She said that she is trying to create a position for a part-time instructor, part-time Reiki staff person, and she thinks that all of the staff should be instructed in Kundalini Reiki. Since I told her about Kundalini Reiki, she has been impressed with the ease of use of this modality. The description of this position is exactly (and I mean to the letter) what I’ve been asking the angels for in terms of a steady job. Things happen either excruciatingly slow or unnervingly quickly at the Clinic, so I am now stepping back and trying not to hold my breath. But it’s another glimpse into the motion behind the scenes that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t stepped into my volunteer coordinator’s office that day.

So what’s the point here? Here’s the point:

While none of these people have actually enrolled in anything yet, and there’s no steady position being offered to me yet, I feel like I’m getting the message that things are in motion to answer my requests. It’s like I’m being given a peek behind the curtain to see things being put into place, rather than waiting in the dark for something to happen. I am being told that all of these seeds are being planted, I’m in the right place at the right time to talk with people, and it’s only a matter of time before things germinate.

Then there’s my little snarky voice in the background. It’s saying “Yeah, and if none of these people actually enrolls, if the Clinic says no, won’t you look dumb for believing that these are all signs?” It doesn’t like me to have faith, but prefers hard evidence. I hear that. And yes, I do worry about it all being for naught. But again, that’s a lot of events in the last few days all pointing in a positive direction. So the snarky voice can stfu, excuse my vernacular.

I’m sticking with the idea that these are all ways that the angels are saying, “We’re working on it for you, Alice. Hang in there.” And I am.

It feels like a good argument for asking the angels and letting them work.
Anything like this ever happen to you?
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


This week has been eventful. I came to a new realization about an energy healing technique called scanning and it also ties into a way of looking at life. Events in my life lately have tied into the concepts related to this idea too, so it’s become another of those “my, how things all work together” moments.

I had been thinking first about scanning. Scanning is a technique of checking a person’s energy field for imbalances during or before an energy healing session. The practitioner runs her hand down and through the energy field, either in person or by distance, and “tunes in” to the sensations received. For me, this is a variation in the tingles I feel in response to the person’s energy. When my hand tingles “harder” or “more actively,” I know there is a need for healing in that area of the person’s energy or physical being. During a healing session, I pause there, until the feel of the energy changes again.

The Reiki method I use most often is Kundalini Reiki. It involves a simple intend-and-send process, and one need not employ scanning unless one wants to. The energy goes where it’s needed, whether scanning is a part of the method being used or not. I frequently use scanning during a healing session, to get a sense of the person’s energetic needs and report back some feedback to the person on what I notice.

I learned, in Usui Reiki, that one progresses down a series of hand positions, or to different areas on the person, to give healing to that particular place. I have another idea though, that seems to answer the question of how the energy goes where it’s needed if, (as in Kundalini Reiki), it is not being sent to each specific location step by step.

My idea is that instead of sending the energy to each place via a series of hand positions or while scanning, instead I am simply witnessing the recipient getting energy where it’s needed. For example, if I am scanning during a healing and I notice tingles at the throat chakra, this means that the person’s throat chakra is receiving more energy there, and I’m noticing it. I am being made aware of their need in that location, and feeling the energy being received there. I am not doing the healing, I am instead witnessing the healing taking place as it happens.

This jibes with a session I had once with Sarah Weiss, a medical intuitive. She intuitively watches the angels do the healing, and tells me what they are showing her. She doesn’t “do” the healing; she tells me what is happening. And I feel it very strongly. She’s the translator, or the narrator, of the experience. It’s quite powerful.

I think that I am doing a version of this when I am giving a Reiki healing session. I am intending for the connection, for the energy to flow where it is needed. Then I can, if I choose to, notice the areas which are receiving the most energy, and report this back to the recipient. It makes sense to me and becomes consistent with the way Reiki seems to work. If I know the recipient has a headache, I can intend for the energy to work to relieve his headache. As the energy is flowing, I can scan his head and notice more energy flowing there. I can notice when it evens out. I am part of the process, the facilitator of the connection. I am not the healer. The recipient is receiving the healing he is ready for.

So how does this apply to other areas of my life?

Wednesday and Thursday of last week, I kept noticing repeated messages with one theme – Acceptance. I saw blogs about it, read tweets about it on Twitter, and email newsletters from various sources that appear in my inbox were focused on this theme. It kept popping up. It worried me a little because I got the feeling something was coming that I’d need to be prepared to handle with presence instead of panic. Acceptance is a concept of taking what is coming and dealing with it, staying strong and positive, and not fighting it, even when you don’t like it. The idea is that resisting would make it worse and harder to get over. Even when something is painful, instead of fighting against the pain or railing against the injustice, simply facing it, being in it, accepting it, can help it resolve. It’s about stepping a bit outside our natural tendency to fight it, and witness the event happening in a less emotionally attached way.

On Friday, my husband, who had been in a new job for four months following a stretch of unemployment lasting eight months, got laid off from his new job. His position was eliminated after his boss was fired. He was hired to support his boss, and so when his boss was fired (yes it was with due cause, but had nothing to do with Evan), there was no longer a need for Evan to be in his position. This is why I was receiving the message. Here’s my opportunity to practice acceptance.

That isn’t to say, “Yay! I am so happy this happened!” Please. Although his job was difficult, and not the right long-term position for Evan, a sudden change such as this carries a lot of weight and pressure. Acceptance means taking the present circumstance and working with it, doing what is needed and steering clear of worry about what could happen. It’s an exercise in living in the present, separating from the emotional attachment, and being in the moment. I’m not going to panic or get depressed, and neither is he. He has already made some contacts, applied for four positions for which he is qualified, and believes that something better is coming soon. We are going to enjoy the extra time together, the opportunity to do some home repairs, and actively look and be open to that right opportunity for him, wherever it may be.

So the tie here is in the idea of witnessing – practicing a detached observation that allows me to take in the details as they happen, during a Reiki session, and during this time of transition for our family. Acceptance. I’m gonna try it for a while.

On a side note, to anyone with connections in health care, Evan is a visionary and innovative administrator with MBA, MSSA and LISW-S degrees and certifications. His linkedIn profile is here: . We are open to relocation for the right position.

Thanks for reading. Your comments are always welcome.

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Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

This Time it’s Personal

Recently, on Twitter, I received this tweet in my mentions column:

@ReikiAwakening Reiki is just faith healing without the faith. Witchcraft in other words. We foremost promote REAL alternative medicine.

I don’t follow (on Twitter) the person who challenged me in this way, nor have I had any previous interaction with him. When I receive tweets like this, my first instinct is to try to explain that Reiki is real. I did send two tweets back in response, and then my dear rational friend Sophie Lhoste told me to block him. I did. Sophie reminded me that what we put our attention on increases, and what we ignore decreases. It was wise advice.

This came on the heels of two days of being challenged by another Twitter member who is a scientist and kept tweeting at me to explain what I do in scientific terms. I tried, unsuccessfully, to put a logical, rational explanation out there of what Reiki is, how it works, what I experience, and so forth. Eventually, after this person kept asking me repeatedly more probing questions, I found it impossible to explain. I’m not a scientist. I’m not a faith healer. I’m not a witch. I am a Reiki practitioner and a teacher. (I feel like I’m in a Star Trek episode, “Dammit, Jim, I’m a Reiki teacher, not a scientist!” Bones said that once, didn’t he? ha).

It brought me to a realization and a little source of frustration that Reiki is not something that always has predictable or measurable results. I can intend for the energy to do a certain thing (relieve a headache, remove emotional blockages), and it may do that. The only way of knowing that it did is by getting the feedback from the recipient that he feels better. I can often get energetic “dings” when I scan a person’s energy, alerting me to imbalances in a certain area when I’m giving a Reiki healing. I respond to those “dings” by directing the energy there as I am giving the healing. But the only way I know for sure if it worked is when I hear back that the person feels better. I don’t always know what the outcome will be, although I nearly always get a response that there is relief of some kind after a healing session. That consistent validation keeps me confident that Reiki helps. But it’s not an exact science, like pinpointing an issue with a laser beam and watching the changes occur through a microscope. It’s not visible. It’s subjective. And different results happen for different people, because needs are very individual. So it’s hard to explain that to someone who wants a concrete explanation.

My mother-in-law was recently discovered to have a 5-cm tumor on her left lung. It was discovered accidentally. She underwent a battery of tests, both external and invasive. Yes, it’s what you’re thinking it is. And it may have spread. I’m not saying the word here. That’s because I don’t want to put more energy into the word or make it a self-fulfilling prophesy. As Sophie said, what we put attention on increases. That isn’t to say I’m ignoring this, not at all. But I’m also doing all I can not to feed it.

Which brings me to the next point, regarding the vagueness of Reiki. I mobilized all of my Reiki friends and put in a request with the Distance Healing Network to send my mother-in-law healing energy. Another Reiki friend and I did a combined healing session for her, visualizing wrapping that tumor in healing energy and shrinking it. We sent light to her immune system. We worked together, feeling the energy flowing strongly.

Scans showed there was no change in the size of the mass. It did not grow, it did not shrink. Still there. Weirdly, biopsies came back inconclusive but the doctors feel the need to do more invasive biopsies because the scans showed the cells are active and spreading. I have no idea if or how all of this Reiki is helping. That’s my frustration. She is still anxious and having trouble sleeping. The mass is still there. More tests and forthcoming treatments are planned. It’s as if nothing made a difference.

Am I expecting miracles? Well I’d like to think that I could do SOMETHING to help. Yes, of course I’m there, taking her to appointments, offering support, love, presence, reassurance. But I’m blessed with the ability to do Reiki for a reason, and I want to use this gift to help someone I love so dearly! She wants to fight this, to live to watch her grandchildren grow and enjoy them. The doctor’s words “stage 4….no cure….radiation….” echo off the walls and deflate hope with each bounce. I don’t want those words to have energy that feed this diagnosis. I want positive thinking to prove a miracle can happen.

Abraham-Hicks is bold enough to say that positive thinking is all one needs to turn one towards complete health from any condition, nearly immediately. That sounds so bold, and I want to believe it, and yet it seems to fly in the face of reality. And yet….and yet….friends tell me of surprising results when doctors suddenly couldn’t find a tumor when they were ready to operate. All that changed is the person remained positive and didn’t get discouraged by the doctor’s diagnosis. Miracles happen and I’m really hoping this can be one of those miracle stories. I also know it’s not all up to me, even though I’d like to be able to do something that will help make a difference.

There are those who say Reiki goes towards a person’s highest good, whatever that may be. It’s so vague. And then there’s the aspect of setting intention to drive the energy toward a specific goal. That’s the opposite. Which is true? I’m not sure. Probably both. And I also don’t have knowledge of what a person’s highest good is. Sometimes this is challenging. I often ask for “the healing that is needed” and add that “any lessons attached to this healing be gently received.” I trust in the higher powers to translate this intention into reality for the recipient. This leaves the challenge of explaining or reconciling what the outcome is to the goal of the healing. Is it really in one’s highest good to remain sick or get worse? I don’t know. I hope not. There are those who say that one has lessons to learn in this lifetime, or karmic debts to pay that are lived out through one’s experiences. I don’t know lots about this personally, so I listen to those ideas and take them in, weighing them against my own gut feelings. Suffering can be so hard to understand.

I’ve felt that it’s my path to continue to offer and teach Reiki healing. It is a niche that I’ve fallen into and it’s fit me so well that I’m merged with it. I receive emails from students and clients about how much the Reiki has helped them feel better. This is my validation. This is my signal to keep doing what it is I do. I can’t give the scientists and skeptics who challenge me more of a concrete answer than that. There are literally hundreds of people who I’ve shared energy with that are grateful and received relief from receiving or learning Reiki. This keeps me going. This renews my faith every single day.

So despite not knowing what the energy will do, where or how it may specifically help a person, or knowing if it will or won’t trigger a miracle, I keep on sharing it. I keep on believing in the power of Reiki.

The combination of trust and intention are keys to the process.

Thanks for reading.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Teaching in Person

I’ve been teaching local Reiki classes for the first time this month, and tonight my Kundalini Reiki class of eight wonderful students will receive their final attunement. I’m also teaching Reiki for Parents, and it’s going very well.

I was nervous at the start, because all of my Reiki teaching, with the exception of one-on-one classes, has been remotely via my website. There have been over 200 students in the past year and a half, and that’s a lot! I am confident and absolutely adore teaching Reiki. But facing a class full of people in a room was somehow a little daunting to me. It’s funny too, because I’m a teacher, and have been teaching kids and teens various subjects for over 13 years. But a room full of adults? That felt different!

I took a leap. I trusted that all would be well, and that my teaching ability and passion for Reiki would support me in helping everyone understand and feel the energy. I had to decide how I would attune everyone, since I knew I could do it all at once by simple intention. Instead, I decided I would pass along the attunements individually to everyone in class (I touched each person on the shoulders, intending for him or her to be attuned as he or she intended to accept the attunement). Then I moved to the next person, and at the end, I sat at the table and felt the energy flowing between my hands as it continued working. After about 20 minutes, everyone opened up their eyes, having felt the attunement energy reach completion. Kundalini Reiki attunements don’t have the ritualized aspects of Usui Reiki attunements, so no more is needed than simple intention for passing the attunements along. Once everyone had opened their eyes, each person spoke of his or her experience, and each person’s was unique and yet powerful. I can’t express how grateful I am for the ability to help open people to Reiki energy and that it works every time.

Everyone returned the next week with stories about helping other people with Reiki, or their pets, and one person even saw his plant improve after he gave it Reiki! Some of them had sent distance healing, and it was felt and the recipient felt better. It was really exciting to see how they had all started realizing the benefits of Reiki, and experienced the results for themselves.

Some of my students have been in touch with me via email in between classes, with questions, or to share their excitement about the power of Reiki. I love hearing from them.

So this has been a wonderful experience for me as well, and a learning experience too. I learned that I am capable of facing a class full of students, and giving the information about Reiki clearly, as well as passing on attunements in person. I learned that I can share my passion for teaching Reiki in person as well as via email, and it’s equally well received. I shed my anxiety over teaching adults, and feel much more confident now.

I look forward to more opportunities to teach local Reiki classes and more distance students as well. I truly believe that everyone should learn Reiki because there are so many benefits and we all have this power inside us to tap into for our own healing and wellness. I am blessed and so very grateful for the opportunity to work with each person that gives me the chance.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Weight of the Word

In my other professional life, I write content and rules for games. Board games, mostly – social party games involving cards, questions, and friendly competition. I learned through having this kind of job that every word is important. Words for cards, questions and rules must be chosen carefully in order to be clear about how to play the game, and the meaning of each question. I really notice when I come across a game with poorly written rules or cards.

When I was in graduate school, I used to take Biblical text study courses. Studying Torah (Bible) is another very detailed word-based discipline. Every word is thought to be significant, and we would often debate why one word may have been chosen over another, and read about what the great Rabbinic commentators’ thoughts were about these choices. Detailed text study gave me a profound respect for the process of choosing words carefully.

When I learned Reiki, I became fascinated with the studies of Masaro Emotu. He determined that words have energy. Positive energy and negative energy are emitted by spoken and written words. The words absorb the intention in which they are spoken or written and emit that energy to others, water, or where the words are directed. Emotu’s experiments with water are truly inspiring. Some of them involved writing the word “Peace” on a piece of paper and affixing it to a container of water, and writing the words “You Fool” on another piece of paper affixed to a different container of water. The water came from the same original source. After a few hours, droplets of the water were quickly frozen and examined under a microscope. The water with the word “Peace” had grown beautiful detailed crystals. The water with the words “You Fool” had disjointed, chaotic pieces of broken crystals, and a muddy appearance. Other words were also used, such as “Hope,” “Thank You,” “Despair,” and “War,” with similar and predictable results. You can learn more about Emotu’s various experiments with water here. What moves me the most is considering the implications that this experiment shows of how our word choices can affect others. Our bodies, the air we breathe, and our environment are all permeated with water. If energy, whether via words, music, or Reiki, make profound and measurable changes to that water, consider how that concept could become a means of making a positive change. Our words, thoughts, and intentions are at work improving the quality of water that is within others and the world, bringing about healing, beauty, and love. We are so much more powerful than we realize!

I regularly give healings with and teach a method of Reiki called Kundalini Reiki. I absolutely love this Reiki for its powerful and direct way to connect with the energy. It involves no symbols; needs no hand positions. You intend for the energy to affect an issue, person, or goal, and it flows. For me, it works instantly, and it seems to do the same for my students. When I’m teaching Kundalini Reiki, I use a manual. I did not write this manual, but found it after exhaustive research on the Internet. It’s not the one I was given when I learned Kundalini Reiki. Let me explain.

Kundalini Reiki is a variant of the “original” Reiki, Usui Reiki Ryoho. It was channeled and developed by Ole Gabrielsen, and English is his second language. As well, he wrote the manual for someone who was already familiar with Reiki, probably Usui Reiki, someone who understands the basic concepts of calling in (or activating) energy, distance healing, and what energy healing is about. Therefore, these things are not covered much in the manual. I was fine learning from the manual provided, as I already was at Master/Teacher level of Usui Reiki when I took up Kundalini Reiki. However, I was interested in finding a more explanatory and better organized manual when I decided to teach this method of Reiki. I began my research.

I found another manual that had the addition of a Table of Contents, and some revised explanations for some of the healings, while retaining most of the original content. This was the best one I found and it was the one I started using for teaching. It’s still not as explanatory as I would like.

The more experience I have teaching Kundalini Reiki, the more I find myself writing longer and longer emails to supplement this manual when I send the manual to my students. This is because even this manual is not very well written. Some of the explanations are incomplete, the wording is unclear, and I’ve found that it can be downright confusing in many places! As their teacher, I like to give my students the best chance for understanding what they will learn. My deep love and respect for this Reiki system drives me to keep teaching it, despite the challenges of working with the manual and trying to explain via email what it should say instead of what it does say. Even so, it’s frustrating at times!

I know that I need to, and will, write a new and improved Kundalini Reiki manual. I owe it to my students, and I know that they, in turn, will find it useful when they want to teach Kundalini Reiki to others. When I do, I will mindfully select each and every word. I know that words have weight, energy, connotations, and divulge important information. I also know that the manual I write will be passed along to future generations of Reiki students who can benefit from learning this amazing Reiki modality by having a manual that is worthy of the method. I also think that a manual needs to respect the person reading it, meeting that person where he is and taking him to a place of deep and complete understanding of the method. It’s a challenging task, and necessary.

Completing a new Kundalini Reiki manual is on my short list of priorities.

Meanwhile, I will continue to offer as complete guidance as I am capable of, and I appreciate my students’ willingness to see the value in the method beyond the quality of the materials currently available. My individual attention and complete email support are key components of my teaching methods.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is my birthday, and the 1st anniversary of the day I began this Reiki Awakening blog. So much has happened in the last year and it’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m continuously inspired by the blessings Reiki has brought me and the way Reiki has opened the door to new states of awareness and growth in all areas of my life. I know there is more to come and I’m very excited about it all.

I started this blog because I was so inspired by the way Reiki had opened my eyes, and that inspired feeling just grows and grows. Click here for the link to my first post.

I have new experiences on a daily basis that show me more ways that Reiki can work. For instance, the other day a friend in the Netherlands and I exchanged Reiki at the same exact time, both sending and receiving. We felt the energy start and stop at exactly the same time.

And another friend asked for Reiki because she was feeling sick. I sent immediately, and 20 minutes later she sent me a thank you because she felt so much better. I’m thankful that I have a way to help someone, even if that person is across the world from me (as many are). I know I’m just the channel, but the fact that I can be a channel of loving, healing energy is my inspiration.

I started out knowing nothing about energy and now I’ve attuned around a hundred people to Reiki and feel unbelievably blessed that I bring this amazing experience to others. Being involved in the DHN has given me ongoing opportunities to channel Reiki to people who have requested it. I’m finding ways to get in closer contact with guides and angels, and have had success in channeling messages for people who are seeking answers from their own guidance.

I’ve met amazing people all over the world who work with Reiki and many other forms of intuition, and I’ve learned from them and continue to do so. I’m profoundly grateful.

My family has joined me in learning and experiencing Reiki and it’s become part of our daily lives, enriching it for the better on many levels.

This has been an amazing year.

So as I celebrate another year of life, I have humongous amounts of wonderful things to celebrate. Thank you to all of you for being here with me.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

My Kundalini Reiki Attunement Calendar…and more

I now have five people that I am attuning to Kundalini Reiki, and it’s quite a process! Not because the attunments are difficult; on the contrary, they usually take me about 5-7 minutes to intend and send. It’s that a complete Kundalini Reiki attunement has 9 attunements, scheduled weekly after the first two, and so I have to keep track of who gets attunements sent when! With five people, I needed to make a Kundalini Reiki Attunement calendar to keep track of everyone’s scheduled times.

I have successfully sent attunements at a different time, intending for the attunement to be received at a later time, which I specify while setting my intention. So far, I’ve only post-dated the attunment time for the same day. But I’m sure that I may be experimenting with post-dating an attunement for a day or two ahead. Grateful thanks to one of my Reiki friends, Tasha, who lets me experiment with timing and gives me great feedback. So far, even if I send a few hours in advance, and intend the attunement be received at a future time that I specify, it is received when intended. The recipients all email me feedback, so I know they felt it when they expected it, and it also typically lasts 20 minutes or more on the receiving end. The manual says that you can send more than one attunement at one time, something else I have yet to try. Really fascinating.

Strange Energetic Experience

I had a strange energy experience two nights ago in the middle of the night. I half-woke up, and in my twilight zone state, I felt as if there were presences in the room with me. I was talking to them (not out loud -in my head) though I don’t remember what it was about. I think I asked them if they were here as part of my Munay Ki development. (See paragraph below). I was calling them “Ancients” and they agreed with the name. I couldn’t see them, just felt their presence. My palms and forearms were hot with energy pulsing through them, and I also felt energy in my heart and third eye chakras. It felt like an attunement.

When I was at my Chios teacher’s house – (An amazing 24 hours!) she attuned me to the rites of Munay Ki – (click for an informative website), which is meant to plant seeds of spiritual growth in many areas, which should germinate within a few weeks. I felt, in my half-dreaming state the other night, as if this was part of the process. It was very intense.

My visit to my Chios teacher’s house

My Chios teacher, Connie, generously invited me to her home to stay over night and get some special help in working on seeing auras. The 24 hours were a whirlwind from the moment I walked in the door and was treated to an ionic foot bath. Wow, the gunk that came out of my (clean!) feet was surprisingly gross! It was very energizing. During my time there, Connie attuned me to all 9 rites of Munay Ki (and her wonderful and gracious husband, Bill, took pictures which later revealed orbs around us), read runes and tarot cards on me, taught me to use a pendulum (and gave me one to take home), took pictures of my aura and gave me a full printout of my aura report (I saw the colors of my aura turn white around my crown and third eye chakra on her computer as I called in the energy!), channeled information about my children’s futures and my marriage, drew a picture of my marriage angel, Daniel, and gave me a full set of crystals (and two each in nice bags for each of my 4 kids and one for my husband) to take home. It was amazing! She said she feels called at this time to help other healers, and I am so lucky to be one of them.

I’m happy to be attuning Connie to Kundalini Reiki in exchange for the ability she gave me to pass on the rites of Munay Ki. I’m truly blessed to have found Connie. Her website is listed on my blogroll. Check it out.

Thank you Connie. Thank you so very much.

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