Meditation has annoyed me

I am trying. Seriously. I’ve determined to allow 30 minutes per day to meditate. I know it would benefit my intuitive development to do this. I also know that a person who does this sort of work should have a regular meditative practice. Otherwise, it’s like getting personal training from someone who doesn’t exercise.
Sure, I do self-Reiki daily. That’s a given. It also truly helps me stay healthy and balanced. I can feel the difference and know that it’s working.
But meditation, that’s another story.
So I decided to take this seriously and really give it a try. At first, I was meditating just sitting quietly and closing my eyes. That was okay. I could stop whenever I wanted to, and usually found myself sitting there pretty peacefully for about 20 minutes.
Then I got this Holosync CD. It promises to help one meditate at a much deeper level, by listening to the sounds that have some kind of binaural waves that are supposed to engage some kind of deeper brain waves into the process. Cool, I thought. I can sort of fast-track my meditation practice. This is a good idea.
So I put it on, sitting with my earphones in as instructed. Waterfalls and bells are played. Hmm hmmm hmmm…what am I making for dinner?…oops….meditating now…….ding ding…..oops I forgot to call the kids’ school to remind them that I’m picking up today….oops…meditating! Stop thinking!….ooh, I need to email this person and put that event on my calendar, and I should make that call, and ….ugh I’m doing it again….dang. How long until this is over?
This is about how it’s gone now for a few days running. This is not enjoyable. Instead of peaceful, I left my meditation time frustrated and feeling like I’d wasted 30 minutes trying to listen to waterfall and bell sounds and getting some benefit from trying not to think.
I have to rethink this.
I know that there are benefits to meditation. Of course. Meditation is the number one way to increase one’s intuition. I know this. I think, actually, for myself, that Reiki is better for me because I am able to do this much more when I’m working with Reiki.
But I should also try to have a regular meditative practice, and I’m not doing so well at it so far.
Just thought I’d share.
Kinda funny to rant about meditating.
I’m not giving up. I’ll keep you posted.
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

I’ve Been Promoted

This has been a very eventful summer!

I wrote a book about Reiki. Over 100 copies have been sold in the first month.

Now I’ve launched the next step in my practice – a school of intuitive development, The Reiki Awakening Academy. It felt right – to make more classes available to more people, in an organized way. The pieces lined up – my teachers, colleagues, and students showed up ready to help others learn. I know it will grow – I look forward to selecting more teachers and offering more classes to those who are looking for learning and support.

I’ve been told that this is a time of great change – an awakening, not only for me (Reiki Awakening!), but around the planet, people are becoming aware of their intuition and powers for healing. They are seeking answers, methods, and information about how to harness, nurture, and use these abilities to help others and themselves. A consciousness is rising – I think I feel it too.

This journey I’ve been on since I started this blog seems to reflect this change. I hope that my school can become a resource for those seeking guidance, learning, and support. I’m offering what I have learned, and as I learn more, I will offer more. I’m also bringing on board those who have passion to do the same.

And now I’ve inherited a new title. I’m the founder, the leader, the head teacher, the big cheese of this school. I tried on all of those (well not the cheese – that’s a joke), to see if they felt right. I guess, in order to express in business terms my role in the process, that I have become an Executive Director. Funny how businesslike and a little stuffy it sounds. Funny how I picture an Executive Director sitting in a suit behind a big desk in a large office with a door. And funny how that image doesn’t really fit me here in my t-shirt and jeans shorts, typing on my laptop in its docking station in my basement.

But it’s what I am I guess!

I am organizing and posting all classes, setting up the virtual classroom for my teachers, training the teachers on how to conduct their classes, taking registration, keeping track of students, rosters, enrollment, payroll, answering emails, teaching a large number of classes and programs myself (it’s my passion and my true calling!), and recruiting students. So I guess that title fits.

But I still feel like the person who started this blog, amazed at the tingles in my hands, dying to find others to share this amazement with.

Well, the universe has promoted me. Thank you, Universe! I am so glad to be here. I look forward to the next steps.

Come on over and have a look. Try a class. Choose a program that will help you become who you are too. We’re here to help.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Spiritual Ties

I’ve been thinking lately about energy and the spiritual connection. I have some ideas I’d like to share and I hope they can come out in a coherent way. These things are hard to explain, and they are very subjective in nature. Plus, terms like “vibration,” “frequency” and “energy” also have scientific definitions that don’t exactly apply in the way I’m going to use them. There is a similarity in meaning, but they are not scientifically measurable so a scientist would say I’m using them wrong. So be it. This isn’t a science related post. This is my attempt to explain my thoughts on spirituality, energy, and the way I am seeing life lately. Good luck to me. Ha.

Life force energy. This is the basis of Reiki. It is also the energy that animates all living things, plants, animals, and people. There is also energy in the earth, and around us. This energy connects us all, like a web or a grid. Someone who is dead does not have this life force energy running through his body anymore. That’s the energy I mean.

Science doesn’t have an explanation for how life begins. Sure, sperm meets egg. That part we know. Been there, done that. Four times. But what about the soul (life force energy) entering the union of those microscopic parts? That’s beyond science. Life is a combination of the physical and the spiritual. We, as living beings, are both matter and energy, physical and spiritual in one package. Our energetic selves extend beyond our physical boundaries. Science gets much about the matter part, but still has trouble explaining the spiritual aspects. And yet we are combinations of the physical and spiritual, with systems that affect each other, intertwined. An example of this is how emotions have a physical affect on our health. Think of ulcers that develop from stress. That’s just one example. I’m not saying anything new here, I know.

Now Reiki. Practicing Reiki is a way of putting one’s awareness on the energy aspect in order to intend for that life force energy inside us to connect to the grid of the energy around us, and flow more of it to another living being, ourselves, a goal, or the earth itself. We are always connected to this energy, but the act of intending to connect, “turning on” the Reiki energy, raises our awareness of this connection so we can ask for this energy to flow in a certain way. When I do this, I have a physical response in the form of tingles in my hands, and a light pressure around my head and face. Every time. This physical-spiritual connection is consistently validated when I’m working with Reiki energy. I know I am connected by the sensations I experience. I am also able to sense imbalances in another person’s energy field by intending to receive information as I’m giving a Reiki healing to that person. This also validates the idea that we are all connected. The recipient feels the energy and experiences receiving it. Stress, pain, emotional blockages are released, and balance is gently encouraged. The recipient is an active participant in his or her healing, as I’m not a “healer,” but a facilitator of another person’s ability to heal via this energetic connection.

So what does this have to do with spirituality? I’m getting to that. Thanks for bearing with me here.


I think that this energy that’s inside us, our soul, our life force energy, is all part of Spirit. You know, God, Source, whatever term works for you. We feel separate, and yet we are not. When we do things that raise our vibration to a frequency that allows us to consciously connect with the greater source of this energy (scientific language borrowed here), meaning things like meditation, yoga, energy healing practices, and even gratitude and heartfelt prayer, we become consciously more aware of this connection to the greater Source, and receive its benefits. We can also intend through this connection to share the energy with others. Doing so is really only helping the other person to connect in the same way, so he or she can benefit from receiving an extra measure of life force energy where it’s needed. In addition, we can learn to become intuitively aware of the energetic state of other people. It’s a process which develops through practice. The more we place our awareness on our intuitive senses, the more that awareness develops.

Many of us feel separate, our energy gets depleted, we get sick or emotionally blocked, because we consciously stay at our “lower vibration,” disconnected to the source of the energy that can help us balance, cope and heal. We get caught up in our daily lives and forget to care for ourselves energetically, which is also physically since we are intertwined physical/spiritual beings. Reiki self-healing, and other practices I mentioned, help correct this imbalance, and help us be more whole.

So what I’m suggesting here is that we are always One with the Source, via our energy beings, and when we consciously connect with this Source (via Reiki or other practices I mentioned), we feel connected with the life force energy that’s synonymous with God. God is not separate, God is the spiritual aspect of ourselves, and all life, and the earth too. We are all part of God.

I sound so religious right now. Or maybe anti-religious since this is rather different from the way many religious teach about God. Talking about God in a religious sense isn’t in my comfort level. But I think a new understanding of spirituality is developing for me, and I want to try it out. My friend Jonathan calls this gnosis – a spiritual knowing that comes from experience rather than intellectual cognition.

There are people who have psychic gifts of clairvoyance, or they see angels, see or hear guidance, etc. They all know how to access this higher “vibration” of energy that allows them to be intuitively aware of these spiritual-based energies. It’s all energy, but different from the life force energy shared by living beings. Angels can do healing work on our energy if we ask for their assistance. They live in this “energy realm” and vibrate at a slightly higher frequency than we as physical beings can consciously learn to access.

So there it is. My idea of spirituality, Reiki, life, and all that.

I know what I’m saying is not new, and countless great thinkers have put this idea out there in more eloquent terms in long chapter books already. You’ll find shelves of them in the local bookstore and pages upon pages on Amazon. But it’s new for me, and it’s been pulling at me hard enough to feel I need to share it with you, for your consideration.

Any comments? (I ask nervously….)

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Inspiration from Angels

Something new I’ve done recently is to write for a new book called One Page Wisdom: Book One – Inspirational One-Page Writings from 111 People Worldwide. I have a story in there, as one of the 111 authors. The book is now published, in paperback, and it’s available here as well as Amazon, etc. What I like about it is that you can turn to any page in the book and it feels like you are reading a message meant for you right at this very moment. Lots of people wrote about what inspires them, and there are themes of spirituality, faith, miracles, blessings, gratitude, love, and more. I’m really happy to be a part of it. I think the book makes a good gift too, and I plan to get some to give out as holiday presents this year.

It got me thinking about sources of inspiration. I’ve read that one can receive messages from angels in various forms – snippets of music on the radio or suddenly going through your head, words on a bumper sticker of the car in front of you, an animal crossing your path or showing up in your yard, or turning to a page in a book and finding that the words say just what you needed to hear. Is this real, or is it our attempt to make meaning from seemingly random events? Hard to say concretely, but those who believe and take the messages to heart certainly feel inspired.

I will admit that I’ve had some events like this happen to me. The coincidences seem to be perfectly timed, you know? (The response is: there are no coincidences. Right.) For instance, one day I was driving and I was feeling rather confused wondering about my own intuitive development. I asked the angels to please show me a sign that I’m on the right path, that they really are with me. Two minutes later, a car was driving in front of me with a bumper sticker that had small lettering. Curious, I pulled up closer. It said “Believe.”

Another time, I was sitting at my computer, feeling the same sort of way, doubting myself, feeling frustrated, wondering what to do. I asked the angels to show me a sign that I was doing what I should be, and an email popped up in my inbox right at that moment. It said “Healing Angels has requested you as a friend on Facebook.” I cried, feeling overwhelmed.

Are these things really signs? Well, they could be. Angel experts like Doreen Virtue say that this is how angels communicate with us. I’m open to the idea that messages for me could be there waiting for me to notice, offering guidance, reassurance and love. It’s a comforting thought, and I also think that taking the leap of faith required to receive and accept these messages could be a good thing. It makes one open to receiving more, and that’s part of intuitive development growth.

As I write this, I feel tingles on my face. That’s the sensation that I associate with angels and guidance with me when I’m sending Reiki or giving attunements. When I ask for angelic assistance, I feel tingles and light sensations on my face. It’s like a light caress saying, “We’re here helping you.” I’ve come to believe this is another way I receive validation that the angels are with me. As a sentient person (one who experiences energy through sensations), this is important to me. I’ve learned to interpret various nuances in tingles in my hands and face while sending Reiki as indicators of places where the recipient needs more energy, or has certain physical issues such as pain. When I ask for angelic assistance, I often feel this sensation on my face in response.

So I’ve decided to be open to angelic guidance in all forms, and leave doubts in the background. Why not see what will happen? It couldn’t hurt, and it could open me to receiving more of what I’m looking for – intuitive growth, connection with inspiration and guidance.

I invite comments on your intuitive experiences with receiving guidance.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Crazy Days

The last few days have been kind of crazy. For two days, I had weird computer issues. First, Twitter suspended my account. Mine was one of a large number of accounts mistakenly suspended for no reason. Twitter corrected it and apologized but it brought to life how much I really rely on my involvement with Twitter. I have a lot of contacts there, students, friends, and colleagues. Suddenly not being able to access or post from my account was rather freaky. The good news is that my husband has a Twitter account, and we were able to get the word out to my friends that there had been a mistake. Their support was impressive, as they passed the word along via “Retweets.”

Next, my gmail chat was hacked by a “middle man attack”. The perpetrator actually butted into a chat I was having and started typing insulting things, making it look like it was coming from me! It was almost funny but it really wasn’t because it was so confusing, and then I felt really out of control of the situation and even a little violated. I went through the process of logging out, changing my password from another computer, adding protection to my computer, purging all possible culprits from my computer, and emailing Google. It took several hours. There seems to be no lasting damage, except to my sense of well-being and security. I also changed passwords to most everything else I log into.

Then my car started acting funny. The seatbelt light on the dash started coming on even though I was wearing my seatbelt. It even beeped continuously, which was very annoying, all the way to and from my destination! I took it in for service. A wire was severed and it will be fixed next week sometime when the part comes in.

I went to use my cell phone and the number buttons wouldn’t respond to my presses. Removing and resetting the battery solved it, but it was enough to make me wonder what was next.

Next was that when I got home, our Internet connection was down. I found out there was an outage in the area. It took a couple hours to come back.

None of these were big, horrible problems. But it really made me wonder just what is going on. Emotionally, I feel a little off too – like it’s hard to say the right thing, and I’m sensitive to criticism from anyone. Is the world tilted at a strange angle?

I found out that there was a lunar eclipse early yesterday morning. Could that be the catalyst for this rash of incidents? I don’t claim to have the answer. But I have some thoughts.

I know that I’ve become more sensitive to changes in energy around me. For instance, I can tell if someone is sending me energy, or even “feeling” or “scanning” my energy. Maybe as a result of an increase in sensitivity, the things around me also respond to changes in …whatever energy shifts during times of astrological change (such as a lunar eclipse).

Or maybe it’s just a series of events that has nothing to do with me or the cosmos. I don’t really know.

All I know is that I’m trying to make sense of things, and putting them into a context helps somehow. Some people say “there are no coincidences” meaning that everything has a reason for happening, even if we don’t get the reason yet.

I suppose that searching for the meaning behind my technological issues could lead one to say it’s a message for me to get off the computer for a while. I did bike to the library with two of my kids today (during the Internet outage) and found a good book to read. (Awakening Intuition by Mona Lisa Schultz, M.D., Ph.D.) If I hadn’t had the Internet issue, I might not have gone there and found this book. Perhaps there is a message in the book for me.

I have been feeling a little stuck lately, in terms of my own intuitive growth. This book could be where I find the means to move forward again. I’m taking a weekend vacation this weekend, to visit friends and my sister, get some R&R, do some energy work, and have a break. I think there are possibilities here too for adding some wind to my energetic sails. I’m going on my own – a rarety for me. (Big thanks to my awesome husband, who encouraged me to take this opportunity and will hold down the fort with the kids.)

What’s the bottom line? I guess it’s that I don’t really know the reasons behind the craziness that attacked my technology and emotions lately. But I’m embracing the opportunities to grow that may have arisen from them.

It’s the best I can do with what I’ve got!

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Announcing…Energy Healing Mentoring Program

Many times in my life I seem to have moved in a direction and only realized it in retrospect. One example is that in my early 20s I started teaching drama to kids just for a fun job. Then I picked up a youth group advisor job, and taught Sunday School. I was having a great time, but it wasn’t my day job. My day job was not nearly as fun, and when it ended, my husband (boyfriend at the time) said to me, “Alice, you’re a teacher. Look at yourself! Go get your Teaching Certification and teach.” I realized that he was absolutely right. I’ve had other ah-ha moments along the way, and now another one is motivating my next offering here.

I’m formally beginning an Energy Healing Mentoring Program.
Here’s why:
For the past six or eight months people who have been interested in attunements or growing their personal intuitive abilities and awareness have come to me for advice. We’ve worked on a series of healings, attunements, and I’ve suggested various meditations and distance healing techniques, and we’ve worked together on their goals. I’ve enjoyed getting to know each person and help him or her grow. Ah-ha.

Everyone is somewhere in their intuitive development. Most people have goals and may not know how to move to the next step. Maybe that goal means being more aware of the presence of angels and guides. Maybe it involves increasing your capacity for self healing. Perhaps you are interested in distance healing but have been worried that it wouldn’t work, or don’t feel confident in your methods. Maybe you have some past issues you would like to release but don’t know the best way for you to do so. There could be these or many other reasons. Everyone has their own path and goals. I’m offering my help. Why? Because I’ve already been doing this for people and it’s been helpful. I’m also (if you have been reading my blog at all over the past year) on my own discovery journey and hope that by sharing my experiences it can help others in some way as well.

Here’s the program, structure and prices. All are heavily discounted because it’s a whole curriculum and I want to make it affordable in its entirety.

Energy Healing Mentoring Program with Alice

We start by talking about what you want to learn, how you want to grow in your intuitive abilities as a healer and spiritual person. Then we craft a plan that helps you progress every step of the way. These are some of what would be included, depending on what you want.

Menu of Services

Healings, when needed, $10. (some free)

Kundalini Reiki Attunement Series – $45 (instead of $60) – empower you to channel this modality for yourself, others, via distance, and attune others when complete. (Teach a person to fish idea you know? Then you can be set up to teach others after a while.)

Attunements of choice (non Kundalini Reiki) – $18 each (instead of $25) (Includes Colors of Angels, Guardian Angel Reiki, Etheric Cord Flush, Tachyon Energy, Tachyon Source, and some others that I have that we could discuss that I don’t offer publically yet.)

Mentoring guidance in regards to learning to meditate, contact guidance, connect with angels, learn distance healing, etc. whatever you feel drawn to learn….$15 per session (a session includes: 1) you asking about what you want to learn, 2) me giving you some detailed suggestions, resources, instruction, practice plan, and then 3) responding to your feedback/questions. Each “session” is a theme-based unit we’ll explore together based on what you feel drawn to learn). Includes a copy of the Distance Healing Guidebook ebook I created. (Alternative to paying for this mentoring guidance per session is a flat rate $50 per month for unlimited sessions. This is a good option if you want to have 6 or more sessions per month.) Note: The guidance is part of the Energy Healing Mentoring Program and at least two individual sessions are necessary for the discounted attunements. Healings and attunements are priced as listed.

My friendship and caring about your experiences and development – hey you already have that, you know! Regardless, that’s there for you. (Priceless – lol).

Pay as we go. You set the pace. I’ll be here to discuss your progress, experiences, questions, timing, whatever is helpful. I am also open to partial trades or other financial arrangements. My main goal is to help you get where you want to be. Your potential is unlimited and I’d like to help you realize that and achieve it.

How to sign up? Email me. Tell me about your goals. Let’s begin! I’m excited to work with you.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Higher Vibrations

Lots has happened in the last week or so. Progress is being made on the collaborative website that I’m creating with amazing people! We’re getting articles together, working on format, planning out our roles, gathering affiliate links that make sense, and working together to plan combo offerings for healings, readings and attunements. Also, the group is getting to know each other by sharing information and energy with each other and it’s a beautiful thing. Hopefully, there will be a launch soon, but it’s a big process right now.

I recently purchased the domain and I’m excited about setting it up to be the place where my healing, attunement, tutorial, and channeled readings can be ordered, and this blog will be just what it is – my blog. So stay tuned. The change should be seamless when it happens.

I had a healing last week from one of the people I’m working on the new collaborative website with, Ken Stone. He is a natural ability healer – he has no formal healing training or attunements, but the session with Ken was amazing and powerful. Ken is also a most gracious and caring person besides an amazing healer. But the reason I’m mentioning this energy healing experience is that it changed me. Ken balanced my chakras, cleared my energy, and “tuned” everything. I felt fantastic – buzzing with energy, simply glowing. And then the buzzing became a kind of intense anxiety – a longing for something that I couldn’t define. I was worried about it the next day and let Ken know. We talked again the day after that to try to sort it out. Ken noticed I was ungrounded. My energy was swirling up around my head. So we worked on grounding, pulling it back down to my feet, where it should be. But it kept happening, even a few minutes after repeating the grounding procedure.

We talked about the idea of surrendering to the flow of things and not getting anxious about the process. He walked me through a guided meditation. I imagined being in a pool, floating, a nice summer day, nowhere I had to be. It was good. Surrender is hard for me because I’m very directed and know what I want to happen, yet I’m impatient. Surrendering involves letting go of the when and trusting it will happen. In fact, you have to even be grateful for knowing that you will receive what you want, and that part takes lots of trust. So that was good for my meditation practice. But the anxiety continued.

The only time I haven’t been feeling anxious is during any energy work or meditation. So I’ve been seeking energy experiences by offering free Reiki in the evening to people on Twitter, letting the energy flow to a dozen people in 30 minutes time. (They all felt it.) And I’ve been doing attunements as scheduled, really glad for each opportunity to connect with energy. Plus, I’ve been meditating. Anything I can do to stay connected at regular intervals with the flow of the energy. It’s become a driving need, and rather alarming.

With the help of my intuitive friends Cher and Connie, we figured out what’s happening with me. I’m going through an ascension. My guidance said (through Cher’s channeled connection) that my true calling is to be a healer and a teacher. That’s the pull I’m feeling. It’s the recognition of myself as a light being and a longing to return to being connected to the spiritual energy source. My body feels anxiety when my soul is struggling to go upward. So that’s why this is happening to me. (It’s nothing I would have pictured two years ago ever happening to me, or even two weeks ago for that matter). I need to be doing more energy work. I am in a new process of awakening. Connie tells me to hang on for another week to get through it. My body needs to adjust to this new vibration in my energy and the anxiety will subside and I’ll have a higher level of awareness, vision and strength in the energy work I’m doing. I’m excited, in awe, inspired, and on some level validated that the work I’ve been involved with has been for a reason. I’ve been spiritually guided. Like Reiki. But this time, it’s been guiding me.

I’m putting a “donate” button on here for Reiki healings. Those who would like Reiki, whether to experience it for the first time, or for any of its many multi-dimensional benefits, please email me, and when it’s over, stop back here to give something back. Whatever you decide is fine. I won’t turn people away. I also accept trades. Please begin with an email requesting Reiki healing. I always respond quickly to requests.

Reiki Healing

Attunements are available for you to learn to channel Reiki energy and increase your own intuitive connection. I would consider it a blessing to help you find your own connection to Reiki or angels. The angel attunements really help you know you’re not alone. They’re powerful. Reiki attunements can give you instant access to the unlimited potential of Reiki energy. I’m here to guide you and assist in any way you need. Attunement information is in the right side column.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Angels and Light

Well, today was my second weekly Energy Day. I’ve decided to make Mondays my Energy Day – a day as completely as possible devoted to Reiki, learning, meditation, and rejeuvination. So what did I do today?

The day started with receiving an attunement to Full Spectrum Light energy. This is an Ole Gabrielsen founded attunement, and it was a very pleasant tingly-hands way to begin Energy Day. I can’t think of anything more fitting. I can also pass this attunement on to others, if interested. It helps greatly with balance and energy regeneration. Email me for details.

During the week, I also received an attunement to Guardian Angel Reiki. This is an energy attunement which connects you with a Guardian Angel of your own, and enables you to call upon this angel of light to help you with healing, help you find clarity and connect with your higher guidance. Today, I had the opportunity to pass this attunement to Connie Dohan, my Chios teacher and mentor, who works with angels on a daily basis. I felt the presences around me as I channeled the attunement, through sensations in my eyelids, third eye chakra, and energy tingles in my hands. She reported a powerful experience receiving the attunement. I can also pass this attunement to others who are interested. I’ll be adding it to those I offer. For now, please email me if you’re interested in receiving it.

I also sent two Kundalini Reiki attunements and caught up on channelings – I did four! It feels good to be connected with energy and to be able to hear messages that help people get clarity on their questions. I’ve received tremendously positive feedback on the free channelings I’ve done so far and it’s been a validating experience. Reminder – the offer for free channeled readings is good through December 20! Afterwards, I will do channeled readings on a donation basis. You ask me a question, I’ll channel a reading for you, and you make whatever donation you feel is appropriate based on what you’re guided to do. I won’t turn anyone down and I’m also open to exchanges of non-monetary value.

I’m also very excited about January 2 because that’s the day I begin independent study with Medical Intuitive Sarah Weiss in Light Journey Training. She did an amazing reading for me (over the phone) and solved a medical issue I had been having for two years by finding the exact vertebrae in my spine that needed adjustment and sent me to a chiropractor. He confirmed it with an X-Ray, adjusted it, and I’m all better now. The rushes of energy I’ve felt during sessions with her have been astounding to me. Learning from her is sure to help me make great strides in my energetic development. I’m going to her house to learn from her one on one in person. (Thanks to my mom and mother-in-law for the birthday gift that is making this beginning possible!)

Lastly I am simply grateful for good friends and inspiring people who I’ve met on Twitter, Facebook, through this blog, and on forums. These people are all part of my awakening journey in energy healing, Reiki, intuitive awareness, and connections with guidance, angels, and Archangels. I’d like to give shout-outs of most grateful thanks and love to: Connie, Cher, Tamu, Merita, Frank, Naomi, Tasha, Tamar, and all attunees and those who allowed me to channel guidance to their questions.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Emerging into the Light


First, I’m feeling better from my Spiritual Upgrade I wrote about last week. Funny how I know it’s over – I do feel lighter and more clear-headed. Also, when I drive, the yellow line in the middle of the road has a big blue aura around it – lol! I notice that and realize I’m seeing something energetic and that’s another clue!

Meanwhile – I am meeting some amazing people on Twitter, and if you’re there, check out the list of people I’m following. I would dearly love to sit down with the lot of them and talk for about a month about Reiki and energy healing, positive thinking, and all of the energetic arts. There are many inspiring people there. Stop by and follow along!

And, I have a BIG IDEA that I’m starting to build into reality. I’m awfully excited about it. I bought a website domain – – and I’ve started inviting some of the most amazing people I’ve met and had excellent experiences with to gather together with me on this project. It’s going to be a resource of information on many sorts of energy related things – Reiki, auras, angels, chakras, channeling, psychic connection, intuition, and more. The people I’ve invited are experts, and the real deal. What the page will be is a place for people to come and read some articles about the various topics, and link to the people who are experts on them. I envision classes, discounts for different combinations of services, a place for Q&A, a blog, and fantastic energy. I’ll keep you posted on the developments!

Meanwhile, thank you to those who have signed up so far for my holiday special and welcome to anyone else who wants to join in before Dec. 20!

I’ve been getting good experience and feedback with channeling and it’s always a learning and growing opportunity for all involved.

Blessings all around.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt