Everything is Here

Last month, I went to a training in Controlled Remote Viewing. CRV is a technique that was developed and used by the military to get information about classified things by using the intuition in a very controlled, structured way. It’s also been known as “psychic spying.” I was trained in CRV with a group that was interested in its applications for healing. 

I learned basic CRV, yes. But the real lesson that came from the training is much more meaningful to me. Here’s what I have realized:

1) All of the information about everything -really EVERYTHING- that there is to know about everything is here, right around us. 
2) We can find out everything we want to know by learning to ask and learning to translate the information we receive.
3) Scanning someone’s energy, psychic channeling, giving tarot or card readings, CRV, tuning in—these are all methods of asking for information and receiving that information.
4) Translating is how we bring the information we want to know into our conscious mind through our intuition. (From the right brain to the left).
5) There are many ways of learning to sense and translate this information into understandable answers. All we need to do is decide which method to learn and practice. 

When I work with Reiki, I use my hands. My intuition gives me messages through my tactile senses – called being clairsentient – which comes in the form of physical sensations of tingles, warmth, prickles, etc. Each sensation has a meaning, and through experience, I’m learning to understand what each one means. For example, one sort of tingle means a person is experiencing grief. One sort of prickle means there is pain in the area. Moving my hand over someone while Reiki is flowing allows me to receive these messages via my tingles – and I translate the messages into meaning that I can understand and discuss with my Reiki client. The tingles are the language of my intuition, and I’m learning it as a baby learns to talk -by being immersed in it and learning to discern the different nuances and attach meaning to them. 

When I’m scanning someone’s energy, I’m asking for information about the state of the person’s energy. Where is there pain, blockages, overactivity, etc.? This information comes to me, I translate it, and can dialogue with my client about what I sense. I feel the sensations change during the session and I know that the recipient has received what was needed for this session.

CRV is a process of asking for information too. There is a Target, which represents the information the viewer wants to receive details about. The viewer doesn’t know much, if anything about the Target at the start, and so all information received via the intuition is written down, and through the process of relaxing, tuning in, and writing, lots of information comes forth about the target. It’s a very structured way of doing the same thing – asking for information and bringing it onto the paper. It’s not psychic training – it’s learning a language. They call it a martial art. But it’s still the same idea – the information is out there and we can retrieve it.

Try asking a question at the start of the day, and ask for the answer to become apparent to you by the end of the day. Don’t ask the BIG question – don’t ask for The Meaning of Life, for example – but something simple as “Should we have chicken or fish for dinner?” and don’t forget to add that you’d like to have signs showing you the best answer by the late afternoon. Then just go about your day. At some point, you’ll notice something. Either a chicken or a fish reference will pop into your mind or experience. For example, a chicken restaurant commercial will come on the radio as soon as you turn it on. Or someone with a fish symbol on his car will be driving directly in front of you. And you’ll notice. That’s the important part. This is just another way of asking for specific information and receiving it. (And it’s fun!)

I teach my students to learn to identify and then tune in to their clairs – their own naturally strong way of receiving intuitive information. Because it’s here. 

It’s all here.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Beyond the Mind

Lately, I’ve been pondering the way people think about healing energy and try to define it. Students in my Energy Healing Certification Program are charged with defining Reiki in a paragraph, an “elevator speech” they could use to answer the inevitable stranger’s query “What is Reiki?” They don’t pass the program without being able to do this. And it isn’t easy! Search on the Internet and you’ll find a great variety of definitions, just for the word Reiki. But look for energy healing and you’ll find thousands of techniques and methods, variations on methods, and practitioners saying that their method is the most effective of them all.

I love what I do, and yet I’m very interested in learning more, expanding my abilities, incorporating new energy methods, and making sense of it all from an experiential perspective. So news stories such as this one really draw my attention.

Dr. Nemeh lives in my area, and I know several people who have had individual or group sessions with him. As you saw on the video, he has “catchers” to stand behind the people he works on, because they often become overwhelmed with energy and collapse. That’s different.

I’m also fascinated by the noise discussed in this news story, that occurs when he does healings via Skype. I haven’t tried doing a live distance healing over Skype, and I have some interesting and powerful distance healing techniques that I wonder if they would produce such a sound if I tried them live that way. Think I’ll have to grab some colleagues and do some investigative work on that one!

Then there’s Braco, the Gazing Healer. He came here recently and one of my students went to see him, skeptical, and yet she reported feeling profoundly changed by the experience. Here’s a video about him, and his healing sessions via Skype.

Braco simply gazes, stares out at people, over internet or live. And those watching report powerful emotions, strong energy, and often visions while looking at him or being in his presence.

Recently, I read a book “Whose Hands Are These?” by (the late) Gene Egidio, an autobiography. In this book, Gene tells his fascinating story, and reports how he began doing “Open Eye Healing” – basically staring and sharing healing energy for a group of people at a time. His crowds grew to enormous size, just as Braco’s have.

So what’s going on here? There are connections. I believe the connections are these basic ideas:
  • Energy is directed by intention.
  • The energy that is directed is a natural part of our inherent essence already, but at a higher “frequency” or “vibration” so it affects our own by also elevating it, enhancing the ability to heal and balance.
  • The limits to what we can do are ours to discover. The more we are open to allowing for endless possibilities, the more we find that to be true.
  • Love, gratitude and humility strengthen this connection.
  • Understanding that healing for others is a direct result of the recipient’s openness and ability to receive the energy, rather than the healer “doing something to them” is also important.
  • We are all connected by this ONE energy, our collective consciousness – intentions, thoughts, and emotions – create our reality. This creation via intention and manifestation by expectation of results is Spirit energy. Not separate from us, doing something, but a part of the endless and limitless energy of life that we are and create. This means that WE are, collectively, God/Spirit/Source.
So what do we do now? Bring all of these methods, modalities, etc. under the umbrella of “energy work” and know that whatever we do, the concepts above apply to strengthen it. I think that Dr. Nemeh and Braco are just examples of what happens when we do that. (Plus perhaps some factors such as near death experiences, or being open to a spiritual “calling” where they are concerned). How much is learned, acquired, or brought into being by being open…that much I’m still engaged in finding out by observing myself.

I’m one who knows that healing can be learned, because I learned to do what I can do now. I wasn’t gifted from birth, had no significant near death experiences or bold flashes of light and understanding thrust upon me. No, just a lot of “try it and see.”

I know that I plan to learn more, try more, and discover more. And keep doing what I already am doing – try things and reflect on what it means. And I have Skype, but haven’t tried live distance healing over Skype …yet.

Are you interested in moving beyond self-imposed limits too?
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Water Energy

I’ve been thinking deeply lately (oops no pun intended) about water.

I’ve posted before about water and the work of Masaro Emotu, which very much impresses me. Click here to see my post on intention and water.

I’m also embedding here one of a large number of very well done videos illustrating the Rice Experiment, this one done with Reiki energy, showing the difference that Reiki can make on water, visually presented through cooked rice.
Okay. Now here’s what I’ve been thinking lately, and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.
I’ve been teaching Reiki, as you all know by now. 🙂
When I’m teaching, I offer many analogies to help people understand things about energy. One of the analogies I’ve been using lately to describe life force energy is water.
Water is:
  • a high percentage of our bodies
  • in the earth
  • in the sky
  • in the air around us (humidity)
  • in our breath
  • interactive, reactive to heat, cold, and intention
  • a finite, replenishing quantity, here on the planet for millenia
  • vital for all life

The truth is, the more I compared life force energy with water, the more they seemed…intimately related. Every analogy I could think of for water also applies to life force energy (except for the physicality of water, I suppose, verses the etheric quality of energy).

But everything else applies, and that’s really got me thinking right now.
I think that there is a link here. Energy and water. Reiki energy affects water. It creates a molecular change, purifies, realigns the essence. I can also, and I know that anyone who has Reiki can, cause a small cloud to “melt away” by intending Reiki towards that particular cloud. The other clouds around the chosen cloud stay the same. I’ve done it dozens of times. (A note here that I have friends who say this is not a nice thing to do because it may affect the weather patterns in some other place in the world. I have also been told one should ask permission of the cloud spirit before doing such a thing. I offer these notes for your opinion also. For me, they sit in my “I don’t know” file.)
I also have a teacher who says that water is a conscious Being – a living energy. Whatever form its in, it is ONE with itself, running through all life, part of the planet, changing, moving, and replenishing itself. There is, I believe, great wisdom in this idea.
So I’m offering this idea out there to all of you lovely readers.
Life Force Energy – All That Is – the energy that gives us consciousness; makes up our emotions; is integrated with our physical bodies; is between us all, allowing us to offer Reiki to any person, living thing or idea, anywhere in the world; which responds to intention by affecting healing…could this be integrated with the living energy of water?
Is the living energy of water the same energy of Life Force Energy? Perhaps this is the way to relate to it.
This idea is still one in development for me, but I would very much like your opinion on the subject as it marinates further in my thoughts.
Soak it in! 😀

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Intention and Attention

I’ve learned and have been exploring lately, the differences and interplay between intention and attention. I invite you to enter into this discussion with me so we all can grow together.

First, when working with Reiki energy, one is taught to begin by intending to connect with the Reiki energy. We put our attention on the flow of the energy. Then, we intend for the energy to flow to the recipient, either ourselves (as in self-healing), another person, or a goal (as in attracting abundance). Once we set our intention, we are to simply place our attention on the flow of the energy as it goes. I think of it a little like giving the cab driver directions and then letting him to the driving to the destination. Already, in these first few seconds of a Reiki session, the interplay between intention and attention has occurred twice.

One can think of the attention part as surrender, but I think it’s more than that, I think it’s observation – this attention to the feeling of the energy flowing. One can put as much attention into a Reiki session as one wishes. What I mean is, I can send a “shot” of Reiki energy to a person by just intending to send Reiki to him or her, noting the feeling of the energy flowing for about five seconds, and then going about the rest of my day. The energy will get there and do some good.

I can also sit for about ten minutes and simply focus on sending that same person Reiki, and for that entire time, I can attentively feel the energy tingling and pulsing between my hands as the energy flows via the connection between us.

Or, I could spend that same ten minutes while the Reiki is flowing, tuning into the recipient’s energy, and using my hands to “scan” through the person’s energy, observing which chakras or physical parts of the body are receiving the most energy. I can mention to the recipient those areas of need I observed, and ask him or her about any concerns related to those areas. This takes very focused attention.

In the Medical Intuition class I took during January, we learned that the mere act of observing triggers the healing process to begin. One of the key pieces to doing medical intuition that was emphasized in the class is to earn to tune in and observe the body parts inside yourself (and eventually another person). But this observation itself seems to be more than just looking. Healing begins here.

This idea of observation is also noted in the technique called Remote Viewing. It isn’t the goal of remote viewing, but one of my students who knows how to do this technique, told me about an experiment done by a team of remote viewers and some plants that had been infected with a plant virus. The viewers were supposed to determine which plants had the virus, and which did not (they were attempting to “see” the plants from some other location, without knowing in advance which group of plants was which). The plants that were remote viewing targets, and had been infected with the plant virus, did not develop symptoms, while a control group of plants infected with a virus did. The non-infected plants were fine. It was a surprise to the group conducting the remote viewing exercise that the plants did not get sick, but it was an example of how just observing the inside of the plants for signs of infected cells had a direct effect on the health of the plants.

In physics, this is called the Observer Effect – that even quantum particles that are observed will behave differently than those that are not. On a molecular level, something about the energy of observation changes the behavior of the observed particles.

If a Reiki practitioner sets his intention to start the healing, but does not then step back and adopt a presence of attentive observation during the energy flow, will also make it harder for the energy to work. The practitioner who is focused on intention the whole time will likely end up using his own personal energy to drive the healing, making him end up exhausted at the end. Think of telling the cab driver where to go and then pushing the cab the whole way instead of letting the cab driver do his job and drive there.

Attention is important beyond energy healing too. For example, my kids always want attention. They want me to look at them, talk to them, play with them, listen to them. It’s a natural human instinct to crave relationship and the simple act of attentiveness is a way of showing respect and love. My kids want me to show them how to draw a new picture, and then watch them do it, but they don’t want me to push the pencil for them.

It’s a little like surrender, or trust. You set the intention for the energy to work and then step back and let it go, trusting that it will work towards the highest good of the recipient. It takes the ability to let go for the energy to work.

Another thing is that the energy doesn’t always work exactly as we expect it to. It may work in some other, more needed, way. It’s not just about us as the practitioners, but the recipient’s readiness to receive the energy also comes into play here. That may be on a subconscious level as well. So we need to let go of the focus on the results after setting the intention for the energy to flow, and trust that it is being received where the recipient is ready for the energy to work. That is not always our decision alone, and sometimes isn’t even something we can predict.

When I am asked by someone new to Reiki what the energy is going to feel like, I tell them to simply relax and observe “what’s different” as the energy is flowing. This helps the person focus in on his or her own sensations and then give those sensations attention. The more the person can pay attention to the sensation of the energy, the more he or she will begin to notice.

There is an interplay between intention and attention in the Law of Attraction too. We put our intention out there to manifest what we envision for ourselves. Then we let it go and allow the angels to arrange the things that need to fall into place in order to allow our dreams to become real. We need to pay attention to opportunities and signs along the way that will lead us to fulfilling our dream. Excess effort in trying to push and make it happen is discouraged. Put it out there, and step out of the way while the universe is bringing it to you on that stream of creation energy you have set out there with your intention.

What we place our attention on grows, and what we ignore goes away (eventually). So with energy, so with a lot of things in life.

I’m fascinated with the interplay between intention and attention. I think that it’s helping me allow for the flow to come to me without me getting into my own way. Peace.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Keep Being the Light

I think lately that one of the keys to moving forward despite hard times is keeping your eyes on the good progress that’s being made. This can be a challenge when money is tight despite the best efforts to move forward, and even despite real progress being made. We’ve had a challenging time and have a slow and steady recovery ahead of us again. And we’ve also had some roller-coaster emotions as we go through the process of prioritizing bills and putting off others, wishing we could do better. We’ve had our freakout moments. What gets us to a point of calm again is that we keep coming back to the knowledge that we are, in fact, moving in a forward direction. Evan has a job (his first paycheck finally arrived). I have classes in progress and more scheduled, and am going to an expo this coming weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio where I just found out I have a nice big booth and an hour-long presentation spot at 2pm (prime time for speaking). More good things are ahead at the end of the winter too. A new game project is in the works, a chiropractor wants me to work in his practice when his new space is ready.

The rub is that these things looking ahead seem far off when money is an issue RIGHT NOW.

It’s okay though. I see the light ahead. I am determined to stay focused on that light, because when I do, it grows brighter. I think that’s the idea, and it’s a metaphor I’m enjoying right now. Is the darkness here? Sure, it’s always here. But it’s harder to see when the light is too. In fact, it goes away when the light is on.

I’m the light. Reiki is the light. Energy is the light. My focusing on the positives creates more light. Joy is the light. Laughter is the light. Love is the light. Light many candles from one little flame. Each person who shares the light brings more light to the world.

I light candles by teaching Reiki. Those I teach go on to share it. They teach others. We light the world.

I feel lighter already.

Love and light, Alice

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


This week has been eventful. I came to a new realization about an energy healing technique called scanning and it also ties into a way of looking at life. Events in my life lately have tied into the concepts related to this idea too, so it’s become another of those “my, how things all work together” moments.

I had been thinking first about scanning. Scanning is a technique of checking a person’s energy field for imbalances during or before an energy healing session. The practitioner runs her hand down and through the energy field, either in person or by distance, and “tunes in” to the sensations received. For me, this is a variation in the tingles I feel in response to the person’s energy. When my hand tingles “harder” or “more actively,” I know there is a need for healing in that area of the person’s energy or physical being. During a healing session, I pause there, until the feel of the energy changes again.

The Reiki method I use most often is Kundalini Reiki. It involves a simple intend-and-send process, and one need not employ scanning unless one wants to. The energy goes where it’s needed, whether scanning is a part of the method being used or not. I frequently use scanning during a healing session, to get a sense of the person’s energetic needs and report back some feedback to the person on what I notice.

I learned, in Usui Reiki, that one progresses down a series of hand positions, or to different areas on the person, to give healing to that particular place. I have another idea though, that seems to answer the question of how the energy goes where it’s needed if, (as in Kundalini Reiki), it is not being sent to each specific location step by step.

My idea is that instead of sending the energy to each place via a series of hand positions or while scanning, instead I am simply witnessing the recipient getting energy where it’s needed. For example, if I am scanning during a healing and I notice tingles at the throat chakra, this means that the person’s throat chakra is receiving more energy there, and I’m noticing it. I am being made aware of their need in that location, and feeling the energy being received there. I am not doing the healing, I am instead witnessing the healing taking place as it happens.

This jibes with a session I had once with Sarah Weiss, a medical intuitive. She intuitively watches the angels do the healing, and tells me what they are showing her. She doesn’t “do” the healing; she tells me what is happening. And I feel it very strongly. She’s the translator, or the narrator, of the experience. It’s quite powerful.

I think that I am doing a version of this when I am giving a Reiki healing session. I am intending for the connection, for the energy to flow where it is needed. Then I can, if I choose to, notice the areas which are receiving the most energy, and report this back to the recipient. It makes sense to me and becomes consistent with the way Reiki seems to work. If I know the recipient has a headache, I can intend for the energy to work to relieve his headache. As the energy is flowing, I can scan his head and notice more energy flowing there. I can notice when it evens out. I am part of the process, the facilitator of the connection. I am not the healer. The recipient is receiving the healing he is ready for.

So how does this apply to other areas of my life?

Wednesday and Thursday of last week, I kept noticing repeated messages with one theme – Acceptance. I saw blogs about it, read tweets about it on Twitter, and email newsletters from various sources that appear in my inbox were focused on this theme. It kept popping up. It worried me a little because I got the feeling something was coming that I’d need to be prepared to handle with presence instead of panic. Acceptance is a concept of taking what is coming and dealing with it, staying strong and positive, and not fighting it, even when you don’t like it. The idea is that resisting would make it worse and harder to get over. Even when something is painful, instead of fighting against the pain or railing against the injustice, simply facing it, being in it, accepting it, can help it resolve. It’s about stepping a bit outside our natural tendency to fight it, and witness the event happening in a less emotionally attached way.

On Friday, my husband, who had been in a new job for four months following a stretch of unemployment lasting eight months, got laid off from his new job. His position was eliminated after his boss was fired. He was hired to support his boss, and so when his boss was fired (yes it was with due cause, but had nothing to do with Evan), there was no longer a need for Evan to be in his position. This is why I was receiving the message. Here’s my opportunity to practice acceptance.

That isn’t to say, “Yay! I am so happy this happened!” Please. Although his job was difficult, and not the right long-term position for Evan, a sudden change such as this carries a lot of weight and pressure. Acceptance means taking the present circumstance and working with it, doing what is needed and steering clear of worry about what could happen. It’s an exercise in living in the present, separating from the emotional attachment, and being in the moment. I’m not going to panic or get depressed, and neither is he. He has already made some contacts, applied for four positions for which he is qualified, and believes that something better is coming soon. We are going to enjoy the extra time together, the opportunity to do some home repairs, and actively look and be open to that right opportunity for him, wherever it may be.

So the tie here is in the idea of witnessing – practicing a detached observation that allows me to take in the details as they happen, during a Reiki session, and during this time of transition for our family. Acceptance. I’m gonna try it for a while.

On a side note, to anyone with connections in health care, Evan is a visionary and innovative administrator with MBA, MSSA and LISW-S degrees and certifications. His linkedIn profile is here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/elangholt . We are open to relocation for the right position.

Thanks for reading. Your comments are always welcome.

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Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

To California… With a Little Help From My Angels


I went to California last weekend to be with my sisters. This long weekend trip was a gift from my mom, dad and my sisters for my 40th birthday (which was in December). One of my sisters (Laura – in the picture with me) lives in Washington, DC, and she was attending a conference in California (where my other sister, Melanie, lives). Laura stayed the weekend after her conference to be with me when I came out there, so we three could spend the weekend together. I had never been to CA before, and rarely have the opportunity to travel, so this was a very rare and wonderful gift. This being a long weekend, I didn’t have teaching obligations, so this was the perfect time to go.

I got to the airport, after having made many arrangements with my mom and mother-in-law, who were watching the kids and making dinner. My flight out of Cleveland was supposed to get me to a connecting flight in Minneapolis, MN. Suddenly there was an announcement that the airplane had a flat tire and they were waiting for a mechanic to change it. It may or may not cause a delay. I waited a few minutes, concerned about making my connecting flight. The next announcement said that the plane needed special tires brought in – driven in – from Detroit. The delay would be five hours. I got in line to talk to the airline person behind the desk.

Behind me in line was a young woman who was lamenting already that she wasn’t going to get home, that she was going to miss her friends in Oregon who were going to drive with her, that she was going to be stuck. I turned to her and said that I was setting the expectation that I’d be moved to a direct flight, in first class, seated next to a celebrity I’ve always wanted to meet. She laughed and marveled at my positivity. I told her we get what we put out there.

Well, when I got to my turn, the airline person typed and typed on his computer and said he was unable to find me another flight since the storms out East had caused so many people to need to get on flights. Everything else was full. He encouraged me to try calling a representative of the airline from the phone bank in the middle of the room and see if someone there could help. So I did that, determined not to give up. After a long time on hold, and another long conversation with that airline representative, I was again told that there were no flights that could get me to California until the next day. My weekend was already short, so a full day’s delay for one day in California was not going to be possible. The airline representative suggested I call someone from the other airline that my itinerary included.

I called that airline, and after a long hold was speaking with another representative who was also unable to get me on another flight. Sadly, I got back in line to ask for a refund for my ticket. As I stood in line to speak with the airline person, I was leaving tearful messages on my sisters’ voicemails saying that I wasn’t going to make it and that I was so sorry. The airline person saw me. When I got to the podium, he started typing on his computer. He said he was going to be creative and try to find me a way to get there. I stood and silently asked the angels for help getting me to California. He typed and typed. He called someone and talked to her. Suddenly, he said “I got it!” and he hung up the phone. He had found me a flight to Detroit that connected to a flight to Los Angeles (see the word “angel” in there?), getting me to CA just two hours after my original arrival time. I took it. I also hugged that guy and thanked him profusely.

The gate to board the Detroit flight (which was leaving in 10 minutes) was right next to the gate I was at currently. I walked over and sat down until we boarded. As I sat, I looked at my boarding passes. The seat for my flight from Detroit to LA was in first class.

Everything went smoothly to Detroit, and getting on my flight to LA. As I sat in my seat on the Detroit-LA flight (next to a charming guy who has the difficult job of working for Toyota), I was reading a book I’d brought. The author mentioned cheesecake and I thought “yum, I’d love some cheesecake. Maybe I’ll be able to have some in California.” When the flight attendant brought our meals, just about 10 minutes later, wouldn’t you know there was a piece of cheesecake included? The angels arranged for dessert too, I guess!

I spent a wonderful weekend with my sisters, one I’ll never forget. I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to go, and also for the lesson that there’s help if you stay positive and ask for it.

Wishing you many moments of awe and wonder.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt