Shoes for Energy Healers and Earthing Fans

There’s a company that makes shoes for energy healers, and those who are interested in “Earthing,” or connecting energy with the earth for all of the health benefits that come with it. Earthing is real, it’s also called grounding, and I incorporate it into my practice daily. 

A word on earthing/grounding:
There are many ways to get reacquainted with that people-Earth connection. One way is through a little visualization, thinking of yourself as a tree with roots growing down from your soles into the earth, then visualizing absorbing that healing earth-frequency into those roots and up into your body. (Soul to sole…hmm!) Try it. It doesn’t take long, it helps clear out negative energy from our systems, releases free radicals, and also clears the mind. Make sure to breathe while doing this exercise.

Another way to stay connected with our home planet (which, by the way, is like a powerful magnet for balancing our systems), is to stroll around barefoot. I love doing that in the summer, but now things are getting rather cool and wet for an outdoor barefoot walk through the yard. 

Back in 2012, I had the honor of reviewing some really beautiful sandals made for grounding by Juil, the company I mentioned who is directly addressing the health benefits of grounding with their shoe designs. They graciously sent me a pair of really high quality sandals (I still have them! My daughter has taken them and wore them every day throughout the spring and summer, and early Fall. That’s what I get for letting her borrow them once – ha.) The shoes help with grounding via a series of copper “dots” embedded in the sole of the shoe which act as conductors for the earth-foot connection. Makes sense – that’s exactly how we ground our houses – via copper.

Well, Juil recently contacted me again and said they’ve made some shoes for Fall, and asked if I’d like to test a pair. That was an easy question! Of course! Excitedly, I opened the box with a new pair of shoes inside.

Check them out!

The first thing I noticed is the feel of the leather. It’s the softest leather I’ve ever touched, let alone wore. I can hardly tell I’m wearing shoes because they’re so comfy. The quality is exceptional. As someone who has often bought shoes at major discount shoe stores, this was a new experience for me. What can I say?  There’s a difference. There are actually wooden heels attached beneath the slip-proof rubber sole.

Then, there are those copper dots. Here’s a picture of the shoes after I’ve worn them a few times. See the dots? They go through the sole to the inside. 

I was wondering if one could still receive the benefits of grounding through socks. So I checked the website. Apparently, I’m not the only one to ask that question, because it’s covered in their FAQ section. The answer is that our feet naturally perspire, and the moisture helps the copper continue to conduct the earth energy for our feet. Right! Water is also a conductor. Somewhere in the back of my mind’s science education, I remember that one. 

So yes, I wore these lovely shoes. Besides looking extremely snazzy, being luxuriously comfy, and keeping my feet warm, I really did enjoy the feel of them. Any chance to keep myself grounded is a really good idea. I’m a person who is always thinking unless I intentionally slow my mind down. So, being connected with the earth, being grounded, is really good for me. It also makes my own grounding practice faster, like grounding in bare feet outside – or almost. (By the way, my daughter is under strict orders that these aren’t for sharing. I know from experience that I’d never have the chance to wear them if I lent them out even once!)

I applaud Juil for caring about our earth connection. I also appreciate they use natural vegetable based dyes instead of nasty chemicals. The free shipping is a good deal too. They’re nicely packaged in a thick, drawer-like shoe box, too, which makes a great “upcycle” item for little toys, CDs, whatever needs some storage. Check out their shoes. They have lots of new designs, and they’re totally worth trying.

As I mentioned, I did receive a free pair to test, and my opinions are entirely my own. No other compensation was received for my opinion. However, I was impressed enough to become an affiliate. Maybe you will be too, when you try their shoes! Order yourself a pair here!

  • Do you do grounding as part of your day?
  • Have you read the book “Earthing” or any similar manuals?
Peace and love.
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Summer Stretch

This is our first summer living in Maryland. I truly love living here. I love our neighborhood, our house and yard that is just the right size for our big family, and how near we are to a multitude of activities ranging from Washington, DC museums to a day on the beach. 

My kids are growing. My oldest will begin High School in just a month. I’ll have kids in three different schools this year, also a first. They’re developing their own interests, and with them, a desire to explore.

Which means that this summer, my kids are involved in a myriad of activities, and I’m their primary transportation method. 

My work time has been carved into pieces around driving to and from day camps, lessons, and social engagements. In between, I’ve been planning meals, and trying to discourage the kids who are home between activities from arguing or making a mess. Plus, when kids are home and I’m trying to work, inevitably, they want my attention. They want to talk about their dream last night, or the video they saw, or what their friend texted to them this morning. It’s hard to ask for silence, because I’m also keenly aware of how fast they’re growing. I care about their thoughts; I want to be there for them. I don’t want to be “that mom” who isn’t really listening, isn’t really present for my kids during this important time in their growth. 

I miss the different daily rhythm of the school year, with it’s quiet mornings and early afternoons before the kids return home with homework and stories of their day, followed by dinner, planning for the next day, and then quiet work or teaching time again. 

Yes, I am enjoying more recreational time with my family. That’s what summer is for too, right? Reconnecting, appreciating good weather and different activities that the school year doesn’t leave time for. That’s good stuff. I’m grateful for the flexibility to choose my schedule and manage my own work time. 

But, on the other hand, I have a need and a desire for silence – to meditate, or be open to the new ideas that help me more forward. I need focus and time to be productive. My work doesn’t stop when the school year does. I just have to fit it in differently. 

I’m finding myself pretty tired out, and sometimes frustrated at the interruptions, at leaving work unfinished and having to come back to it, and at the ways my energy has been pulled in many directions all day long.

I know that it’s temporary. The summer seems to go by faster than the rest of the year. The winter feels at least twice as long to me. And, I do love being outside when the weather is warm. I’m trying to breathe it all in, but even that can feel like a lot to remember when there are so many things on my todo list.

Does your summer feel like this? Can you relate to my situation?

In a moment of frustration last night, I told my husband I need a vacation from the kids and all this. He said he understands. 

I’m going to take one in two weeks. It’s called Caregiver Relief Retreat. And that’s exactly what I need. Even though I’ll be leading this retreat with my business partner, Connie, and some great colleagues, I know I’ll also get some benefit from the change in setting, change in rhythm, and a little energetic reset. 

We’ve been planning this retreat for six months. It’s in mid-Ohio, at Mohican State Park Retreat and Conference Center. It’s going to provide the kind of break that any caregiver needs – I’m talking about moms, nurses, teachers, social workers, and so many more. There will be guided meditation, yoga, nature walks, and energy healing sessions. Connie’s bringing her aura camera, and we’ll do some readings and intuitive fun stuff in the evening. We’ll remind participants and ourselves the importance of this kind of break for self-care,  because ultimately, it makes it easier to go back to giving care to those who need us. 

There are still some spots open. If you or anyone you know needs this break as much as I do, please come, and encourage them to come too. Better yet, bring them with you. Everyone is more willing to take time for self care if a friend invites them. Just click the flyer below. Let’s do this together.

Self-care is so important, and the most neglected of all. Even those who understand, preach, and teach the importance of self-care can be the worst at taking the time for their own. I hope that people will come on this retreat with me, so we can all remind each other, as we model what we teach by how we live. 

Peace and sunshine.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Standing on the Ground in Sandals

One of the books that I most recommend to my students is Clintin Ober’s Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? because, as Ober explains, 

the surface of the Earth contains limitless healing energy. Science has discovered this energy as free-flowing electrons constantly replenished by solar radiation and lightning. Few people know it, but the ground provides a subtle electric signal that maintains health and governs the intricate mechanisms that make our bodies work-just like plugging a lamp into a power socket makes it light up.”

Being aware of the difference between being “grounded” to the earth’s energy and being “ungrounded” is important, especially to those who work with healing energy. See, we spend so much time connected to the higher vibration of healing energy, that after a while, we can feel a little “floaty.” Some may start to feel forgetful (ever been an “air head”?), clumsy, or just really distracted. All of these feelings and results are because we need to get our energy fuuly back into our bodies. 

If this sounds strange, think of being on a boat for a long time, and then coming back onto land. It feels weird, right? That’s because we got temporarily used to being gently rocked around on the water instead of firmly anchored to the ground as usual. Same would happen if we spent about 30 minutes walking around on a bouncy trampoline, and then got back onto the land. Temporary physical disorientation occurs. A similar thing can happen if we spend a lot of time working with higher chakra energies. This means meditation, Reiki, or other intuitive practices. 

Come to think of it, even “monkey mind” can take our awareness away from our bodies. (We all have times of the day with monkey mind – it means that our thoughts are chattering away constantly as we try to remember everything we need to do, what was said before, where we’re going next, and how to handle various issues, on and on.) When we find ourselves dropping things, bumping into door jams, and stepping on objects on the floor, it’s a signal that we need to stop and ground our energy, bringing our awareness back into our bodies. The best way to do this is by connecting, intentionally, with the energy of the earth.

If we could walk around barefoot all the time, we’d be more naturally connected with earth energy. It would help immensely with being more grounded and receiving the healing benefits of this energy. Interestingly, the Reiki method that I teach, Practical Reiki, is developed from Kundalini Reiki. Kundalini Reiki combines the earth energy with the Ki energy from above, and the healing properties are enhanced and strengthened by this combination. So the benefits of earth energy are found in the healing method I teach and practice. 

That’s where these unique and brilliant sandals come in. Juil is a new company that understands the concept of grounding, and they’ve taken it to the feet. They realize that sometimes we need to wear shoes. But shoes have soles that are typically made of rubber or other insulating materials which separate us from the energy of the earth. The folks at Juil have developed sandals that have copper conductors beneath the toes and heels, connected inside the leather sole. The conductors sit on the outside of the bottom of the shoe, so every step brings the grounding effect to the wearer, allowing her to be grounded while wearing shoes.

I had the privilege of testing out a pair of Juil sandals. Many thanks to the folks at Juil for sending me a pair to test and review. Since I work at home much of the time, I wore them comfortably around the house. The best part is that we’re having an unusually warm winter, so I even had the chance to walk around outside a little in them. I’m totally looking forward to the summer when I can just live in these sandals. 

First of all, they are really comfy. They fit nicely and the leather straps are smooth against my feet. I noticed the benefits the most when I was intentionally grounding my energy after Reiki healing sessions or meditation. I really did feel like it was easier to feel more present faster than when I’m sporting my Keds or Bearpaws. All I had to do was think of bringing my energy down into the earth and back up into my body and I had an instant sense of being HERE, now. I think, besides doing the grounding exercise barefoot, the Juil sandals were the next best thing.

So if you’re interested in supporting a company that wants to support energy workers and those who are just becoming aware of the benefits of connecting to the earth, check out I also love that they’ve started a Soles for Souls program, where they donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold. Companies that do good like this are so awesome!

By the way, they’re also coming out with sneakers soon. This Midwest girl will be ready to click and place my order when that happens!

Happy grounding.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

42 – The Meaning of Life

In the first novel and radio series, a group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose. It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42. The Ultimate Question itself is unknown. ~’s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy

Today is my birthday. I’m 42. According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, 42 is the answer to the question of the meaning of life. In the series, the reader finds out that once the answer was discovered, a supercomputer was then developed to find out what the question is. That supercomputer is called Earth, and humans are part of the program. I think that’s a pretty spiritual concept, for all its sci-fi-ness. What’s the meaning of life? We’re here to discover it. Not alone, but collectively, through our interactions – a complex series of bopping in and out of each other’s fields, lives, events and stuff.

Well, I guess this is my year.

It’s also the fourth anniversary of the start of this blog. I’m so proud to have kept a record of my journey for this long, and pretty glad to be able to go back and remember what was going through my head at various times over the past four years. My Reiki journey began four years ago, and it continues today. Thank you all for being a part of it through reading, commenting, and sharing my posts.

When my birthday’s coming, I tend to assess my life from as objective a viewpoint as I can. I think a lot of people do this around birthday time. It’s a pretty weird experience. Objectively speaking, over the last four years, I’ve centered my career more and more around sharing and teaching Reiki.

So from an outside perspective, I:

  • claim and truly believe that an invisible energy flows through me upon request
  • feel warm, soothing tingles, relief from discomfort, and emotional calm when I direct this energy towards myself
  • claim and truly believe that I can offer this invisible energy to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • demonstrate, discuss, and teach others how to work with this invisible energy
  • volunteer and get paid for offering this energy to others, who report that it helps them
am completely and utterly a passionate weirdo. At least, I would have thought so if the person I was 5 years ago met the person I am today. 

It gives me pause.

But then I consider that I also:
  • have a great husband and four fascinating and adorable kids with lots of quality family time
  • work, shop, clean, do laundry, pick up from school, make dinner
  • run an academy, which I started, and manage the business side of things along with teaching
  • wrote a book and promote it
have a semblance of a grounded, regular life. And then I breathe again, returned to feeling like I’m still a “normal” human in some respects, still the me I’ve always been, with a few super powers thrown in here and there.

Are there things I’d like to improve? Of course, doesn’t everyone have those? On my list this year, I would like:
  • to drop a few or ten pounds
  • to take more time for myself for meditation, exercise (see above), and relaxing
  • to dance more, sing more, play the piano more
  • to attract 1,000+ more students to my school
  • to have all the money my family needs to not worry about having the money we need (see above)
And of course, my blessings, for which I am very grateful:
  • Good health
  • Family nearby (my parents, my grandma, aunt and uncle who we have dinner with weekly)
  • My wonderful supportive husband and our kids who amaze us daily
  • My students who express gratitude, enthusiasm and love for their learning
  • My staff, colleagues and friends who make the Academy possible (Connie, Yancey, Amber especially)
  • My friends who help me keep things in perspective
  • The opportunity to follow this path, which as crazy as it feels sometimes when I try to see it from the outside, is exactly what I feel aligned with doing in every way possible.
And I’m also fascinated with the things I’m continuing to learn, which I’m sure will bring about more and more weird and wonderful moments this year and moving ahead:
  • noticing angels at work in my life
  • sensing and responding to guidance
  • learning new tools and techniques to strengthen my intuition
  • ways to build and grow a business that’s successful and thriving
  • making the most of these gifts – the grounded and the superhero stuff – in gratitude and humility
So…I guess that’s the 42 report – my 4th anniversary of writing this blog. 

Universe, my door is open. Welcome.

May this year move us all ever closer to finding the elusive question and enjoying the process of discovery.

A side note: in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series, the question gets discovered and it turns out to be What is six times nine? Of course mathematically, that is incorrect. The explanation given for that is: “There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Communicating with Angels with Your Feet on the Ground

I have just spent an afternoon absorbed, fully enrapt, in a book. This is rare for me because I have very limited chunks of time. But I couldn’t, wouldn’t drag myself away. It was just this good. I have to tell you about it, and also tell you why it is incorporated into the way I’m thinking these days.

First though, a little background.

Last summer, I went to a free talk. One of those Feel Your Power, Own Your Life (not the real name) kind of things. One of my friends was involved in putting the presentation together, and mostly I went because I wanted to support her. It was well done and I liked it. I signed up for the mailing list, and told my husband about it too. He also signed up for the mailing list. We started getting daily “inspirational” emails. They were just little messages about incorporating love and spirituality into your life daily. To tell you the truth, I unsubscribed after about a week because I really can’t deal with daily email newsletters. I just get too many to read them all and I feel overwhelmed. I prefer a slower paced newsletter subscription. My husband, though, stayed on the list, saying he liked the little daily messages. Cool.

So some of the little daily inspirations were worded kind of whimsically. This week, my husband shared with me one of them, laughing. The message at the end of a post about looking within was “Go Deeper.” He said that he couldn’t help but shoot off a teasing quote from one of our favorite TV shows as a reply. He sent “That’s what she said.” I guessed it before he told me. We laughed and I told him he had chutzpa (brazen nerve) to reply that way.

The author of the daily emails didn’t like it. She sent out an email to everyone on her list chastising them for “going there” and guilting them into failing to receive the message as a higher-consciousness one. Evan (my husband) actually sent out a reply to her again, this time saying that it was a joke, and that sometimes, when sending out a message as strong in entendre as that one, such replies are inevitable.

She didn’t like that either, and wrote back a personal response to him, accusing him of being creepy and she even quoted laws of sexual harassment in her email. He apologized for offending her, said he felt she was out of line in taking it so seriously, said that a life in balance seems to be important, even for someone “enlightened” and “spiritual,” and then he unsubscribed from her list. He wrote eloquently and I was proud of him.

He got me thinking.

Balance. It is very important. I am a person who has a day to day live here now kind of life. I also have a seeking that spiritual connection, higher vibrations, help the world kind of life. Both are important and essential for me. I think that people who live entirely in one world or the other are missing something essential for fully experiencing this life we are given. For example, people who just do the day to day 5-senses only experience are missing the beautiful experience of feeling the Divine is a part of them. And people who only talk and walk in etheric energy, looking down from their holy perch to chastise those who are making bawdy jokes or having a beer, are not grounded in the real world, and as such, are not fully LIVING in this gift of a body we are given. I think we need both.

I am a mom of four kids. I take care of them, clean up after them, shop and cook for them, help them with their homework, and even yell at them when they aren’t listening to me tell them in my soft way the first or second time. I enjoy a little obnoxious humor from time to time, I may occasionally drop an f-bomb (not to my kids), and I like a beer now and then. I do other work – I write content for board games and do social media networking for a few businesses.

I also spend a lot of time teaching and sharing healing energy with my family, students, clients, patients at The Cleveland Clinic, and others in need. I meditate, read on spirituality, talk to my angels and guides. I have regular sessions and receive instruction from a psychic. I think about spirituality every day for hours, mixed in with my daily life.

I think I’m in pretty good balance with my woo-woo and my chop wood, fetch water sides. I may veer one way or the other at times, but I tend to move back to center pretty quickly afterward.

I am writing this post because I think it’s important for us to fully experience this gift of a life we have from all sides. We need to live in the here and now present, and also take time to experience the spiritual. We can alternate between them quickly, and integrate them as well. Finding the balance, the rich sweetness of life with both the grounded and the spiritual, can help in so many ways.

Which brings be back to my reading experience today. I read Sea of Miracles by Amy Oscar. What a gorgeous, inspiring, elevating book. Amy acknowledges the connection to angels from a place of grounded reality. She talks from the perspective of one who has had her life infused with Grace as she became aware of the signs and assistance she was being given by the angels in her life. She teaches how to integrate the spiritual with the grounded in an approachable and relateable way. I came away from reading her book knowing that I am, as is anyone else who reads it, fully capable of having the same experience – of elevating my life through embracing this connection that’s just waiting for me to see and feel it. The bare truth in her words touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I felt little touches of truth on my face as I read – this is how I experience the angels when I’m giving Reiki – as feather-light touches on my face and forehead.

Amy doesn’t know I’m writing this. She didn’t ask me to review her book. But it had such a profound impact on my heart, my day, and my spirituality, that I had to share it.

And also, it reinforced my feeling of needing to talk about living a balanced existence – with head in the clouds and feet on the ground, placing attention on each in a gentle, ebbing flow, sometimes consciously immersed in both at the same time.

Live. Feel. Love. Reach out. Listen. Reflect. Acknowledge. Share. Repeat.
All of it.

Thank you for this message, Amy.

Everyone, get this book. Click on the picture below to go to Amy’s website.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Lessons of the Summer

After a couple very slow weeks, things have started happening. I’m happy to welcome some new students – Kundalini Reiki students and Energy Healing Mentoring Program students. I also did some searching for places to teach Reiki in my local area and came up with a few possibilities, which I pursued. There have been some promising results!

I did a search for “holistic” in my area. Why I didn’t think to do that before is anyone’s guess. I found a wellness center that was hosting a holistic day camp. “How cool!” I thought. I called the contact number and left a message saying that I am looking for opportunities to teach Reiki for Parents and other Reiki courses and would like to talk about collaborating. Someone called me back right away (on Friday), and offered me the chance to teach Reiki for Kids at the holistic day camp which was coming up the following week. Great timing! I followed up with the appropriate people and found myself attuning 10 kids to Usui Reiki level 1 on Tuesday morning. I created the class for the kids, taught it, and attuned each child in turn. It was really wonderful. I will be going back on Friday to teach some more and attune the kids to level 2. I met with some of the parents and they signed up indicating their interest in Reiki for Parents, so there may be a chance to teach a class after camp is over, and have some ongoing teaching opportunities with that particular center. It’s a nice facility with good energy. They do lots of work with families, kids and teens, and this could be an excellent place for me to teach.

I also called another wellness center, which looked promising. I received a call back from them too, asking if I would like to apply to be one of their team. Today I went for an interview and applied. It looks like a great place to work and I could have lots of opportunities there to teach a variety of Reiki courses, including Distance Healing. The person I met with has many contacts and could help promote and bring people in for courses I would offer. The place is beautiful, situated overlooking a little running creek, and every room is inviting and warm. She was interested in my course materials, which I brought to show her, and is going to present my application to the Trustees. It is a nonprofit organization for Metaphysical study and exploration. It will be a week, at least, until I hear from them, but I feel pretty good about it.

Then, I spoke with the Program Director at the JCC here, who expressed interest in Reiki for Parents, and I sent her a course description. She is now on vacation.

So now I wait to see what will blossom from these efforts. I hope they all will become opportunities to teach and show people how amazing Reiki can be as a part of every day life. There is an element of quieting and believing that what is meant to work out will – since at this point much is out of my control. I put all of these things out there, and now I wait to see what will happen. This is the part where “letting go” is important, and having patience.

I thank the Universe for the opportunity to practice letting go and having patience. Many of you know that my dear husband has been looking for work since the end of April. He has many applications out there, and has had a few interviews. Things move very slowly, and it can be a trying process. But we are doing our best to stay positive and believe that all will work out for the best.

He is enjoying lots of time with the kids, meanwhile, and having the first summer “off” in many years. All the same, it could be easy to become anxious and wonder what the future will bring, and feel like things have to change soon or there will be problems ahead. While that is true, it doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t change things or make them work out sooner. So it doesn’t pay to go there.

It also doesn’t help any for me to worry and get intense over which teaching position, if any, will work out. Something will, and whatever it is, I’ll learn something. Right now it seems, for my husband and myself, the lesson is having patience and letting go. We have to let go of anxiety, knowing we are making all of the effort we can to set things up, and have patience to see what is going to come of them – what will take root and grow into our next set of opportunities. The hardest part is the patience. Time marches on and tempts us to become anxious, worried about money – a very real issue – and yet worrying doesn’t make money appear. Some might say worrying will block things from happening. I don’t know, but I do know that it doesn’t help. So we take turns reminding each other to enjoy the moment – be present and know that this is going to be a summer with Dad that the kids will always remember and cherish. And we remind each other to believe that things will work out in the right time. Encouraging each other when we need it helps keep us close together, supporting each other as spouses should do.

So the positives of patience and letting go are showing themselves in these ways.

The fruits of our efforts will grow in the right time.

Breathe, ground, let go, and have patience. Be in the moment.
The lessons of this summer.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Trying Not to Try

In my last post, I was experiencing some computer difficulties, and mentioned that I would be spending the weekend away for some R&R, friends, family & energy work. I also mentioned that I had been feeling a little “stuck” lately and hoped that would resolve itself soon. Here’s an update.

The computer issues are resolved. Glad about that!

I had a really great weekend, and began to get inspired about how to nurture my own intuitive development, how to encourage it to flourish and move ahead. One of the things I need to work on is grounding. Another is patience. Once I can increase my ability to ground my energy and be still, I will be more able to be patient and be open to receiving new insights. Sounds logical, I think. In practice, more challenging.

There’s a concept of trying not to try that I need to get my mind around. (Or not, because thinking about it too hard could be considered “trying.”) Being grounded, still and open requires letting go. What am I supposed to let go of? Effort, for one. So the first challenge is to simply BE.

BE in the moment. BE still. BE quiet. Not just quiet from talking, but quiet in my thoughts. That takes effort – (uh oh, not supposed to be making an effort. That’s trying.) I have read that during meditation one should either 1) count to give your mind something to focus on, or 2) allow thoughts to pass like clouds floating by – noticing them but not giving them attention, and releasing them. It’s easy for me to get distracted by my thoughts as one chains onto the next. I may have more luck with counting.

There’s also the idea of visualizing. Imagining energy coming in the crown chakra, meeting energy that comes up from the Earth at the heart chakra. I can do this, and feel quite tingly when I do. Then one can release any anxiety or worry down into the Earth again. This is a technique for grounding. I need to make it a part of my day, several times a day.

I assign many of my Energy Healing Mentoring students a week of daily meditation practice which includes a meditation and a grounding exercise. They all come back to me reporting how valuable that week was, and that they intend to continue making meditation and grounding parts of their daily practice. I think I need to assign it to myself as well. It may be time for me to heed my own words here.

When giving Reiki healings, it is important for the practitioner to “get out of the way” of the energy, just allowing it to flow through him or her to the recipient. I find that if I think too hard about where it should go, or if I focus on trying to receive information I start to get a headache. It’s a cue that I’m trying to hard. Don’t try. Just BE. Let it flow. It will get where it needs to go, and information either will or won’t come. It’s important not to try to control it, but just BE the channel for the energy. It’s kind of like being in one of those automatic car washes where the car is moved on a conveyor and you just sit in the car while it drives itself. You have to set the car there at the start of it, and then keep your hands off the wheel and let the mechanisms take over. If you try to steer or push on the gas or brake, you’ll cause a problem with the process. I think same goes for Reiki healings. Set it up, then let it happen. It will work best if you don’t try to make something happen.

So what I’m going to do this week is:

  • find time to meditate and ground each day
  • mindfully let go of thoughts, worries, and effort
  • quiet myself and be in the moment as much as possible
  • observe and note the changes that may happen

Wish me luck.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt