Today I had a very wonderful and amazing experience. While it’s something I’ve done before, stepping back and looking at the gestalt of it, I’m blown away with amazement and gratitude that I am offered the opportunity to be a part of this work – it’s nothing short of incredible.

Today, I gave a Team Distance Healing to a woman in Congo, Africa, with my Healing Team friends, Tom and Cher. 

Last night, my internet connection went out. I was on the phone with AT&T Uverse Tech Support from midnight until 1 am, trying to get it fixed. It didn’t get fixed, and a tech was dispatched to arrive late this afternoon. I knew we had this appointment for the healing session, so I took my computer to a nearby coffee shop to use the wifi. 

Then I thought about what was happening.

Tom is in Texas. Cher is in California. Our client is in Congo, Africa. I was in a coffee shop in Ohio. We met up on Gchat, via Gmail. Together, we connected with our client’s energy, scanned and talked about what we felt and sensed in her energy. We found things, we sent healing to clear them, we used the techniques that we were trained in. We felt the difference happening. Cher told us what she saw, Tom responded and I did too, and we felt the changes. Cher channeled a beautiful, applicable and inspiring message from our client’s Guides. We all could sense when the session was complete. We felt like we had really accomplished a lot. 

So there I was, just outside the coffee shop, at a little table. People were walking by. But I was involved in this incredible experience and the outside world just kept moving along. 

I typed up the report of our session, plus the guidance received, and emailed it to the client. Within 30 minutes, we received an email from the client verifying that what we had done had been powerful for her, and that she felt lighter, loved, supported, guided, and …better. “Like dancing” she said. 

I am filled with joy and gratitude to be part of this experience. 

I feel like a super hero. 

What is more magical than this experience?? I can’t think of anything. Real magic, this work. 

I have the best job ever. 

And I had to share the experience with you just because …well, there’s nothing like it.

We are capable of so much beauty, healing, magic, connection, intuition, and joy. And most of us, most of the day, walk around oblivious. It takes moments like the hour I spent this morning to be a powerful reminder of this truth. And I love being a part of it.

I told my dad on Friday night at dinner, we are connected to everything. We have access to all of the information in the universe. We only need to learn the methods necessary to train ourselves to receive the information we seek. 

Two weekends ago I was in Delaware for training in Controlled Remote Viewing and its applications for healing. I realized, it’s all about accessing information. All of it. Just the act of connecting to another’s energy and observing will activate a healing process. And intention amplifies that process. It was fascinating and just served to validate what I already have experienced. I also was taught that the more people who are “psychically” accessing a target, the stronger the signal will be. That also validates that healing with a team is more powerful than alone. But I already knew that too. Today is another perfect example of that insight.

So I need to blog because I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege of doing this work. For all of you who also give Reiki, you know how I feel. For those of you who haven’t yet learned it, I would be honored to teach you, advise you, and help you discover that anyone can learn this too. I’m not special, I tell people. I just learned to do something extraordinary. You can too. 

If you are interested, contact me. I’m here to help. 


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Giving is Receiving

One of the most meaningful activities I’ve been involved with in the past few years has been volunteering. I volunteer as a Group Leader with the Distance Healing Network (, I give Reiki healings twice a month to people dealing with cancer at a local cancer support center The Gathering Place (, and for a year I was with The Cleveland Clinic weekly, giving Reiki to patients, staff, and visitors.

The reasons I started volunteering were many. I wanted to get more experience with Reiki and help those who want it. I wanted to balance my professional Reiki practice with offering energy to those who couldn’t pay. And I wanted to also just have more opportunities to use this powerful gift to make the world better.

Usually, volunteering is about giving. Giving to others, offering your time, etc. But I found out that it’s also about receiving. Here are some of the gifts I received as a result of volunteering:

  • Watching people who were suffering from anxiety relax and smile
  • Hearing people tell me that their pain went from a “10” to a “1”
  • Hugs and thank you – more times than I could count
  • Inspiring many of my students to volunteer also
  • Setting an example for my children, who are proud of me
  • Knowing that I’m doing something worthwhile, meaningful and powerful with my life
  • Increased confidence that Reiki is there, every time
So, as it happens, the act of volunteering has given gifts to me also – equally if not even more than any effort on my part.

And so I am grateful for the gifts, and for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you also.

May we receive and acknowledge many gifts this season, and all year long.
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to focus on what blesses our lives. I would like to share some conventional and also some possibly “out there” things that I feel grateful for this Thanksgiving.

  • My wonderful husband, Evan. First, foremost, and always. He is the one who supports, encourages me, and keeps me grounded. He lets me work to grow my Reiki practice and work from home, even when a more “traditional” job would ease some pressure financially. He also helps me make sound business decisions with my unconventional chosen career. Evan is a fantastic and patient father, great cook and regularly pitches in with chores. Every day I love him more. Thank you, Evan. Thank you for being #1 on my list.

  • Our children, Rayna, Sari, Eli and Arin. They are wonderful, unique, energetic, and joyful people who show me new ways to see life. I love watching them grow and all of the dynamics that they bring to our family life. They fill our world with love and enrich it with challenge and blessings.

  • Having a roof over our heads, cars to drive, and food on the table. Regardless of our financial challenges, these essentials are a constant and we’re ok.

  • My parents, grandma, and sisters who love us and are there for me and my family. We have weekly Friday night dinners with my mom, dad and grandma, and we’re so grateful for the bonding that is strengthened by our regular coming together.

  • Good friends, most notably Ernie, Connie, and Valerie, who I love spending time with, admire, and who make life easier, more fun, and help me see myself.

  • Online friends I know from Twitter and Facebook, who remind me that I’m not alone but connected and cared for beyond the confines of my local reality, including (but not limited to): Amy Oscar, Krystal, Quelsen, Manish, Marcel, Don, and Tom.

  • My students, local and online, who have embraced what I offer them with amazement and gratitude, and who push me to think deeply about my own practice and growth every day.

  • All of youwho are caring enough to read my blog, whether you comment or not. It’s nice to know that you are interested. I’m glad you’re here.

Now the other items on my list this year, a little unconventional but still worthy of gratitude:

  • My “just do it” attitude. I am grateful for the trait I have that lets me just jump into new experiences and try them without taking the time to doubt or worry about whether they will be successful in the end. I find that even if something I try is not the best thing for me, I always learn more about myself in making the effort to find out. I’ve surprised myself more than a few times when I’ve taken a chance. I’ve discovered that I spoke well, connected with people, got invited to teach, and learned more about what I’m capable of. Wherever this courage or stupidity comes from, I’m grateful it’s there. An example is that I submitted an audition video for a contest called which selects ten people to attend a conference in Washington, DC that helps you get connected with opportunities to speak your message and reach lots of people from the stage at large events. They want to support new businesses that help people. I know that what I do is a little different from their usual participant, but I also know that I have made great effort to grow my practice in many ways, I speak from the heart, and the chance to reach more people would help me spread the message that anyone can learn Reiki and tap into their power for healing. Whether I am selected or not, I feel good about being able to express how passionate I am about teaching Reiki. I think that the experience of creating an audition video will lead somewhere, and I look forward to discovering where. Incidentally, you can support me by tweeting on Twitter to @BlueM, @SuzanneEvans, @davidneagle, and/or @baribmb to select me as a finalist! The results will be announced on Monday, and the event ( is Dec. 7-11 in Washington, DC. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Times that things did not work out. These have been the events that motivated me to look further, be creative, and try new ideas that ultimately led to bigger and better things. An air of anticipation replaced feelings of failure, and it’s much more positive of a place to be. When registration did not come in for my local Reiki class, I started looking outside the wellness center for opportunities, and came up with new ways to expand my practice. New connections have been initiated, new classes are in the works, and I know progress is being made. I’ll keep you posted about those things as they develop.

  • An ongoing flow of support from my guides and angels, who are lining things up just right for my path. The more I notice things falling into place, the more there are to notice. Even typing this item opens the way for more good energy to flow into my life. I’m ready. I’m grateful.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you can also take the time to see all there is to be grateful for in your life. I welcome your comments.
Love. Light. Peace. Blessings. Joy.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

A Grateful Thanksgiving

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I am extremely thankful, especially today, to share the wonderful news that my husband has received and accepted a job offer. The long period of unemployment is coming to a close as he assumes the role of Operations Analyst at Lutheran Hospital, which is in Cleveland, near where we live. So we are not moving out of state, and we can keep our roots here for the time being. Interesting to note is that there are still some out of state opportunities brewing for him and he may have other offers coming in the next few months. All will be considered, so this might be a step rather than a stop, so to speak! Still, we are very happy to be able to share such wonderful news that he can go back to work, in a position that can help him grow and further his career goals.
So, Evan landing a job is at the #1 spot on the Thanksgiving Thankful List for today. Here are the next items.

I am thankful for Evan. He has handled his time of uncertainty, waiting, stress, and anxiety with amazing strength and perseverance. He has taken on lots of cooking, cleaning, laundry, home repairs, and dad time, and cleared the way for me to apply myself to working on writing, lining up teaching opportunities, and teaching. We also enjoyed some extra time together that we wouldn’t have had otherwise, even grocery shopping together became a sort of “date.” He never wallowed in misery, but held me up when I needed it. I’m in awe, admiration, and appreciation of him and look at him with overwhelming love and gratitude.

I am thankful for our four children. They bring laughter, energy, love, challenges, and fun to our home on a daily basis. Each of them is an individual with a strong personality, amazing talents, and they make our family abundant in reasons for gratitude.

I am thankful for my parents and mother-in-law, who have given us emotional and financial support when we needed it, and have been constantly encouraging us to hang in there.

I am thankful for my friends on Twitter, Owning Pink, and Facebook who have never stopped giving encouragement, sending Reiki, prayers, and good thoughts our way with each interview and throughout the waiting process that seemed never-ending.

I am thankful for my Reiki students, who have given me the opportunity to share this beautiful and empowering energy with them. Teaching Reiki is my life path, and every person who allows me to show them how to experience Reiki is a blessing to my life.

I am thankful for a warm home, nourishing food, cars that are running, a good internet connection, and the ability to learn to live frugally (a skill which will continue to serve us well).

I’m also thankful for the ability to connect with angels, life force energy, and the constant reassurance that this has provided me when I needed it.

Finally, I’m thankful for those who take the time to read my thoughts here, whether you comment or not, please know I’m glad to have your caring and interest.

Blessings, Gratitude and a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt