Here it is! Today is my 49th birthday. The first day of the last year of my 40s.And, things are good! Here are some of the things I’ve been doing since my 48th birthday:I’m working on completing my dissertation, with an eye on graduating in May.I have …

What’s good?

Today while giving a Reiki session, the words, “What’s good?” came into my head. As I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, save the feel of the energy, I knew it was an important message. 

I said to my client, who is struggling with ongoing guilt, that in every situation is an opportunity for us to find the good in it. Even when things suck. Even when something feels terrible, that’s only our assessment of it, and we can choose to find the good. 

So – at first, asking “What’s good?” might ilicit a snarky, “Nothing! This sucks!” comeback from our mind. But then, ask again. “What’s good?” What possible good can be found in this situation?

Begrudgingly, the mind may offer something small. It might start with, “Well, at least it wasn’t worse.” It might be, “I got through it somehow.” It might even be followed by the word, “but” and a reiteration of the tough side of things again, as if it’s necessary to reaffirm the bad part. It’s funny how we tend to cling to the bad as if it’s giving us bragging rights. 

Again, though, come back to, “What’s good?” And there may be more that you can think of. Maybe something you’ve learned from the experience. Maybe some experience you can share with someone else so they don’t suffer as you did. Maybe you’re wiser, smarter, or stronger because of this experience. These are all good things. 

The more we focus on the good, the more we feel goodness is the focus of our lives. The suffering shrinks in comparison eventually, as we spend more time seeking, finding, acknowledging, and then being grateful for those good things.

And that moves us toward a more enlightened way to live.

Wishing you all good things.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Year is Ending, but Not the World. Here’s How to Remember That.

The US election has been overwhelming. First, all of the relentless campaigning and social media overload. Then, add to that the way people were angry at each other, the increase in crime, and just a lot of energetic noise. The election results, unstab…

This Blessed Life

Recently, I watched this most incredible video:

I absolutely love this. And, I guess it stuck with me. Because I found myself applying this perspective to my so-called problems. If you have four minutes now or after reading this post, watch it. You’ll be so glad you did.

I’ll summarize and interpret some of the points that sunk into my soul here:

  • We are all part of the same energetic source, with our own individual strand of energy inside us which lets us experience everything, and also allows us to be part of the collective whole and an individual personality at the same time. (I love this so freaking much).
  • We’ve lived before, and will again, because that’s what it is – what we are – individual experiences of the full ONEness of everything. As time is a relative concept, and not really linear at all, we might come back next time in what we think of as the past, or the present, or the future.
  • Since we are each a light strand of the Great Light, everyone else is us too in that same way. 
These three ideas were with me. Then, last night, they took me to a further point. No doubt I’ve lived before in a less ideal life circumstance. Maybe I lived in a country with less food, resources, or violence. Maybe I was sick, or in pain, or injured. Maybe I died young or lost a loved one early. Doubtless some incarnation of me had experiences like this. They are too common throughout history for me to not to have lived them. 

I thought about this. And I thought about my life now. 

I’m living in a really nice house, in a very nice neighborhood near a park, good schools, and good people. There is plentiful food, running water, electricity, and a car for my use. My husband has a good job, I love my work, and our four kids are healthy and intelligent. 

In light of all of the possible lifetimes I could have been living in right now, this one is on the fantastic side.

At this point, a big sigh of relief and gratitude came over me. 

Last night, my husband and I had been discussing money allocations – you know, paying bills – the dreaded and often stressful juggle that happens to many families like us. I saw my husband’s frown, the one he’s been wearing all too often lately. The one that says that besides this, he’s thinking about stresses at work, deadlines, issues, and the things that the person in charge (him) has to solve. I felt the weight of his worry. 

And then I remembered this video. 

And, suddenly, I couldn’t worry about anything. All I can do is to be so freaking grateful for my problems right now. Because, this lifetime is a relief. It’s a wonderful blessing. It’s fantastic. 

I’m feeling different now. Like everything is vibrating with a reason to be grateful. I can’t even go into the bathroom without being grateful for flush toilets and toilet paper. I can’t look at my kids without being amazed that they are so perfect in every way (even when they’re messing up, yelling at each other, or being generally loud). I can’t look at the fruit on the counter, the cushions on the couch, the shoes carelessly tossed on the kitchen floor, without just being grateful that I have them. 

And every time I see a stranger, I see something different now- I see a light inside their eyes. Beyond our differences in appearance, I feel a strange recognition. Because we’re all living this experience. 

And now, my experience is illuminated. It’s shining and shimmering with gratitude, with love, and with knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’ve got to enjoy every second of this blessed life. 
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Thanksgiving 2012

It’s Thanksgiving. 

It’s always good to review the reasons to be grateful around this time. Funny, but it’s really good to do this daily. I even saw a trend on Facebook with some of my friends to post something every day that they were grateful for. 

In the Reiki Precepts, gratitude is one of the five things that are listed as the secret method for inviting happiness. They all are:
  Just for Today, I will
  Avoid anger
  Avoid worry
  Do my work honestly
  Be grateful for all I have
  Treat everyone with kindness.

So now we have a holiday about expressing gratitude. It always kind of makes me laugh. Like Mother’s Day – one day to honor mom, when it would be nice to be treated with respect every day. Many of us do anyway, so why one day a year? To make sure we get to it?

Plus, I kind of have weird feelings about Thansgiving’s origins….but I’m not going there right now.

I have lots to be grateful for. This has been a good year.

Here are the top five on my list. Please read them, and then post your top five as comments here below this blog post, because we’d have a really nice long list if every reader added five!

I am grateful for:

  • The ability to work from home, with all four of my kids in school together. A few hours of quiet during the day help me focus, be productive, and schedule my day with flexibility.
  • A growing practice, increased enrollment in my school, fantastic teachers and staff, opportunities to teach in Lily Dale and The Cleveland Clinic, and a new book published this year.
  • A supportive husband who very agreeably and competently cares for our four kids those weekends when I go to expos or meetings in Columbus, or teach out of town. He’s a great partner and a wonderful father.
  • My wonderful students who send me grateful emails and thoughtful questions daily. Not only do they help validate my purpose in life, they also surround me with love.
  • My four children, who fill our house with energy, laughter, love, singing, challenges, and a reminder every day of what family really means. 

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Gratitude Paid Forward

I’m writing today to extend thanks to some special people who have been supportive to me in many ways behind the scenes and alongside me. By sharing their awesomeness with you, I hope that you’ll also check them out. They can help, and the connections will be a win-win for you and them both, as it was for me!

Jeff Kates, LMT ABT, Director of the Advanced Bodywork and Massage Institute (http://abwami.com/)

Jeff is awesome because he not only teaches a powerfully relaxing and healing type of massage, but he also offered me the chance to teach (twice!) at his beautiful school. He also learned Practical Reiki from me and incorporates it into his work. He’s a sweet, personable guy too. Jeff developed a massage technique called The Kates Method. His students rave about what a great teacher he is. If you’re in the Cleveland area and interested in learning massage, check him out. 

Charley Bach, Director of PC Handyman Computer Services http://www.clevehtspc.com/

Charley is a friend from High School days, and we recently became reacquainted at a computer store. Since then, he has repaired all of my family’s computers, helped me choose a netbook (including purchasing it, upgrading it, and loading it up with software!), picked up and delivered to my house in amazingly fast amounts of time too. He offers a whole huge line of computer and internet related services. And best of all, his prices are totally affordable. I’m thrilled to recommend him. He can even help you remotely if you’re not in the Cleveland area. 

Raizel Michelow, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master & creator of 24 Zen Granola http://www.twenty4zen.com/

Raizel is a friend, and one of the great teachers for my school, Reiki Awakening Academy too. She is a fun person, a master aromatherapist, and has incredible vision too. She has always been helpful in coming up with great ideas for getting the word out about the Academy. The granola she makes and sells, by the way, is amazingly delicious and includes aromatherapy techniques for balancing chakras too! Check her out – she’s just amazing. 

Happy to pass along positive energy for positive people!

Love and light.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt