Making Connections and Reaching Upward

I’m thinking lately about how it’s clearer that things are working out for the best when they are viewed in retrospect. In the moment it can be harder to see the big picture – to attempt to discern the reasons that things happen as they do. I’m learning to ask clearly for what I want/need to happen, and to express gratitude for the results, and for the process itself. Lately, I have many opportunities to practice.

As my readers know, a few weeks ago now my husband, Evan’s job was eliminated. It was a stressful job working for an unstable person, and truly, in many ways this is a relief. His mom also needs us more now than she had previously, and we are both available to assist her as she is recovering from a series of radiation treatments and the side effects it brought on. Evan now has the time to focus on finding that “right” placement. If he were still working, he would not have been able to devote the same focus to finding a better position. He has found a number of suitable positions to apply for, and has made some good contacts already. So it only takes a small step back to look at this situation as a blessing, or at least a good opportunity to tend to the present and put out energy for the future.

Also, it is important for us to know that we will be ok. I am making a point to ask for what we need, and I’m finding that we are being provided for in many ways. One example is that we had hoped to have sent two of our daughters to overnight camp this summer, for a short time. We applied for scholarship assistance and waited. We received a call that it was still going to be more money than we could commit to. Evan was upset and I told him that we should believe that we will have what we need, that it will be provided for us when we need it. He said I should be realistic. I refused to budge and went out to run an errand for his mom. As I was driving, I talked to the angels and Spirit. (This is, admittedly, a rather new and slightly awkward-feeling activity for me.) I told them that I am counting on them to provide for our family in whatever way will work, that I will joyfully accept more students and more writing assignments to make ends meet, and that we need their support to help us manage during this transition. When I arrived at my mother-in-law’s house, Evan called and said I needed to return a call to our rabbi. I called and the rabbi told me that the girls would be going to camp on a full scholarship, and because there was a requirement for JCC membership in order to receive funding, that it would also be taken care of for us. (One year’s membership to the JCC for our family is a huge perk.) It was a big told-ya-so opportunity! It reminded me of my California vacation, and the last minute plane ticket change that got me on a first class flight with cheesecake!

I am making it a point to ask the angels and Spirit to provide means for financial support for us while the right job is being lined up for Evan’s highest good. Evan is putting forth the effort of searching and applying, making contacts and following through as he should be. Shortly after I made my request, Evan’s severance check arrived and was double the amount we had expected (they paid out in one instead of two installments) and the next one will have his accumulated vacation pay (more than what we had anticipated). It came at the time we needed it and I’m making the connection between asking and receiving once again.

You might say these things would have happened anyway, regardless of me going to the effort of asking, and that the two events (my asking, and things working out shortly afterward) are only connected because I’m connecting them in my mind. Perhaps. There is no proof that it would not have happened without my asking. But this is where a measure of faith is needed. I’m reaching upward by asking directly for what I need, and I’m making connections between the request and the results. So let’s see what happens if I continue to do this, as an experiment with the Law of Attraction, or manifesting, or whatever you want to call it.

I’m going to “Act As If” it is my asking that is making the results appear and see if more things seem to line up that way. I’m going to “Act As If” the big picture of our situation is that things are working out exactly for our highest good and that of our family, and that we are being supported by the higher powers. At the very least, this confidence will keep fear and anxiety at bay, provide us with some sense of purpose, and make living in the present a lot easier than otherwise.

We could, on the other hand, worry about when he will get a job, what we will do for money, how we will manage, and what will happen next. But, I think I’ll try this new approach this time around. I have a sneaking suspicion that this process will be the realizing of an important lesson on life, attitude, manifesting and faith.

And that’s something I can pass on to our kids, and share with you.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I welcome your thoughts.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

To California… With a Little Help From My Angels


I went to California last weekend to be with my sisters. This long weekend trip was a gift from my mom, dad and my sisters for my 40th birthday (which was in December). One of my sisters (Laura – in the picture with me) lives in Washington, DC, and she was attending a conference in California (where my other sister, Melanie, lives). Laura stayed the weekend after her conference to be with me when I came out there, so we three could spend the weekend together. I had never been to CA before, and rarely have the opportunity to travel, so this was a very rare and wonderful gift. This being a long weekend, I didn’t have teaching obligations, so this was the perfect time to go.

I got to the airport, after having made many arrangements with my mom and mother-in-law, who were watching the kids and making dinner. My flight out of Cleveland was supposed to get me to a connecting flight in Minneapolis, MN. Suddenly there was an announcement that the airplane had a flat tire and they were waiting for a mechanic to change it. It may or may not cause a delay. I waited a few minutes, concerned about making my connecting flight. The next announcement said that the plane needed special tires brought in – driven in – from Detroit. The delay would be five hours. I got in line to talk to the airline person behind the desk.

Behind me in line was a young woman who was lamenting already that she wasn’t going to get home, that she was going to miss her friends in Oregon who were going to drive with her, that she was going to be stuck. I turned to her and said that I was setting the expectation that I’d be moved to a direct flight, in first class, seated next to a celebrity I’ve always wanted to meet. She laughed and marveled at my positivity. I told her we get what we put out there.

Well, when I got to my turn, the airline person typed and typed on his computer and said he was unable to find me another flight since the storms out East had caused so many people to need to get on flights. Everything else was full. He encouraged me to try calling a representative of the airline from the phone bank in the middle of the room and see if someone there could help. So I did that, determined not to give up. After a long time on hold, and another long conversation with that airline representative, I was again told that there were no flights that could get me to California until the next day. My weekend was already short, so a full day’s delay for one day in California was not going to be possible. The airline representative suggested I call someone from the other airline that my itinerary included.

I called that airline, and after a long hold was speaking with another representative who was also unable to get me on another flight. Sadly, I got back in line to ask for a refund for my ticket. As I stood in line to speak with the airline person, I was leaving tearful messages on my sisters’ voicemails saying that I wasn’t going to make it and that I was so sorry. The airline person saw me. When I got to the podium, he started typing on his computer. He said he was going to be creative and try to find me a way to get there. I stood and silently asked the angels for help getting me to California. He typed and typed. He called someone and talked to her. Suddenly, he said “I got it!” and he hung up the phone. He had found me a flight to Detroit that connected to a flight to Los Angeles (see the word “angel” in there?), getting me to CA just two hours after my original arrival time. I took it. I also hugged that guy and thanked him profusely.

The gate to board the Detroit flight (which was leaving in 10 minutes) was right next to the gate I was at currently. I walked over and sat down until we boarded. As I sat, I looked at my boarding passes. The seat for my flight from Detroit to LA was in first class.

Everything went smoothly to Detroit, and getting on my flight to LA. As I sat in my seat on the Detroit-LA flight (next to a charming guy who has the difficult job of working for Toyota), I was reading a book I’d brought. The author mentioned cheesecake and I thought “yum, I’d love some cheesecake. Maybe I’ll be able to have some in California.” When the flight attendant brought our meals, just about 10 minutes later, wouldn’t you know there was a piece of cheesecake included? The angels arranged for dessert too, I guess!

I spent a wonderful weekend with my sisters, one I’ll never forget. I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to go, and also for the lesson that there’s help if you stay positive and ask for it.

Wishing you many moments of awe and wonder.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

How to Surrender

I’ve noticed lately that many people are blogging and tweeting about surrender. What is surrender, though? Is it giving up? Is it shrugging your shoulders and admitting that we have no control over the events which will come at us moment by moment? Is it having faith? All of these options sound difficult from where I’m standing, and some of them don’t sound like a good way to live.

Let’s talk about the first thing I mentioned – giving up. That couldn’t be a good thing. It implies a feeling of hopelessness – like there’s nothing I can do so why try? If one who is without a job gives up, there is no job search, there is just wallowing in misery. I don’t think this is the way to go.

Then there’s the “shrugging one’s shoulders and admitting one isn’t in control” method. Saying “this is out of my hands” is difficult for one who likes to make things happen with action. But there comes a time when one has done all she can and the rest is waiting. I think when one gets to this point, it takes patience to get through it. Patience is my lesson these days, and the Universe is handing me abundant opportunities to practice. Is this a good form of surrender? Well, I think it’s part of the process, so whether it’s good or bad to shrug and give in, it is probably necessary.

So then there’s having faith. This is the next step, after shrugging, I think. This is the part for me takes a lot of effort, but many people advocate this. Just believe that everything will turn out for the best. The Universe, Source, Powers that Be, has your best interest in mind and is steering the world in the right direction for you. Things will work out. That’s a common phrase people say to reassure themselves when things seem out of their hands. How does one go about having faith? Is it a decision? Is it an effort? I think that for me, it’s both.

Deciding that I’ll take the attitude of “I’ve done all I can, so now I’ll wait” is part of it. The rest is letting go of worry that things will go this way or that way, or not work out after all the effort put in. That’s the faith part, and it’s also surrender in action. The act of surrender is giving up the worry – just letting it go and staying in this moment, not the place of “what if.”

It’s easy for me to think of all of the possible outcomes of the situation and what I would do to handle each. That’s the control freak in me, I think. It also puts me in a place of anxious waiting, rather than calm. One would think that planning for every possible outcome would make me feel secure, and I know that’s why I try to do it. But actually, it makes me live on the edge of my seat, waiting to see which outcome seems to be materializing so I can jump into action.

Things in my life have been in flux lately as my husband attends some important job interviews which may lead to us moving out of state. Moving is a big deal, as I’ve mentioned, but I’m not against the idea. It just involves rising to the occasion and taking care of a lot of details, including a period of time where my husband would move ahead of us and I’d be in charge of all of our day to day business with the kids, school, meals, cleaning, and selling the house. Breathe, Alice, breathe! Okay, I’m breathing.

So this idea of “surrender” is a tough one for me, as is patience, while we wait to see what will transpire. It’s good – getting a job is a good thing – for sure. But it’s also possible to get lost in the details, and the wondering how we’ll manage to accomplish it. I reassure myself that people do this, even with big families such as ours, and we can too. That’s a kind of faith/ surrender too I suppose.

There is also Reiki. Of course, Reiki! I can send Reiki to the intention for the best possible outcome for our family, and knowing that positive energy is flowing in that direction is reassuring in itself. In fact, the more I do this, the more I feel I’m doing something that makes a difference, and that feels pretty good.

I’m breathing, grounding, and doing all I can to stay in the moment instead of going to that place of “what if” and “how will I do such-and-such” and man, what an effort! I never knew surrender could be so much work. Nobody talks about how much work surrender actually is, and instead people say that they make the decision to “let it go” and poof! they feel so much better instantly. For me, it’s a process. I constantly remind myself to breathe. I often bring myself back to the present. It’s an ongoing thing. My mind is like a toddler who is intent on having her way. I have to be the mom who goes over and repeatedly picks her up and brings her back to this room. Then a few seconds later, off she goes again!

But I know also that there is an end in sight. There will be a decision, a resolution, soon, and I’ll be able to make lists of what needs to be done and get organized. In many ways, that will be a relief. In others, it will be overwhelming. For now, the list has one thing on it: wait. That in itself is hard enough. Later, the list will have many things, but at the end of the day, whatever I’ve gotten done is progress, and I can be okay with that.

So this blog post is about How to Surrender, and the recipe includes shrugs, faith, breathing, Reiki, and of course, patience. No surprises there, right? Tell me something, is surrender a struggle for you too? Do you have a different recipe?


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt