Forging a Path

It’s my kids’ first week back at school, and I’m absolutely loving the blissful quiet in the house. I’ve taken on new projects, and it’s so much easier to concentrate without a lot of interruptions. Wow. The contrast is amazing. I’m also proud of the way they’ve just jumped right in with sports and activities, and getting back into the pattern of after school snacks and homework as if they never left. 

I’ve been working on my website marketing for my school, Reiki Awakening Academy. And I’m happy to have the help of a great consultant, Linda Stephens. One of the parts of creating an effective way to share the message of the great things we’re doing at RAA is to look at what other schools are doing. 

It’s kind of sad, really. There aren’t many online schools out there that are doing what RAA is doing. Some websites look really fancy. They offer special certifications that sound very impressive. But dig deeper and there’s no way to see how they conduct their classes, in what ways they provide support, or what the students will be required to do to “earn” their certificate. Either they aren’t doing these things, or they aren’t making it clear that they do. 

In looking at their sites, and then at mine, I know I need to be sure to emphasize what we’re doing right. 

  • We teach in an actual virtual classroom. This provides face to face interaction, live, with the ability to see and hear each other, answer questions, present materials, show and demonstrate, give materials for download right in the class, and allow the students to view a recording of the class afterward for review. Basically, we want to provide as close to an in-person learning experience as an online classroom can be.

  • We offer unlimited, unending support afterward. All of our teachers are available to the students any time there are questions or comments. We request evaluations after every class to reflect on how we’re doing, and we take everything into consideration to help us improve.
  • Our programs are deep and comprehensive. They offer a wide variety of classes, with new ways of thinking that are at the forefront of the holistic and metaphysical fields. All of our teachers take the work seriously and continually learn and reflect on their growth as practitioners and teachers.
  • Our Advanced Healing Pioneers Membership Program allows those who want to be leaders in this incredible field get together to explore the newest developments in understanding the work, as well as deeply discuss how to offer credible answers to our clients, colleagues, and ourselves.
This stuff isn’t easy. I mean, sometimes I ask myself why the heck I chose this field when I already had a career, a Master’s degree, and lots of job opportunities I could have accepted. I mean, just look at what I and people doing this work face:
  • Reiki and energy healing work is invisible. We can’t “show” very much that demonstrates what we do. The evidence is in the experience, which is totally individual and subjective.
  • Intuitive development is the result of work, but again, the work is individual. Techniques are there, but the practitioner has to find which works best for him, and get out of his own way as he learns to receive information that subtly trickles in via the right brain from the Universe. Yeah. I know.
  • Teaching energy work by distance requires the learner to accept the fact that energy transmissions can be given and received over any distance. That in itself is a pretty big thing to swallow. (It does work, by the way). Explaining it is even more of a challenge, because many people have some massive mind blocks due to this being outside the scope of their reality for most of their lives.
  • Having an online school that offers more than what others do, and showing how we stand out, on a website among millions of websites out there in that vast world wide web of a thing, is hard enough. Then try streamlining all of the great classes, products, programs, and events so that someone who comes by for the first time can see clearly what’s so great and different about us. 
See what I mean? Challenging, to say the least. 
Linda, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 
Every day, I’m walking the balance beam between these innate challenges one one side and, on the other side, radical amazement at the power of the work to help people’s lives improve in huge ways. That’s the part that keeps me going – that keeps me passionate and most of all – that tells me over and over again that I wouldn’t go back for a second. 
I tell my students that it’s like I was handed a super power. How can I go back to being a mere mortal, especially when I can give the super power to others and watch them light up with the same radical amazement I feel? That. It’s the reason I accept the challenges and keep doing the work. 
Leading the way and setting a standard is challenging, and a little lonely sometimes. People need this kind of education. They need it done well because how it’s presented sets a tone for the perception of the work itself. It all needs to be professional, credible, and clear. If you agree, if you are, or want to be able to offer healing, metaphysical, or holistic services in a way that represents a professional in any field, I invite you to join Advanced Healing Pioneers. We need you.
And, onward we go.
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

The Feedback is Back

In my previous post, I was interested in testing out the new psychic healing method I had learned. And, I received requests from many volunteers to help me try it out and receive feedback (for which I’m very grateful). 

The sessions were good for me. They made me mediate – sometimes three times a day! I found myself recognizing when I was in “the zone” –  because this really blissful sort of happy feeling would fill me, and I’d feel disconnected from my tendency to think about stuff – I was just present, without judgement or analysis. 

They also helped me to try something totally different in practice and philosophy from Reiki. Differences included:

  • I wasn’t trying to “do anything” – I was simply engaging in a sort of universal merging with the other person, asking for the person’s highest and best to happen.
  • I wasn’t scanning, looking for intuitive information, or trying to “sense” anything about the other person’s state of balance.
  • I couldn’t even try to send Reiki because in order to do that, I need to be separate from the other person. In this method, we are one and the same. So I can’t be the sender, the observer, or anything that’s not simply as one with the recipient and the Universal Energy (however you want to call it).
So, I was extremely curious about how these psychic healings would be on the receiving end. Here are some snippets of the feedback I received. The least remarkable experience was when the recipient fell asleep for a restful 30 minute nap. The rest of the feedback was like this (different colors and the line of asterisks indicate different people’s responses):

With the healing, I saw a huge bluish light on my right side. Oval. I felt energy in different places and saw people coming in and out during the latter process.


It was very relaxing and soothing, like a Reiki treatment. I felt a lot of warmth over my face, almost like a very gentle massage, around my sinuses and eyes, and a slight tingling at my temples. I did go into a deeper meditative state, where I don’t remember much, but I was alert at the 9:30 mark, like the session was over, feeling refreshed. 


My finger tips and palms began to “buzz” as they do during a Reiki session, and later I felt a bit of the same on the soles of my feet. Shortly after the hand buzzing began, I did notice my breath had slowed and I felt more relaxed; calm. This lasted for about 10 more minutes before I felt the “buzzing” fade away.  


My experience was very different from Reiki.  I felt a strong energy connection immediately as I set my intent to receive a psychic healing from Alice.  For me it was a strong hand tingling much like an attunement. Stronger than I feel in a self Reiki session.  This connection was solid and strong within the first five minutes.  Then I felt very clear in my 3rd eye, and was able to sit with memories I was seeking, much like meditation but without any effort to focus on breath or quiet mind.  These memories I sat with for a full 10 minutes, and then I felt a body warmth, and I felt a nice healing and understanding which was very gentle and loving. Then I felt very relaxed and knew the energy was wane.  This happened about 22 minutes into the session.  I knew at 25 minutes the connection was closed, and I just felt good, clear, and relaxed.

Your psychic healing session last night brought me a sense of calm and peace. I felt like I was floating outside of time. Amazing and blissful. Just what I needed at this time!


Right away I noticed some pulsing almost twitching but I don’t think there was actually physical movement..but it felt like the pulsing in my feet and legs could be seen if someone looked. My feet and hands felt warm and tingling but not like the reiki sending was like a tingle of electricity subtle but noticeable. I started to notice pulsing or the bubbling sensation in various parts of my body. Arms and legs were the most noticeable.

I remember thinking I had an alert awareness of my whole body..the tiredness was gone. It was peaceful but definitely a beautiful awareness of my body like an energy field.

The pulsing inner switching or bubbling kept occurring throughout the time in various areas but mostly my feet legs and arms.

I felt a sense of peace …relaxation but at the same time this rare sense of awareness. I felt a sense of great well being and still feel that along with a lightness in spirit. 

Honestly this to me has been a profound stretch of time. Thank you so much for this experience. This was honestly unforgettable healing.. I have no awareness that there was a specific healing yet I know something important happened within me.!

I just feel wonderful, lighter, calm, and filled with inner peace right now.


I was getting dinner on the table and realized that I only had two minutes until the healing was going to begin. I lost track of time briefly and all of a sudden I said to my husband “I’ve got to go – I can feel the energy flowing already.”  I was feeling warm and a sense of lightheadedness because the energy was flowing so strongly. I laid down upstairs in our room and immediately felt the loving and caring energy. It felt like I was being melded into the bed like clay, especially in my heart chakra.  Then I felt the healing energy move into my head which is where most of my troubles of been lately. I have felt like such a cloud has been in my head these past few days and it’s as if I could feel it being physically moved up and swirling out if my head to be released.  I was feeling immediate relief. Then I felt the energy shift and start moving downwards in my body.  The next place I felt an immense amount of energy was in my sacral chakra. I also felt the release of bubbles in my stomach 🙂 then I felt the energy going into my legs down to my feet. Eventually I could feel it moving again into my sacral chakra and heart and finally into my head again (the pressure had completely dissipated). I could sense the healing was coming to an end. 

This is the first distance healing I have ever received and it felt so powerful. I am reminded again and again that Spirit is real and that the power to heal is real! It was a beautiful experience.


I’m grateful for this feedback, because it really taught me a lot about energy work! I’ve also been thinking about how I can incorporate this method into making the distance healing sessions I offer even more powerful, and still offering the observational reports that I include with a distance Reiki session. You see, when I give a distance Reiki session, I spend time observing the energy flowing to the recipient, and in which chakras and body areas the energy flows differently (blockages, pain, or depletion, for example). I prepare a report of these observations for my recipient, and include it in the email I send after I do the healing session. I still want to offer this, because my recipients find the observations to be very useful, along with the energy of course.

I also am aware that giving a psychic healing with this method requires a different sort of work on my part. I need to be in a totally quiet place, and can’t be distracted or disturbed by any of my family members. I need to be completely immersed for this part of the session. 

So, I am going to offer an option of having both the psychic healing session at the beginning, and the Reiki session with report next, as part of the same healing session. That way, the recipient can have the benefit of both methods. They can also still receive a more personalized report and accounting of my observations about their energy flow as it was being received. I feel good about this decision. 

I’ve also decided to charge a little more, but not double, for the combination of psychic healing and Reiki. 
It’s an option to make my services more valuable overall, but still give the person receiving a choice.

I look forward to the new experiences this will bring for those receiving healing sessions from me, and for my own growth as a lightworker.

If you’d like to schedule a distance healing session, please go to

Comments are always welcome.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Magic is relative

It’s true. I feel magical. I feel like a super hero of healing. I just feel like there’s something magical about being able to be a part of a healing process for someone across the world who experiences it and feels better. And I also love teaching others to do the same. 

But, I realized, it’s not magic. The only reason it is magical is that science doesn’t have an explanation for it. Think about it. Before the microscope was invented, the idea of germs was “magic”. If someone had suggested that germs are responsible for illness, it would have been interpreted as little magical sickness fairies that no one can see go from a person’s cough to another person’s body and make that person sick. And scientists would have scoffed. And then, poof, the microscope is invented, germs can be seen so science deems them real, and it’s accepted. Science can now study germs, identify different ones, and determine the specific treatment for each. 

One day, this will happen for Reiki and other healing energy methods. In fact, once some scientist actually invents a way to see the human energy field and how it’s affected, big changes will happen. They will find a way to measure “frequencies” of Reiki and other healing energy. They will work to determine which healing energy frequency works best on which malady. Doctors will write prescriptions for people to see Reiki Master X because she has 6.79 ReikiOhms of energy, which is effective for such-and-such a condition. There will be tests, measurements, experiments, and a lot of excitement. Then will come regulations, licenses, and health insurance coverage with reps suggesting this or that practitioner. Next will follow science attempting to synthesize Reiki energy into a pill. Or perhaps they will take another look at homeopathy and Ayurveda, and measure the way a person’s energy field changes frequencies when the person meditates. Wow. Can you see this future?

Right now, scientists scoff. And what we do is labeled as “pseudoscience,” “metaphysical,” “faith healing,” “placebo,” or…magic (in a rather sneering and derisive tone). But the growing numbers of people studying Reiki and receiving health benefits from Reiki are strong enough to make waves. These waves disturb those who need tools to convince them something is real.  

I’m honored to announce that The Ohio Board of Nursing has approved my Practical Reiki for Nurses class to offer 8 CEs. This class is taught online so that anyone with a computer and internet access can be part of it. This class offers Reiki training through Master level, and a method that is simple and directly applicable to nurses, caregivers, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and anyone working in a health care field. After taking the class, one can teach it to others. It’s nice to see there is some evidence that western medicine is getting tired of waiting for the scientists to acknowledge Reiki, and are taking their own initiative.  

So about that “magic” idea…there is a part of me that really thrives on the magical beauty of it all. But even if it becomes commonplace, the beauty still shines. I mean look at it this way – the power comes through us. The power is not in a tool or a pill. It’s innate, completely organic, and benefits emotions, body and spirit. It’s MORE than any tool or pill can claim right now. The self-awareness that comes from giving and receiving Reiki is more profound than anything science, psychology or western medicine has to offer. 

That’s why I’ll never stop believing in the magic.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


Today I had a very wonderful and amazing experience. While it’s something I’ve done before, stepping back and looking at the gestalt of it, I’m blown away with amazement and gratitude that I am offered the opportunity to be a part of this work – it’s nothing short of incredible.

Today, I gave a Team Distance Healing to a woman in Congo, Africa, with my Healing Team friends, Tom and Cher. 

Last night, my internet connection went out. I was on the phone with AT&T Uverse Tech Support from midnight until 1 am, trying to get it fixed. It didn’t get fixed, and a tech was dispatched to arrive late this afternoon. I knew we had this appointment for the healing session, so I took my computer to a nearby coffee shop to use the wifi. 

Then I thought about what was happening.

Tom is in Texas. Cher is in California. Our client is in Congo, Africa. I was in a coffee shop in Ohio. We met up on Gchat, via Gmail. Together, we connected with our client’s energy, scanned and talked about what we felt and sensed in her energy. We found things, we sent healing to clear them, we used the techniques that we were trained in. We felt the difference happening. Cher told us what she saw, Tom responded and I did too, and we felt the changes. Cher channeled a beautiful, applicable and inspiring message from our client’s Guides. We all could sense when the session was complete. We felt like we had really accomplished a lot. 

So there I was, just outside the coffee shop, at a little table. People were walking by. But I was involved in this incredible experience and the outside world just kept moving along. 

I typed up the report of our session, plus the guidance received, and emailed it to the client. Within 30 minutes, we received an email from the client verifying that what we had done had been powerful for her, and that she felt lighter, loved, supported, guided, and …better. “Like dancing” she said. 

I am filled with joy and gratitude to be part of this experience. 

I feel like a super hero. 

What is more magical than this experience?? I can’t think of anything. Real magic, this work. 

I have the best job ever. 

And I had to share the experience with you just because …well, there’s nothing like it.

We are capable of so much beauty, healing, magic, connection, intuition, and joy. And most of us, most of the day, walk around oblivious. It takes moments like the hour I spent this morning to be a powerful reminder of this truth. And I love being a part of it.

I told my dad on Friday night at dinner, we are connected to everything. We have access to all of the information in the universe. We only need to learn the methods necessary to train ourselves to receive the information we seek. 

Two weekends ago I was in Delaware for training in Controlled Remote Viewing and its applications for healing. I realized, it’s all about accessing information. All of it. Just the act of connecting to another’s energy and observing will activate a healing process. And intention amplifies that process. It was fascinating and just served to validate what I already have experienced. I also was taught that the more people who are “psychically” accessing a target, the stronger the signal will be. That also validates that healing with a team is more powerful than alone. But I already knew that too. Today is another perfect example of that insight.

So I need to blog because I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege of doing this work. For all of you who also give Reiki, you know how I feel. For those of you who haven’t yet learned it, I would be honored to teach you, advise you, and help you discover that anyone can learn this too. I’m not special, I tell people. I just learned to do something extraordinary. You can too. 

If you are interested, contact me. I’m here to help. 


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

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The Full Potential Show

Hello Everyone! I’m so honored to have been a guest of James Rick on The Full Potential Show, and I wanted to share the interview with everyone. I think he did a great job, asked intelligent, thoughtful questions, and really “got me” during this interview. I love the way it’s edited and the only thing I’d change about it is the messy basement in my background! I didn’t know it would be seen quite so clearly! LOL!

Enjoy and please feel free to comment. Here’s the video, and the link to the website is below it! Enjoy!


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Intention and Attention

I’ve learned and have been exploring lately, the differences and interplay between intention and attention. I invite you to enter into this discussion with me so we all can grow together.

First, when working with Reiki energy, one is taught to begin by intending to connect with the Reiki energy. We put our attention on the flow of the energy. Then, we intend for the energy to flow to the recipient, either ourselves (as in self-healing), another person, or a goal (as in attracting abundance). Once we set our intention, we are to simply place our attention on the flow of the energy as it goes. I think of it a little like giving the cab driver directions and then letting him to the driving to the destination. Already, in these first few seconds of a Reiki session, the interplay between intention and attention has occurred twice.

One can think of the attention part as surrender, but I think it’s more than that, I think it’s observation – this attention to the feeling of the energy flowing. One can put as much attention into a Reiki session as one wishes. What I mean is, I can send a “shot” of Reiki energy to a person by just intending to send Reiki to him or her, noting the feeling of the energy flowing for about five seconds, and then going about the rest of my day. The energy will get there and do some good.

I can also sit for about ten minutes and simply focus on sending that same person Reiki, and for that entire time, I can attentively feel the energy tingling and pulsing between my hands as the energy flows via the connection between us.

Or, I could spend that same ten minutes while the Reiki is flowing, tuning into the recipient’s energy, and using my hands to “scan” through the person’s energy, observing which chakras or physical parts of the body are receiving the most energy. I can mention to the recipient those areas of need I observed, and ask him or her about any concerns related to those areas. This takes very focused attention.

In the Medical Intuition class I took during January, we learned that the mere act of observing triggers the healing process to begin. One of the key pieces to doing medical intuition that was emphasized in the class is to earn to tune in and observe the body parts inside yourself (and eventually another person). But this observation itself seems to be more than just looking. Healing begins here.

This idea of observation is also noted in the technique called Remote Viewing. It isn’t the goal of remote viewing, but one of my students who knows how to do this technique, told me about an experiment done by a team of remote viewers and some plants that had been infected with a plant virus. The viewers were supposed to determine which plants had the virus, and which did not (they were attempting to “see” the plants from some other location, without knowing in advance which group of plants was which). The plants that were remote viewing targets, and had been infected with the plant virus, did not develop symptoms, while a control group of plants infected with a virus did. The non-infected plants were fine. It was a surprise to the group conducting the remote viewing exercise that the plants did not get sick, but it was an example of how just observing the inside of the plants for signs of infected cells had a direct effect on the health of the plants.

In physics, this is called the Observer Effect – that even quantum particles that are observed will behave differently than those that are not. On a molecular level, something about the energy of observation changes the behavior of the observed particles.

If a Reiki practitioner sets his intention to start the healing, but does not then step back and adopt a presence of attentive observation during the energy flow, will also make it harder for the energy to work. The practitioner who is focused on intention the whole time will likely end up using his own personal energy to drive the healing, making him end up exhausted at the end. Think of telling the cab driver where to go and then pushing the cab the whole way instead of letting the cab driver do his job and drive there.

Attention is important beyond energy healing too. For example, my kids always want attention. They want me to look at them, talk to them, play with them, listen to them. It’s a natural human instinct to crave relationship and the simple act of attentiveness is a way of showing respect and love. My kids want me to show them how to draw a new picture, and then watch them do it, but they don’t want me to push the pencil for them.

It’s a little like surrender, or trust. You set the intention for the energy to work and then step back and let it go, trusting that it will work towards the highest good of the recipient. It takes the ability to let go for the energy to work.

Another thing is that the energy doesn’t always work exactly as we expect it to. It may work in some other, more needed, way. It’s not just about us as the practitioners, but the recipient’s readiness to receive the energy also comes into play here. That may be on a subconscious level as well. So we need to let go of the focus on the results after setting the intention for the energy to flow, and trust that it is being received where the recipient is ready for the energy to work. That is not always our decision alone, and sometimes isn’t even something we can predict.

When I am asked by someone new to Reiki what the energy is going to feel like, I tell them to simply relax and observe “what’s different” as the energy is flowing. This helps the person focus in on his or her own sensations and then give those sensations attention. The more the person can pay attention to the sensation of the energy, the more he or she will begin to notice.

There is an interplay between intention and attention in the Law of Attraction too. We put our intention out there to manifest what we envision for ourselves. Then we let it go and allow the angels to arrange the things that need to fall into place in order to allow our dreams to become real. We need to pay attention to opportunities and signs along the way that will lead us to fulfilling our dream. Excess effort in trying to push and make it happen is discouraged. Put it out there, and step out of the way while the universe is bringing it to you on that stream of creation energy you have set out there with your intention.

What we place our attention on grows, and what we ignore goes away (eventually). So with energy, so with a lot of things in life.

I’m fascinated with the interplay between intention and attention. I think that it’s helping me allow for the flow to come to me without me getting into my own way. Peace.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


This morning I was greeted by some hostile posts on my Facebook page. They were made by another Reiki practitioner who disagreed with the fact that I charge for distance healing. Despite my telling her that I balance my professional practice with volunteer service as a Group Leader with the Distance Healing Network, weekly giving Reiki at The Cleveland Clinic, and twice monthly at a cancer support center, The Gathering Place, and that I accept exchanges and will reduce or eliminate entirely fees for those who are unable to contribute, she continued to berate me and tell me that I dishonor the practice of Reiki by charging for distance healing. I told her that I offer the same time and mindful attention to my clients, whether distance or local, she retorted that it only takes a few minutes to send distance Reiki. I deleted the posts, realizing that nothing I could say would prevent her from saying I was wrong.

My husband said not to blog about it, because that would add more energy and attention to the issue. I understand the philosophy of whatever we give attention to increases, and that which we ignore goes away (eventually). I see his point.

But this was staying with me, and I felt the need to address it.

The point is not whether or not I choose to accept an exchange for distance Reiki. The point is how Reiki practitioners treat one another. I advocate for respect. If she doesn’t like that I charge for Reiki, she can go to another Reiki practitioner who does not. She doesn’t need to attack my choices, and also my integrity. I bear no hostility towards her because her opinion is different from mine.

As people sharing healing energy with others, I would like to suggest that we all see each other as sharing the same goal of helping the world be a better place. That’s it. Anyone who is trying to help others, educate about healing, and share energy with those who need it deserves to be seen as such. We should not turn on each other for using a different Reiki modality, trying to support our family so we can dedicate our time fully to a healing practice, or for disagreeing over how Reiki is shared or learned. I believe that in this work we are held to a higher standard. That isn’t to say that we can’t be human. I’m extremely human. I sometimes swear. I enjoy drinking wine or beer on occasion. I make mistakes. I sometimes worry, despite my efforts not to. But I also have internalized the Reiki precept, “Just for today, I will treat all living things with kindness” to the best of my ability. I honestly try to live that way.

The Reiki precepts are a beautifully written simple and yet complex set of values that anyone working with life force energy is encouraged to attempt to live by. They are:

Just for today…
I will avoid anger.
I will avoid worry.
I will do my work honestly.
I will be grateful for all I have.
I will treat all living things with kindness.

I honestly try to live by these, and hope that others, especially those who embrace Reiki as part of their path, will do also. They are not laws, commandments, and we are not bound by them. They are just suggestions, good ones, for how one may choose to elevate his or her life.

So I put out there: Please, all of you who are involved in this practice of sharing energy healing, respect the basics of our practice. Respect those who are on the same journey. Make your choices and let others make theirs. Walk your talk.

Thank you.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt