Big Steps Forward and Readings

Things are in full force now! I’ve started creating and launched the Reiki Awakening Energy Healing Certification Program. Since I’ve started, it seems that the Universe is bringing me the people and ideas I need to make things work. For instance, a very high-priced local marketing expert has offered me his services free of charge. A friend has offered me knowledge and the shared use of the videoconferencing software for teaching the sessions. The idea has been warmly received, and students are signing up. A dear friend is helping me with making videos (posting soon!) and distributing flyers for the local program. I feel very supported!

And also, since I’ve been back from Lily Dale, I’ve had some readings. A student of mine, Louise Hobson, has started giving Oracle and Soul Card readings, and she offered me one of each. Also, my teacher Connie has done a reading for me. All of the readings were powerful, positive, supportive, and also practical. I recommend Louise and also Connie to anyone who is looking for some solid guidance. Click on either of their names for links. Louise’s link is her email, and Connie’s goes to her website. Their rates are reasonable and their accuracy is excellent. I felt like the messages were really directly for me, and I feel like all is really happening as it seems to be – for the best, for success, and with the feeling of swimming with the current.

Here’s a quote from Louise’s reading so you see what I mean:

Workshops and Seminars (the card that was drawn)
Attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose. Be open to teaching and learning.
The angels have sent you this card so you will know that your really are hearing your angels message on this topic. the angels will guide you in your practice- ” this was very very strong”. Give any thoughts or worries or concerns to them.. then listen to their replies. This will come to you as ideas and feelings. they will help you choose the right venue and the right audience for your teachings. Also, you are guided to attend workshops to further your spiritual path and education. Ask Archangel Raphael to support everything in this endeavor- including tuition fees, transportation and lodging. The way is clear for you to give and receive.
Visualize all the positive benefits you receive when you teach- is what they asked me to tell you. when your visualization is complete say “Thank you universe for my wonderful experiences giving workshops for people who receive blessings from the teachings that come through me”

I mean, wow, right? Now here’s some from my reading from Connie:

You, girl are flying high & you are supported by the heavenly host and all Spirit has to offer. You are trusting Universe to provide – doors are being flung wide open & you are to go boldly thru them knowing you are protected by angels.

Your new project could be bigger than you think. There are ideas that you have not been given yet as you are simply spread too thin as it is. Really assess EVERY little thing you do with RA & if anyone else can do it (or be trained in under 15 mins) have someone else do it.

Gabriel is with you in your writing…if you feel a block call on well he is sent to give you fresh vision, new business ideas as you write.

Some of the opportunities flying your way have a short window of opportunity time wise –you won’t have opportunity to research as you would like but you do have an inner knowledge – trust it and act on it without delay.

DELEGATE where ever & when ever possible. Build in Alice time & relax & rejuvenate . You will need lots of energy in the fall/winter.

All great advice, and all very supportive, seeming to completely validate what is happening around me and motivate me to continue boldly, removing any fears associated with taking such a huge step forward.

It’s good to be able to grab on and push for making my dream happen, while feeling supported by the Universe! I am keeping up the expectation for success and gratitude for the gifts that are coming to me daily. Having positive expectations and trusting that the Universe is helping me seems to be working. I’m glad to report it, and will keep it up!

I figure that anything I can learn, I can teach. That’s why I teach Reiki and intuitive development subjects. I am aware of how I learned these skills, and I bring the process to others. I want everyone to have the benefit of being able to learn these skills. If I can learn from scratch and get this far, anyone else who’s interested can too. There’s great joy in showing people how much power they have that they didn’t know was there before. I consider this ability a blessing, and love to share it.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Good Vibrations and Angel Colors

I recently received an attunement called Colors of Angels attunement. This attunement connects one to the frequencies of archangels and colors associated with each. This is from the manual:

Archangel Michael Who serves in the first ray which is the Blue Ray and the Ray of Protection and Power

Archangel Jophiel which serves on the Second or Yellow Ray which is the Ray of Illumination and Wisdom

Archangel Chamuel who serves on the Third or Pink Ray which is the Ray of Love

Archangel Gabriel who serves on the Fourth or White Ray which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity

Archangel Raphael who serves on the Fifth or Green Ray which is the Ray of Healing and Truth

Archangel Uriel who serves on the Sixth or Gold Ray which is the Ray of Peace

Archangel Zadkiel who serves on the Seventh or Violet Ray which is the Way of Freedom.

The person with this attunement can call on different archangels for different needs such as confidence, strength, healing, clarity, peace and truth. I called in help last night to give me confidence for today, when I had to lead children’s services for Yom Kippur and run some activities which followed. I did feel that I had an energetic connection and will continue to work with this energy in the hopes of strengthening my connection to these higher beings. Things went well today, by the way.

Last night I went to sleep playing the astral projection mp3 again. I have to say that I felt my inner self vibrating very strongly as I listened to it. I think there is something to this, but I need to keep working with it to see what will happen. It was definately a stronger vibration than last time.

So it’s all a process, as I’ve been told, one which is leading somewhere and will one day all come together.

Happy New Year to my fellow members of the Tribe.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

White Sparkles and Earth Energy

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been reading Warren Grossman’s To Be Healed by the Earth. In his book, he describes how the Earth’s energy healed him from the brink of death to full health. He includes exercises for connecting with the Earth’s energy, and I’ve been trying them lately.

I’ve been spending a little time in my back yard, with shoes off, sometimes laying down, and sometimes sitting in quiet meditation connecting with the Earth’s energy. It feels like receiving Reiki – gentle and soothing.

Today, I went outside after doing a big chunk of work at my computer, and I decided that I had 20 minutes to do Earth meditation/healing. So I layed down and felt the ground against my spine, imagining my chakras extending down into the Earth, and connecting with the energy there. Then I sat up, connecting from a sitting position, and keeping my thoughts as clear as possible. When I opened my eyes, I saw white sparkles dancing in the air. I thought it was my glasses, so I took them off. I still saw them. I enjoyed watching them for a few minutes, and moved my hand through them. They looked like dust mites, but they were white light. It was fascinating, and I have never seen anything like that with my eyes open before. By the way, when I looked at my watch, 45 minutes had passed.

I asked Cher, my psychic friend, about it, and she said I saw the energy in the air. I’ve heard that energy looks like white light sparkles, but never seen it for myself until today.

Also, in other news, I started teaching my Seeking Connections class for teens tonight. I had two students, though at least two more will be joining the class next week. I have so much to share with them – this class is about finding alternative connections to a spiritual source outside of formal worship services. Reiki, yoga, chanting, meditation, creative prayer, and connecting with Earth’s energy are all part of it. Plus studying Jewish scholars who were seekers, and what they found. I wish I could have taken this class years ago. I also hope that my students can be open minded enough to learn that there are ways to find a connection that they may not have considered before. It’s a big undertaking. I wish I had twelve students, but I’ll take what comes to me for this first time. Plus the students are interested in finding something and have a healthy skepticism that is challenging, but good too.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Fuzzy World

When I don’t wear my glasses, I can’t see very well. I’m quite nearsighted, and facial features 10 or more feet in front of me become a blur if the glasses aren’t perched on my nose. But I’ve noticed something. When my glasses are off, I can see auras much more than when they’re on.

Why? A logical explanation might be that I’m seeing their fuzzy outline, not their aura, due to my rather impaired vision. Or, an enlightened person might say, I’m more able to see the things that the glasses keep me from seeing as they bring other details into focus. Which is it? Not sure. Maybe my eyes relax without my glasses on.

The reason I’m writing this is that tonight, we were at services at the new synagogue we joined. (It’s actually the one where we grew up, but we had been belonging to a different one because I used to work there. Now that I don’t, we were free to switch. But I digress.) We were at synagogue, as I was saying, and the cantorial soloist was singing. I took off my glasses, and noticed that while she sang, her aura really shimmered in green-blue and yellow. The more she sang, the brighter it seemed to get. Bigger too. But with my glasses, I couldn’t see much of it at all. The rabbi too – I could see his aura – more yellow-green – without my glasses. With them, it was much harder – I needed to squint. Funny, because I need to squint to see anything if my glasses are off, but with them on I need to squint to see an auric layer.

There may be something to this observation.
Insights from my dear readers are welcome.
Peace and Shalom.

By the way, read Warren Grossman’s book To Be Healed by the Earth. It’s fascinating.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Integrating Energy

Today I sent distance Reiki, and while I was sending, I used some Chios techniques for charging a couple of chakras with color, sealing some small tears, and during scanning. At times, I had one hand doing chios while the other channeled Reiki to the area. I also used Chios at the end to channel light through the aura to charge it with energy and remove lingering impurities. I found it very effective. I also noticed that when I scanned, I could see colors behind my eyes, and understood that these were dominant colors of the recipient’s aura. I am happy to be learning ways to integrate the Chios I’m studying with the Reiki during a sending to make the sending that much more effective.

By the way, the feedback I received indicated that the recipient received the energy, and also had visions of light and color too.

I continue to work with seeing auras and experimenting with channeling the energy in different ways, such as assigning one modality to one hand and the other to the opposite hand.

And, there was a new kind of tingle in my hand today during the sending. It felt like a sprinkle of cold water. I wasn’t totally sure what the information meant, but I think I’ll come to understand it the more I send energy.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

It’s the Thought that Counts

I have a friend who is also taking the Chios course with my teacher. To strengthen our practice with the Chios energy, we have arranged to send each other Chios healing weekly, and provide recipient and sender feedback after each sending. It’s been very helpful.

My friend is more intuitive than I at this point, and since she is already sensitive to visual energy, Chios fits her well. For me, it’s a slow growth process. I still feel the energy with my hands, which are very sensitive. But I’ve found that I can still channel color and light by intending that color to come through the energy I’m sending. My friend’s feedback indicates that she received the energy in the colors I intended as I sent them. Pretty cool.

Last night I tried a couple of new things. First, I did not use the Reiki distance symbol that I have used to intitiate all of my distance sendings before. I just mentally expressed the intent to send the Chios to her, called in the energy and started. It worked. I did not doubt that it would work, but it’s the first time I’ve ever done a distance sending, whether Reiki or Chios, without first drawing the Reiki distance symbol.

The other thing I tried is at the end of the sending, I did a violet flame visualization, imagining a violet flame moving from crown to root, sending pure energy through her aura, and cleaning out any leftover impurities or blockages. My friend sent feedback before I had completed typing mine to her, and she said she felt a “cool breeze” wash over her aura and sensed that I was finishing.

So this experience really brought home to me the strength of intent in energy healing. Through intention, I sent the energy to the person I intended, and to each body part that I sent it, in the color that was most beneficial, and the violet flame clearing technique also worked as a result of my intent.

Just think what else intent can do.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt


Since my attunement for Chios level 3, I’ve found two things to be different: 1) I’ve been very tired, especially in the morning – more tired than usual, and 2) I find it easier to tune in to the color of a person’s aura (provided the person is standing or sitting before a white background with plenty of light – it’s not perfect!).

I was at a party last night, and a guy was making a short speech. I tuned in and tried to see the color of his aura, and was surprised to see a combination of dark green and dark purple. It was much different from others I’ve seen, and I was left perplexed as to its meaning.

I’m in a Reiki share group, whose members send each other Reiki on Sundays. We are scattered all over the world, and for some of us, Sunday starts in the wee hours of other’s Sundays. As I was settling into bed last night, I felt some energy coming to me, with deep warmth in my stomach, and a swirling mix of colors behind my right eye. It was interesting.

I also did a chios meditation today, and was able to “summon” individual colors, and visualize them filling my consciousness. It’s supposed to strengthen my connection to energetic colors.

And, my daughter Rayna, age 8, is able to see auras too. I found out yesterday that she can do this. A few times today we checked in with each other and compared notes about a person’s aura. We agreed most of the time. It is pretty cool. She hasn’t had training in aura vision, but it’s said that children have more natural ability to see auras than adults.

Hopefully, my exhaustion will fade and my attunement will take root soon.

Meanwhile, please feel free to comment, or sign up for my distance healing tutorial and mentoring.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Chios Level 3

Last night I was attuned to Chios Healing level 3. I have a new manual and workbook with exercises to learn, and this attunement is supposed to greatly strengthen my ability to “see” the energy and energetic issues. I am feeling very positive about working to develop this part of my senses.

I also have been able, since my last post, to tune in to see my daughters Sari and Rayna’s auras. Rayna’s is yellow-green, and Sari’s is pure yellow. I’m not surprised in either case, as the colors really match their personalities well. Both are highly creative, passionate, and Rayna has a compassionate nature as well. I’m going to try to see my son, Eli’s aura later today or over the weekend.

I had a interesting job interview yesterday for a very different sort of opportunity that could stretch me in a new direction, but also allow me to work at home, be creative, and do a little bit of travel too. I’ll know in the next two weeks if the job will be offered to me, but it seems likely. The job would start in May. I’ll post more specifics when I have an actual offer. Regardless, I will keep up this blog, which has become an important part of my learning and growth process, and of course, keep working on energy healing as well.

Peace, Love & Light

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Blue Arin

Yesterday I was sending distance Reiki while my 18 month old daughter, Arin, was watching a video of our family vacation on the computer nearby. The wall behind the computer is painted white. While the energy was flowing, I was gazing at her. She was engrossed in the video, naming everyone as their picture scrolled across the screen. I watched her profile with the white wall behind her.

My eyes were soft-focused and relaxed, and then I saw Arin’s aura – in color! I only saw the first layer, but a fuzzy cloud of royal blue encircled her profile, and there was no doubt about it! It wasn’t faint, or doubtable – it was there, and I saw it! When she turned to look at me, it disappeared as I focused on her face. But when she turned and looked back at the computer, I could see it again. It’s the first time I’ve really seen an auric layer in color. Blue makes sense too, as she is very expressive and verbal.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to see my middle daughter and son’s auras as they sat in the same spot at the computer, but I couldn’t get the same results. I tried again last night after the kids were in bed, this time trying to see my husband, Evan’s aura as he did yoga while I was sending Reiki. I could get the first etheric layer, but it was colorless or a very light shade of yellow…nothing like the brightness I saw around Arin.

I was hoping that once I saw Arin’s aura it meant I now have the ability to tune in whenever I try. But it seems as if it’s the beginning of the process, and I have to keep up with the practice to have any consistency with it.

Still….it’s nice progress and I’m grateful for the new discoveries in my intuitive development.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

An Eye Opening Experience

I’m making progress! Thanks to the exercises from the websites posted in yesterday’s entry, I am able to see a colored auric outline around a brightly colored object. I saw the yellow outline around a blue gift bag, and the lime green outline around a bright red object that was an art project painted by my daughter last year. I’m going to grab a bunch of brightly colored toys and play around some more in a little while.

Also, last night I think I started to see a faint greenish tint to my own auric outline in the bathroom mirror. (By the way, green is good – not a sickly color. Green is the color of a healer, and the color of the heart chakra – representing empathy and feelings of love.) The concentration techniques and exercises in those two websites really helped me to focus in just the right way, and it’s really neat! I am more confident that this energetic sight will continue to develop, through my practice and intent.

And I need to add, that I stand corrected. Objects DO have auras!! So if you’ve read my post from January, The Aura of a Chair where I was disappointed because I saw the faint aura outline of a chair, and had been under the impression that if I saw an inanimate object’s aura, it wasn’t a real aura because only living things have auras. I’m wrong. Everything has an aura. Living things have living auras, though, which change, grow, and are connected to the living thing’s energy system, and are affected by emotional, spiritual and physical experiences. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, because it means I was right, even though I didn’t believe it then.

Soon I’ll be looking to send distance Chios Healing. Stay tuned for the announcement, and then please contact me if you’re willing to help me practice and receive a free distance Chios Healing session!


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt