Props and Plugs


Today I would like to help promote a few worthy resources for energy healers.

The first is my Chios teacher, Connie Dohan’s website, She is now, (besides teaching, offering readings, doing energy healing, and attunements), selling beautiful chakra jewelry. To the left of this text, please check out my necklace from Connie! I love the way the colors spread on my otherwise plain brown shirt! Radiant! I’ve received plenty of compliments and questions from those who have seen me wearing it, and I’ve had the opportunity to talk about chakras and Reiki. Love it! I also want to plug her website because next week, Connie is having a special on the chakra jewelry she is offering and an open house too, for those lucky enough to be in the Columbus, OH area on Sat., Nov. 1st. Connie is channeling readings for those who can make it that day. The jewelry alone is well worth a visit to the site and her place if you can make it.

Secondly, I simply love this website: . I could spend hours exploring it if I had hours to do that, I mean. But each time I go there, there’s something nice to see or click on. It’s really quite beautifully put together and worth a look.

Third, I’d like to introduce all interested to Sarah Weiss. She’s a medical intuitive, and all around amazing spiritual person. She has done two readings for me, over the phone, and every single thing she found has been spot-on exactly right and extremely specific. The energy rushes I’ve felt during the sessions have been far more profound and powerful than any Reiki session (and you all know how passionate I am about Reiki!) and she is simply the real thing. Her website offers free meditation mp3s and plenty of advice and guidance besides. She teaches classes and offers many types of supportive help. Sarah’s website is There is much to learn from Sarah.


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My Kundalini Reiki Attunement Calendar…and more

I now have five people that I am attuning to Kundalini Reiki, and it’s quite a process! Not because the attunments are difficult; on the contrary, they usually take me about 5-7 minutes to intend and send. It’s that a complete Kundalini Reiki attunement has 9 attunements, scheduled weekly after the first two, and so I have to keep track of who gets attunements sent when! With five people, I needed to make a Kundalini Reiki Attunement calendar to keep track of everyone’s scheduled times.

I have successfully sent attunements at a different time, intending for the attunement to be received at a later time, which I specify while setting my intention. So far, I’ve only post-dated the attunment time for the same day. But I’m sure that I may be experimenting with post-dating an attunement for a day or two ahead. Grateful thanks to one of my Reiki friends, Tasha, who lets me experiment with timing and gives me great feedback. So far, even if I send a few hours in advance, and intend the attunement be received at a future time that I specify, it is received when intended. The recipients all email me feedback, so I know they felt it when they expected it, and it also typically lasts 20 minutes or more on the receiving end. The manual says that you can send more than one attunement at one time, something else I have yet to try. Really fascinating.

Strange Energetic Experience

I had a strange energy experience two nights ago in the middle of the night. I half-woke up, and in my twilight zone state, I felt as if there were presences in the room with me. I was talking to them (not out loud -in my head) though I don’t remember what it was about. I think I asked them if they were here as part of my Munay Ki development. (See paragraph below). I was calling them “Ancients” and they agreed with the name. I couldn’t see them, just felt their presence. My palms and forearms were hot with energy pulsing through them, and I also felt energy in my heart and third eye chakras. It felt like an attunement.

When I was at my Chios teacher’s house – (An amazing 24 hours!) she attuned me to the rites of Munay Ki – (click for an informative website), which is meant to plant seeds of spiritual growth in many areas, which should germinate within a few weeks. I felt, in my half-dreaming state the other night, as if this was part of the process. It was very intense.

My visit to my Chios teacher’s house

My Chios teacher, Connie, generously invited me to her home to stay over night and get some special help in working on seeing auras. The 24 hours were a whirlwind from the moment I walked in the door and was treated to an ionic foot bath. Wow, the gunk that came out of my (clean!) feet was surprisingly gross! It was very energizing. During my time there, Connie attuned me to all 9 rites of Munay Ki (and her wonderful and gracious husband, Bill, took pictures which later revealed orbs around us), read runes and tarot cards on me, taught me to use a pendulum (and gave me one to take home), took pictures of my aura and gave me a full printout of my aura report (I saw the colors of my aura turn white around my crown and third eye chakra on her computer as I called in the energy!), channeled information about my children’s futures and my marriage, drew a picture of my marriage angel, Daniel, and gave me a full set of crystals (and two each in nice bags for each of my 4 kids and one for my husband) to take home. It was amazing! She said she feels called at this time to help other healers, and I am so lucky to be one of them.

I’m happy to be attuning Connie to Kundalini Reiki in exchange for the ability she gave me to pass on the rites of Munay Ki. I’m truly blessed to have found Connie. Her website is listed on my blogroll. Check it out.

Thank you Connie. Thank you so very much.

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Since my attunement for Chios level 3, I’ve found two things to be different: 1) I’ve been very tired, especially in the morning – more tired than usual, and 2) I find it easier to tune in to the color of a person’s aura (provided the person is standing or sitting before a white background with plenty of light – it’s not perfect!).

I was at a party last night, and a guy was making a short speech. I tuned in and tried to see the color of his aura, and was surprised to see a combination of dark green and dark purple. It was much different from others I’ve seen, and I was left perplexed as to its meaning.

I’m in a Reiki share group, whose members send each other Reiki on Sundays. We are scattered all over the world, and for some of us, Sunday starts in the wee hours of other’s Sundays. As I was settling into bed last night, I felt some energy coming to me, with deep warmth in my stomach, and a swirling mix of colors behind my right eye. It was interesting.

I also did a chios meditation today, and was able to “summon” individual colors, and visualize them filling my consciousness. It’s supposed to strengthen my connection to energetic colors.

And, my daughter Rayna, age 8, is able to see auras too. I found out yesterday that she can do this. A few times today we checked in with each other and compared notes about a person’s aura. We agreed most of the time. It is pretty cool. She hasn’t had training in aura vision, but it’s said that children have more natural ability to see auras than adults.

Hopefully, my exhaustion will fade and my attunement will take root soon.

Meanwhile, please feel free to comment, or sign up for my distance healing tutorial and mentoring.

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Chios Level 3

Last night I was attuned to Chios Healing level 3. I have a new manual and workbook with exercises to learn, and this attunement is supposed to greatly strengthen my ability to “see” the energy and energetic issues. I am feeling very positive about working to develop this part of my senses.

I also have been able, since my last post, to tune in to see my daughters Sari and Rayna’s auras. Rayna’s is yellow-green, and Sari’s is pure yellow. I’m not surprised in either case, as the colors really match their personalities well. Both are highly creative, passionate, and Rayna has a compassionate nature as well. I’m going to try to see my son, Eli’s aura later today or over the weekend.

I had a interesting job interview yesterday for a very different sort of opportunity that could stretch me in a new direction, but also allow me to work at home, be creative, and do a little bit of travel too. I’ll know in the next two weeks if the job will be offered to me, but it seems likely. The job would start in May. I’ll post more specifics when I have an actual offer. Regardless, I will keep up this blog, which has become an important part of my learning and growth process, and of course, keep working on energy healing as well.

Peace, Love & Light

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Blue Arin

Yesterday I was sending distance Reiki while my 18 month old daughter, Arin, was watching a video of our family vacation on the computer nearby. The wall behind the computer is painted white. While the energy was flowing, I was gazing at her. She was engrossed in the video, naming everyone as their picture scrolled across the screen. I watched her profile with the white wall behind her.

My eyes were soft-focused and relaxed, and then I saw Arin’s aura – in color! I only saw the first layer, but a fuzzy cloud of royal blue encircled her profile, and there was no doubt about it! It wasn’t faint, or doubtable – it was there, and I saw it! When she turned to look at me, it disappeared as I focused on her face. But when she turned and looked back at the computer, I could see it again. It’s the first time I’ve really seen an auric layer in color. Blue makes sense too, as she is very expressive and verbal.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to see my middle daughter and son’s auras as they sat in the same spot at the computer, but I couldn’t get the same results. I tried again last night after the kids were in bed, this time trying to see my husband, Evan’s aura as he did yoga while I was sending Reiki. I could get the first etheric layer, but it was colorless or a very light shade of yellow…nothing like the brightness I saw around Arin.

I was hoping that once I saw Arin’s aura it meant I now have the ability to tune in whenever I try. But it seems as if it’s the beginning of the process, and I have to keep up with the practice to have any consistency with it.

Still….it’s nice progress and I’m grateful for the new discoveries in my intuitive development.


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Practicing and Tuning in (or “Spooning-in”)

I’m trying to practice every night, to learn to better sense the subtleties of Chios energy, and intuit the information present in the aura. I can’t see the auric layers yet, beyond the very first etherial one, and don’t think I’m getting color information yet. I keep trying to check in from time to time to see if I get more, without straining or giving myself a headache.

And, I am getting better at the visual exercises in the auric learning web pages. I can’t do 5 minutes yet, but my focus time is improving. Once a person reaches 5 minutes, auric sight is supposed to increase dramatically.

I am in touch with two Chios practitioners, one person who is learning along with me, with my same teacher, and the other graduated from the program, but she is “tactile” as I am. We’re going to send each other Chios by distance in the next few days, at appointed times, for practice, and for us to give each other feedback. It’s a good learning experience for both sides. Tonight is my turn – I’m sending energy at 10:40 p.m. I receive at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, and send to the other person at 10 p.m. Sunday night. She will reciprocate one night next week.

I’ve started working on the questions and practice exercises in the Chios Level 2 Workbook as well, and when it’s finished I’ll be ready for my level 3 attunement. I guess it will be in the next week or week and a half maybe.

I’m knocking on as many doors as I can to find opportunities to do Reiki and energy healing, whether treatments or training. So far, it’s a lot of waiting for responses. I hope the responses come.

And, I tried a little exercise yesterday – spoon-bending. Yes, spoon bending. Sounds like a party trick, but after reading the directions on the rather rudely named website , I decided to grab a spoon and give it a try. Now I have a spoon that’s bent over double. It was empowering, actually, and I think that if I practiced a little I would be able to ruin our whole set of cutlery, so I’d better stop until I find some cheap set to play with. It was a similar feeling to channeling the energy for healing to channel energy for bending a spoon in half. I liked the way the spoon began to feel softer as I visualized the energy flowing into it. I have the spoon in my coat pocket and decided not to show my family. It looks a little irresponsible to have mangled a perfectly good teaspoon. Hmm. Still, check out their website. If you didn’t think it was possible, you might change your mind.


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Stepping Back a Bit

Okay. I’ve decided to follow my teacher and Reiki friends’ advice and stop trying so hard. I’m also going to stop trying not to try. I’m just going to follow my intuition, whatever it is telling me or not telling me, and practice.

I did a Chios healing on my mom on Sunday, and she gave me great feedback. She is very sensitive to energy, and I attempted to use techniques for removing blockages and sealing tears in her aura. I didn’t see things, but I felt different sensations in my hands than I do with Reiki, and I think I may be detecting subtle differences, which are giving me information about what needs to be treated. It’s subtle – very subtle. But, it is there. My mom felt like icy cold water was running down her when I was scanning her aura, and it made her break out in goosebumps! When I put my hands directly on her, they were very warm, and it helped her warm up. Strange! My Chios teacher referred me to another person who took Chios from her and is also “tactile” as I am (from Reiki). She told me that the cold sensation could mean that I was channeling a blue color energy, and next time I should intend the energy to be a warmer red or orange color. I hadn’t intentionally been thinking of a color, but it could’ve happened that way.

I also did a distance Reiki sending last night, and I also called the Chios energy in the middle of it, and used some Chios techniques for removing blockages in my recipient’s aura, and sending some color into his chakras, to charge them. I think it was a good sending. I should be getting some feedback this morning at some point.

I’m open to trying this more, so if anyone wants to request distance Reiki, with a little Chios thrown in, let me know! I’m pretty available, and would like the opportunity to practice working with the energy.

I’m feeling more positive about Chios than I was in my last post.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

I’m Seeing the Difference – or Not Really SEEING.

This weekend, I’ve had some nice time to myself to work on studying and practicing learning Chios Healing. I have to say that I’m finding it much harder than Reiki.

Reiki came naturally to me, and it doesn’t require any special exercises or abilities. (Maybe that’s why it came naturally to me- ha ha ha). I was attuned, and I could immediately feel the difference, channel energy, and benefit from doing self-treatments and sending Reiki. This is especially true for me in terms of Reiki level two. The night I was attuned to Reiki two, I sent a distance Reiki treatment for the first time, and I could feel it working. My Reiki intuitive sense has been developing naturally, through practice, and the people who request Reiki of me feel and benefit from the energy I send them. About 98% of the people I’ve sent distance Reiki to have felt it when I sent it, and have reported how much better they feel. I’ve been confident enough and grateful enough for the ability to do this to become a volunteer with the Distance Healing Network. I continued and took the Reiki Master Teacher level course. And, I started this blog out of being inspired by the way Reiki has changed my life for the better.

Chios Healing is different. I feel like I am missing something I should have. Maybe I’m not a visual person by nature. Maybe that is required, or else a person has to work to develop it. I’m the type of person who has to work, I guess. Because being attuned didn’t bring about the same changes in me that Reiki did. This isn’t automatic, or it seems, a natural method for me. I’m doing brain and eye “workouts” to try to develop the ability to see auras and visual impurities in the aura. I’m doing yoga breathing and looking at optical illusions to try to develop my “intuitive sense” that I seem to have in my hands but not in my eyes or mind’s eye. I am supposed to, according to the Chios level 2 manual, be able to look at a person, and get an intuitive sense of where their energy field is in need of adjusting due to leaks, tears, blockages, or low energy. I am not there. I’m trying too hard, I can’t hear my intuition, I can’t feel any information getting through. Even my hands, my greatest Reiki tools, are not performing well for me with Chios. When I use them, I can sense the location of the chakras, and get a sense of their activity. This is helpful for me to feel if one is less active (blocked maybe) than the others. But when I call the Chios, and use the symbols (another visualizing/internalizing procedure), I’m not sure about the feel of the energy in or leaving my hands. And the people I’ve been practicing on – my husband and oldest daughter, have reported that they feel “a little warm” but not much else. This feels for me like I’m a couch potato trying to work my body into shape to model bikinis. Can you sense my frustration? I was under the impression that since I’m comfortable with channeling energy with Reiki, that learning a different energy healing modality would be a natural extension of my energy healing technique, and be…well, easier to learn.

I’m not a person who quits if something is hard. I guess I’m just surprised that Chios Healing is so hard for me, even after being attuned. I’m feeling pretty thick, actually, like a brick, and I’m sure that feeling isn’t helping me open up either. I’m probably blocking my own learning, which is also frustrating. I thought that if I got my active mind out of the way, that my intuitive sense would be able to do this. But it isn’t “just happening” like Reiki did for me.

Okay, enough whining. I guess I have to do the exercises and start from scratch, as if I’m someone who has never worked with Universal Life Energy before. My teacher is trying to help me. She pointed me to websites for helping a person develop auric sight, and I am working the exercises diligently. She also emailed me more exercises, such as the yoga breathing ones, to help me get my right brain more open to hearing intuitive messages. She has sent me extra color attunements, which I felt happening, but I’m still stuck here like a person with no experience whatsoever. Wow what a rant I’m letting loose.

Advice for how to do this better is welcome.

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An Eye Opening Experience

I’m making progress! Thanks to the exercises from the websites posted in yesterday’s entry, I am able to see a colored auric outline around a brightly colored object. I saw the yellow outline around a blue gift bag, and the lime green outline around a bright red object that was an art project painted by my daughter last year. I’m going to grab a bunch of brightly colored toys and play around some more in a little while.

Also, last night I think I started to see a faint greenish tint to my own auric outline in the bathroom mirror. (By the way, green is good – not a sickly color. Green is the color of a healer, and the color of the heart chakra – representing empathy and feelings of love.) The concentration techniques and exercises in those two websites really helped me to focus in just the right way, and it’s really neat! I am more confident that this energetic sight will continue to develop, through my practice and intent.

And I need to add, that I stand corrected. Objects DO have auras!! So if you’ve read my post from January, The Aura of a Chair where I was disappointed because I saw the faint aura outline of a chair, and had been under the impression that if I saw an inanimate object’s aura, it wasn’t a real aura because only living things have auras. I’m wrong. Everything has an aura. Living things have living auras, though, which change, grow, and are connected to the living thing’s energy system, and are affected by emotional, spiritual and physical experiences. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, because it means I was right, even though I didn’t believe it then.

Soon I’ll be looking to send distance Chios Healing. Stay tuned for the announcement, and then please contact me if you’re willing to help me practice and receive a free distance Chios Healing session!


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Movin’ Right Along to Chios Level 2

Chios level 1 was a fine introduction to channeling energy, and because of my experience with Reiki, it was very comfortable for me. I completed the workbook and practice exercises, and was really ready for more of the heart of studying Chios.

Today, my Chios teacher attuned me to Chios level 2. The manual for this level is quite extensive, and the exercises, practices and meditations as well as the attunement itself, are all designed to help the practitioner develop visual sensitivity to color energy. Because I’m so accustomed to feeling the energy by changes in the sensations in my hands, it is a challenge. My teacher provided two websites with practice exercises for developing the ability to see aura colors, and the exercises seem progressive, and doable, with well-written descriptions. Here are the links, for anyone interested: and . Now I feel that I have lots to do and learn! I’ve embarked on the next phase of my journey of energy healing discovery and practice.

Anyone with insight (oops pun not intended!) or experience in developing this visual acuity to energy, I’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, I’m still open to sending Reiki to those who request it, without a fee. In a couple weeks, I will be looking for opportunities to send distance Chios Healing treatments, and so at that point please feel free to request Chios sessions if you’d like to try that modality.

When I complete my Chios Master level training, I may be switching to a different format for accepting distance energy healing requests, but I plan to take one request per night for distance Reiki/Chios sessions for free. Once my schedule fills up for those appointments, I’ll charge $20 per half-hour sessions for times scheduled during the day or at other times.

But for now, I’m still a grasshopper.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt