46- My Birthday Tattoo

It’s my birthday!

Today also marks 8 years of blogging. 

Every year, I blog on my birthday. It helps me look back over the past birthday posts to see where I was, and realize what an amazing year it’s been – and then I think about how I’ll look back next year and be even more amazed.

In year 45, these things happened:
  • I published 5 books.
  • I started and completed the first part (Bachelor’s degree) of a Metaphysical Ph. D program with the University of Sedona.
  • I started an author website for myself (AliceLangholt.com).
  • I became certified to officiate weddings (I’m booked for two weddings in 2016!)
  • I created a new idea to make 2016 more meaningful for everyone.
  • One daughter became a Bat Mitzvah (I threw the party – that was a lot of planning!)
  • Another daughter spent a month at Brandeis University over the summer.
  • I made it through a season as a Marching Band Mom.
  • My son started going to a magnet middle school for the highly gifted student.
  • I went to Iowa on a Transcendental Meditation Retreat.
  • I was in a musical with all four kids and my husband.
  • And lots, lots more. What an amazing year!!

I also started realizing some deep, spiritual things about life. That’s the biggest part for me. My studies, and introspection, have led me to understand that there is a true essence of who we are. This true essence is not our thoughts, not our feelings, not our bodies. It’s not our experiences, or even our gifts and talents. All of those are like clouds- they pass along. What stays? What is underneath all of that? The part that’s left is the part that I am when I’m offering Reiki to another person – because that’s the part that connects us all to each other. It’s not a part, really, it’s the real me. Bigger than any perception of individuality.

And so, I ask myself, what IS this real me made of? What characteristics does it have? It is not emotions, thoughts, or matter. What IS it? 

Love. It’s love. 

I know this because from a deep, spiritual place of knowing, comes the understanding that Love is what heals. Love is what soothes. Love is what we are when we’re doing and being our very best selves. 

A few months ago, I woke in the morning with the words, “Live Love” in my mind. I turned those words over and over. The real me is Love, so that’s who should live AS me. This Love, it’s infinite. 

I started to think of a design. An infinity sign, with the words Live Love entwined at the “v”. I sketched it out, and sent it to a graphic artist.

Yesterday, I got my first (and probably my only) tattoo. I did this because I want to wear my biggest, strongest insight and value. I want it to remind me daily, in its beauty and message, of who I am, so I can always come back to BEing Love.

Here it is (this is a real picture of my arm, with fresh tattoo):
My first tattoo.
It stung a bit, but didn’t hurt as much as I was afraid it might. I have also been applying Reiki liberally to help it heal, along with the other care instructions my artist gave me.

Something even nicer is that my husband, Evan, got his first tattoo too. He got an OM symbol, chosen for the same basic reason – because he meditates, and the word OM represents the sound that is all things – the infinite. This is his own way of expressing it. We both got tattoos placed a couple inches below the wrist. And we did it together. So we’re sharing another bonding experience – and I love that.

Immediately after getting the tattoo, I met a new Reiki client at my office for a session. It was wonderful for us both. Last night, I took my daughters out to dinner (the guys were volunteering for the Salvation Army Angels and then at the basketball game at Verizon Center). Right before I paid the tab, an amount just more than my tab arrived in my paypal account. I was blessed, at the perfect time, with the opportunity to send a distance healing. 

So far, 46 is turning out to be an epic year. 
Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Practical Reiki is READY!

Hello everyone! It’s funny, but a year ago I was told that I’d write a book about Reiki and I laughed and said that was silly, that there wasn’t anything to say about Reiki that wasn’t already in a book. I stand corrected.

Recently, I was at The Cleveland Clinic, where I volunteer with the Healing Services Department giving Reiki to patients, family and staff. I was talking with the head of the department, telling her that I’d love to teach Kundalini Reiki to staff there. She told me that people feel that the word “Kundalini” is too mysterious and has negative or strange connotations. So I said I could change the name and take out the word “Kundalini” and the method would still work and have the same effectiveness.

I checked it out with Ole Gabrielsen, the founder of Kundalini Reiki, because I wanted to be sure it was okay with him that I’d make adaptations to the method he channeled. He told me that it would be just fine. Green light!

So instead of revising the Kundalini Reiki manual, I decided to put everything I say when I’m teaching into a book. There’s a lot that I have been adding when teaching in person – information on clairs, chakras, intention -all important stuff!

My family went on vacation to Virgina Beach – a 10 hour drive each way – and so I took my laptop in the car and typed the first five chapters on the drive. It was a good start! Now the book has 10 chapters, includes FAQs, recommended books, and two Appendixes (a quick guide for teachers at the end, and articles on using a pendulum and Master Kuthumi). The cover is absolutely gorgeous, thanks to a talented graphic designer who was able to beautifully recreate my attempt to express a design!

So here it is!

Practical Reiki TM
for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method.
by Alice Langholt

If you’ve never heard of Reiki, this book will explain it in plain, clear language.

Reading the book will help you understand what Reiki is, how it works, how it helps, and how it can be learned. This book presents a down-to-earth, “woo-woo-free” approach that’s easy to understand whether you’ve had any experience with intuition or none at all. Anyone who wants to learn to connect with the innate, natural power for healing is capable of doing so.

If you already practice Reiki, this book will show you the true essence of working with energy, beneath the ritual, symbols, and mystery surrounding the practice.
It will widen your knowledge and strengthen your connection.

Practical Reiki TM is a new, revolutionary Reiki modality for everyone who wishes to quickly and easily learn to practice Reiki energy healing for themselves and others. It is simple, strong, and will change your life. The entire method through Master level can be learned in just three weeks.

Order Practical Reiki here.

If you’d like to save $3 off the list price (because you are such awesome blog readers!), you can enter the code: FBSBD4JN

For an autographed copy of Practical Reiki, use this link to order directly from me! Just let me know how to inscribe it!

Who knew, when I started this blog as a Reiki level 2 practitioner, that I’d be writing this post today?! Not me for sure!! Thank you all for being here for this journey with me, and for the path ahead!

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt

Guest post by author E.Dee Conrad – Channeling

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 2 of the Virtual Blog Tour for A New Dawn Awaits by author E.Dee Conrad. I have been fortunate to receive an advance copy of her book, and it is a fascinating read that I recommend to everyone looking for some insight! There’s something there to ponder on each page, and at times I felt that the book was speaking directly to me as I was reading!

A New Dawn Awaits is a compassionate and inspiring channelled collection of short inspirational reflections, bringing together wisdom of the ages, showing us how to access knowledge that has been part of our consciousness, but has been dormant, for eons. E.Dee’s intention in writing this book is to help readers reach inwards into their divine essence and outwards to the energy that connects us as one humanity.

Yesterday, E.Dee visited Suzie Cheel’s blog http://suziecheel.com .

For today’s stop on the tour, I thought it would be interesting to interview E.Dee on the topic of how she got started channeling and the main message of her book.

* * * * *

Alice: How did you get started channeling, and how did you know that what you were receiving was separate from your own conscious thought?

E.Dee: I first became interested in channeling because I wanted to be a medical intuitive. I thought it would be a great way to help people and to give back to society. Over time, I was steered towards writing a book instead!

I know something is a conscious thought by how it “feels”. When I channel, I don’t hear a voice. Rather, I “feel” the imprint of words in my brain that I then translate into actual words – almost like telepathy. If it is a conscious thought, i.e., one from my logical mind, it has a very different sensation than one that is channeled. A channeled thought has kind of an airy/floating feeling. Having said this, if I am emotionally (usually fear) involved in whatever it is I am trying to channel on, it is hard for me to be sure I am not just talking to myself!

Alice: How did you refine your ability to channel?

E.Dee: Practice, practice, practice. I also began meditating on a quasi-regular basis. For me, the calmer and more still my mind is, the clearer I “hear” or feel the words.

Alice: What do you hope people will come away with after reading your book, A New Dawn Awaits?

E.Dee: Sometimes when I was writing my book I would wonder if “they” were talking directly to me and if the whole book was just one really long message for me because “they” would say things the way I needed to hear them so the point would really sink in. For example, throughout my book you will see phrases like “This is important”, “This is a key point”, or “We are repeating this to make sure you understand”.

I feel the main message is you can transform yourself and help all of humanity by doing two simple things: meditate and be aware of your thoughts. You don’t have to meditate every day – 10 minutes every few days is enough in the beginning. There are no random thoughts. Every thought you have goes into the Universal Consciousness and affects everyone else. When you become aware of your thoughts, the negative ones will automatically decrease and the positive ones will increase. You don’t have to be perfect and remove all negative thoughts – all you have to do is try to become aware and that is enough to shift your perspective.

If this sounds like too much to do, I will take a quote from my book: “If you remember nothing else in this book, remember this: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; think of others as you would have them think of you.”

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this interview with E.Dee Conrad and that you’ll check out her book A New Dawn Awaits, which is coming to Amazon on Tuesday September 21, 2010. You can receive a collection of over 30 beautiful personal development gifts when you buy her book on the day of her launch.

In addition, E.Dee is hosting a very special FREE telesummit entitled “The Shift. The Message. The Transformation” on September 14th, 15th and 16th with nine of today’s most vibrant authors and speakers on the topic of the consciousness, transformation and the global “shift” occurring on our planet today. If you’d like to attend, all you have to do is request a “launch reminder” about the book, and you’ll receive all the information to attend. If you cannot make the live event, you can download the audio at your convenience.

To find out how to buy E.Dee’s book and receive these gifts, including the FREE pass to the 3-day online telesummit, go to http://spiritauthors.com/pages/edee/new-dawn-awaits-by-edee-conrad.html

AND you can read all about the telesummit and the guest on the 3 days at


Be sure to follow E.Dee tomorrow when the next stop on her Virtual Blog Tour is

Charly Leetham’s blog at http://askcharlyleetham.com.

As always, please do feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

Thanks to E.Dee for being my guest today and good luck on your Virtual Blog Tour! Thanks for choosing me as a stop! I found our interview very enlightening!


Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt