I have an aura camera, a high tech computer program which can translate the data from your hand into a full-scale 3D video and 20 page report about the state of your energy. It’s very helpful to be able to see the results.

I’m now offering these aura camera readings in my office in Gaithersburg, MD. You can choose from:

  • Aura reading and report alone (30 minutes, $45) Book here
  • Reiki session + aura reading and report (if you choose this option you can see your aura before and after your session!) (90  minutes, $125) Book here
  • Group Aura Readings – up to 6 people, 15 minutes each, includes the 20 page report sent by email to each participant. (Use this contact form to start the process of booking.  Price based on number of people and time.)

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Here is a video of me using the aura camera with a crystal:

Aura camera readings make a great gift!
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