Angel Card Readings

Are you looking for insight? Many times, people can receive guidance by having a card reading.

Here’s what to expect when you request an Angel Card Reading.

  • I do not need to know your issue or question, it’s up to you if you want to select an area for guidance.
  • I shuffle the cards as I connect with your energy and ask your Guides and Angels for assistance in getting you the message that you need right now.
  • I do an 8-card spread from one of the many decks that I use. The spread will be created based on what you want to know about, or my own intuitive sense. I use a “spread deck” to create a spread that will directly address your question or area of interest.
  • I also use at least one other deck to verify and add detail to the reading, either bringing an overarching theme, or adding information as needed.
  • I give an intuitive reading based on the words and images in the cards that come up. I give you the message of the reading, along with some final intuitive thoughts of how the whole reading fits together.
  • I do all of this on video, talking to you directly, which I then put on YouTube in an “unpublished” link, and email the link to you. You can then view it as many times as you want, and share if you want to! It’s just like having me there with you giving you the reading in person!

When you order an Angel Card Reading, you do not need to provide me with any information. If you want to ask for a topic (such as love, career, family, etc.,) however, that is fine. I do appreciate any feedback you might like to share afterward, regarding how relevant you felt the reading was to your life.

Sometimes you don’t receive what you expect to hear, but the message is profoundly more meaningful than you anticipated. It’s always what your Guides and Angels want you to know at this moment in time, to help you move forward for your highest and best outcome.

If you aren’t sure how the message relates, it might help to put it away for a bit and come back to it. Hindsight can give lots of insight too!

Hey Alice, just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my readings 🙂  I was feeling a little out of sorts and thought, hey I need an Alice ‘fix’ so I decided to re-watch my January reading, and wow it just puts me in such an awesome frame of mind 🙂 

I just wanted you to know how awesome they are and how much I appreciate you!!
I can’t begin to tell you how much the Reiki has changed my life too.  Have a great day !  *:) happy ~Stacey”

In person Angel Card Readings are $65, and we’ll meet in my Gaithersburg Office. Book a reading here: Angel Card Reading in Gaithersburg, MD


Online Angel Card readings are $45. You will receive your reading within 24 hours of your request.

Online Angel Card Reading $45


I also offer gift certificates! Gift your friends with an awesome reading in person OR by distance!

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