Sending Distance Reiki to Heal a Past Life Trauma

Well, tonight was another first for me. I’ve always been skeptical of the idea of reincarnation. And, I’m not completely convinced of its truth now, but…I’m determined to be open-minded and extend the possibility of truth to the equation.

So tonight when I sent distance Reiki to my friend who is having some deep and troubling anxiety, I did as my Reiki teacher suggested, and incorporated a new instance of the distance symbol and a specific request that the energy go to heal the past life trauma of the person involving (the thing she is anxious about).**

I felt a lot of energy during the whole session, and especially when I made this request, I felt my hands get very hot and tingle, and they stayed that way for about 15 minutes. Also, I started to sense a lot of emotional energy, which was a little scary in a way, but I tried to direct comforting feelings back, and that seemed to help somehow. This exercise increased my desire to stay open-minded and let the Reiki experience take me where it will.

**In the interest of being fair and ethical to those to whom I send Reiki, I am going to be deliberately vague in places in this blog where I describe specific sessions. That way, no embarrassment or discomfort will be caused by my posting, and I can still talk about my experiences. Thanks for readers’ understanding.

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